US Health Advisors Will Help You to Obtain the Extra Coverage You May Need For Your Family

If you are looking for additional health coverage without additional underwriting you may want to consider US Healthcare Advisors. They offer short term expense plans for medical and surgical issues when you select the Optional Guaranteed Short Term Insurability Rider with no additional underwriting.


With health care being one of the major priorities in life and US Health Group can work with you to give you a plan that is tailored to your needs. Another plus is the fact that you do not have to wait for open enrollment. You can enroll any time of the year.


The PremierChoice Specified Disease, Sickness/Accident plan will also give you the right to purchase on a one-time basis short term medical and surgical help. The plus with this is that it will additionally pay, along with whatever plan you have at the time.


With this plan, you do not lose your benefits if you do not use them. There is also no deductible to meet in the calendar year, which means that you are able to receive your benefit payments from the beginning.


The US Health Group has in the past 5 years won 15 coveted Stevie Awards for excellence in business. This company realizes that these awards for excellence must be earned.


When you enroll with US Health Group you can lock in your rate for 15 months, and the average claim will be processed for you in less than 10 days, and you will not have to get any additional insurance underwriting for their plans. They have insurance agents that are dedicated to their profession and are there to help you with your decisions.


They are also rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which is done by them obtaining reports on the company in questions, licensing, bankruptcy, their advertising reviews and whether or not there has been and government actions.


BBB profiles of a company most usually cover a three-year period and can change at any time. US Health Group has been in business for 57 years, but the BBB suggests that you check with their office in your vicinity to make sure that all regulations are met.