Ryan Seacrest Makes Busy Look Easy

Ryan Seacrest was the focus of a June 12, 2018 Men’s Style section of the New York Times. In the article, the 43 year old discussed his routines and strategies for dealing with his busy life.

First of all, Ryan recently moved to New York from LA to host “Live With Kelly and Ryan”, a morning TV show. In addition, he hosts “On Air With Ryan”, a nationally-syndicated radio show. Ryan is a producer of the singing competition TV series, “American Idol”. Seacrest is co-founder of Polished, a men’s skin care brand, and founder of the menswear brand known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction. Also, Seacrest is involved in a non-profit organization, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which is dedicated to inspiring youth.

According to Ryan, he follows a daily routine which starts early with a matcha tea, followed by coffee. Ryan works out daily with a trainer, and had recently tried boxing. Ryan, who admits to an attention deficit disorder, talks of the self-discipline he has had to instill at work in order to put some things aside and give full focus to the task at hand. This often involves having particular chunks of time only for certain tasks. He has found that people seem to want to hear three words from him, “yes” and “got it”. Discipline continues in his personal life, as Seacrest often finds it useful to not have his phone on him constantly and even goes as far as to lock it in a safe while on trips.

Ryan reflects on his busy life by saying he works to eat well and often enjoys a long family style meal on weekends served with a fantastic bottle of wine. It was former coworker, Dick Clark, that gave Seacrest his career guiding words. Clark told him that he would be doing his job well if everyone watching thought it looked easy. Ryan Seacrest is living those words. Follow @ryanseacrest on Instagram.

The Internet Is So Much Fun Today

Undoubtedly, the internet has evolved and will continue to do so in future. Among the main reasons why many people get excited about it are the funny viral trends such as memes. Memes contain information about a culture or an event that took place. Of late they have become trendy around the internet. They carry different types of information but most of the times; the messages are conveyed in sarcastic and hilarious ways.


Memes are very funny trends that spread very quickly around the internet. A meme can be retweeted severally and also shared across several social media platforms within a short time. Today, if an event happens, people will take to social media platforms to express how they feel about the event using memes. Examples are provided of how memes were utilized after the Sundowns and Barca game. Sundowns happened to lose to Barcelona, and people on Twitter were making funny comments and memes about this situation. The comments were very hilarious.


At least memes help to lighten the mood over the internet. The world is full of problems emanating from hate and racism. People are also going through deep issues and probably do not have any person to talk to. Reading these memes helps them to at least forget about their problems and get absorbed in a world of fun.


Apart from the memes, funny videos are also being used over the internet. Unlike in the past, today funs can be able to connect with their comedians effortlessly. The funny videos are usually short clips that can leave you smiling for quite some time. These trends are bound to continue being that many people love them. They are helping people from different parts of the world humorously connect with each other. A person can also learn the perception of different people about a particular issue. These funny viral trends have revealed that human beings share a lot when it comes to comedy.


Do You Hear What I Hear?

You thought it was over when the gold dress question disappeared. Back in 2015, a photograph of a dress went viral. The dress appeared to be white and gold, but some people saw a blue dress. You can revisit the madness here: CBS News The internet was consumed with the disbelief that perceptions could be so different.

Fast forward to 2018 and we are at it again. Cloe Feldman @CloeCouture tweeted an audio clip. She asked, “What do you hear?! Yanny or Laurel”. With 623K views, it’s safe to say the controversy has again gripped us. 13 videos are uploaded today on www.Youtube.com.

The difference is in the pitch as Hartvik Line and Nerd It Up demonstrate. At normal pitch, it is clearly Laurel, but at a lower pitch, perhaps not. Does this mean that we hear differently? The poll at eonline seems to think so. 42 percent hear Laurel, 54.1 percent hear Yanny and 3.8 percent hear neither.

What does this mean? There are two perceptions that people were unable to agree on. One was visual, the other auditory. How do we perceive the world around us? Are we genetically wired differently?

According to Jay Neitz, a color vision scientist at the University of Washington, all of us do not see the same colors, based on recent experiments. Likewise, Professor Nina Kraus of Northwestern School of Communication explains that over time our brains are trained to recognize speech. She offers examples at WNYC

What does this tell us? In a society that tries so hard to fit in with one group, or another, we are all truly individual. Diversity is more than skin deep, it’s genetic. We view the world around us through our five senses, which are each a type of lens. A person from Alaska, or Chicago, perceives cold weather differently than someone from the Grand Cayman Islands. Someone that wears glasses sees differently than someone who has never worn glasses. The difficulty in proving the difference is the human ability to adapt and the fact that we cannot hear through each other’s ears. The next time your friend does not hear the sound you keep pointing out, he might not be kidding.

Getting Your Video to Go Viral Online

When you make a video, it is a good idea to do everything that you possibly can to ensure that you go viral. There are a lot of reasons you might want to consider going viral online. One reason is because it can actually help money-wise, as a lot of different videos can bring in money to the people who did them. This is a wonderful option for you and is something that you are going to find to be a great option for your needs.

The most important thing to consider when trying to go viral is that you need to make sure that you do everything in your power to get noticed. A lot of people are actually choosing to do some marketing in order to get the recognition that they need. This might be a good option for you, but it is important to realize that you are also going to be spending some money just to get this done. Make sure that you look at the different advertising options available to you to see what is going to work for you.

Now that you know how important it is for you to get your videos to go viral, it is essential that you make the decision to do this on your own accord. This means that you can save some money by not spending a lot on marketing and advertising, as both of these options can be quite pricey if you are not too careful. Make sure to get a video that is totally unique as well, as this is going to increase the chances of people wanting to view it for themselves. Make sure that you do your research and see what is out there for you when you need it for yourself. Because there are so many different options on the market, it pays for you to make the most out of this for yourself and get the right exposure.

College Student’s Charity Pledge Goes Viral

19-year-old Danni Messina was trying to do a good deed when she posted a tweet on her Twitter account supporting St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and promising to donate money to the pediatric facility for each favorite and retweet. Messina assumed that 25 cents for each retweet and 50 cents for each favorite would result in her donating around $1000 to the hospital. With just over 600 followers, she didn’t realize how quickly her tweet would catch on. She first tweeted early in the morning on November 26, but soon discovered that she had vastly underestimated Twitter users. By the next afternoon, her tweet had been retweeted by thousands of people and received hundreds of likes. Messina realized that, according to her promise, she now owed St. Jude’s more than $40,000. The sum was much more than her original $1000 amount and completely beyond her means as a struggling college student at Washington State University.

Overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for her cause online, she quickly ended her Twitter fundraising campaign. When the final social media numbers were totaled, Messina found that her pledge would be around $200,000 if she stuck to her original parameters. However, despite her financial limitations, Messina wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. She launched a GoFundMe page online to help her fulfill her pledge. The online community responded with generosity, donating over $50,000 in five days. Messina says that she will donate the money to St. Jude’s along with $1000 of her own money.

Messina was inspired to tweet her pledge after she found out her friend was spending the Thanksgiving holiday with his grandmother at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Moved by the plight of children who are forced to be in the hospital during the holidays, Messina decided to send the charitable tweet supporting St. Jude’s out to her followers. She never expected the pledge to gain so much attention, but her efforts have won her praise from patients at St. Jude’s and their families. Her donations will help defray the massive cost of running St. Jude’s. The hospital provides free healthcare, but daily operating costs amount to more than $2 million.

Memes: The Internet New Definition of Fun

Take a group of millennials and hand them a pen and paper. Ask them to write down one of the most magical things about the internet. Be assured; the highest number will have the word MEMES somewhere on the list. While the internet gives us almost all the information we need, it has become one of the pillars that mold our generation. Today, most of the millennials spend time crying about the poor state of the American politics, their college debt, and the state of the economy. Luckily, the internet provides them with relatable viral images that brighten their moods and gets rid of the frown on their faces.

For decades to come, our future generations will thank us for all the dank memes. That being said, coming up with top viral images becomes challenging with every coming year. In 2016, we were drawn to ‘Damn Daniel’, and the political activist and internet sensational, Ken Bone. Additionally, we got treated to an image of Arthur’s clenched fist which went further in summing our emotions when we get ticked off. With all honesty, we deserved that.

With 2017 in the picture, we were faced with uncertainty over how we would surpass the limits set by 2016 MEMES. Think about it; it must have been an impossible feat. What would possibly exceed the ‘Damn Daniel?’ What would rival Ken Bone, Arthurs clenched fist, Harambe, DJ Khaled and the Evil Kermit? As we approach the end of 2017, it most certainly looks like we accepted the challenge. Once again, the internet has delivered memes to be cherished and enjoyed long into the future. One of those memes that have the internet community breaking their ribs in laughter involved a disloyal man. The guy was taking a walk with his girlfriend, and he stops to look and stare at a beautiful passing lady. The picture is pretty simple. The guy is holding his GF whose face looks hilarious. Well, the memes that followed are what made the internet even crazier.

Giant Teddy Bear Becomes Internet Sensation

The creator of a giant teddy bear is not someone that you would expect to be a deadly serious person, but that is who Nikola Matic is. He is the creator of the company JoyFay which makes the ridiculously large teddy bear.

On Amazon, the teddy bear has gotten a 4.6 out of 5 star review average. As Geekwire.com explains though, it was the negative reviews that helped propel the bear to all of its fame and stardom on the Internet. A couple of people online gave negative reviews of the bear pointing out that its legs were disproportional compared to the rest of its body. Those reviews got picked up on the Internet for whatever reason, and now they are all that anyone can seem to talk about when it comes to this bear.

It seems that people cannot stop cracking up at just how funny this particular bear looks. Even while they are laughing though, they are continuing to buy the bear. They have loaded up the company with more and more orders for this particularly cuddly stuffed animal.

JoyFay was created when the founder saw that people tended to search for life-sized stuffed animals right around the Valentine’s Day holiday. He wanted to build a company that could meet that market demand right where it was. Therefore, his company began to produce this bear. What he did not expect was to have such high demand the whole year long because of some humourous negative Amazon reviews.

It is a $110 teddy bear, but that has not meant it hasn’t sold. As a matter of fact, the company has sold around 30,000 of them already. That far outpaced the expectations that even the founder of the company had for himself when he went out to create this one. The popularity of the bear was not exactly an accident, but it was certainly boosted by some negative reviews left on Amazon about the length of the bear’s legs.

Glitter Coffee Drinks Are Blowing Up Instagram

People are always experimenting with new ways to drink their coffee. The latest trend that is blowing up the internet is drinking glitter coffee, glitter lattes, and glitter cappuccinos. People are posting pictures all over Instagram of their coffee drinks with various glitter designs.


Coffee by Di Bella, a coffee shop in Australia, was the first to create this kind of coffee. They called it the Diamond and Gold Cappuccino. It is basically a regular cappuccino, but with a touch of and a sprinkle of gold and diamond glitter on the top.


The main reason why people are even buying this coffee is in order to post pictures of it on their Instagram accounts. The owner of Coffee by Di Bella admitted that social media is one of the main reasons that the glitter coffee drink even exists. He said that he wanted to create a drink that is social media friendly.


If you want to drink this coffee, be aware that your mouth will get full of glitter. Regular glitter is not edible, so it may not be entirely safe or healthy to actually drink and consume all that glitter. That is why it is a good idea that if you do want to create your own glitter cappuccinos, you should only use FDA approved edible glitter. These types of glitter are entirely safe to consume and will not pose any health risks.


Other companies have also been tapping into the social media coffee trend. Starbucks has been creating various kinds of coffee and lattes that are very visually appealing. People are posting pictures of those lattes on Instagram as well.


A cafe in the West Midlands, which is in the United Kingdom, is also becoming famous for their golden glitter lattes. This cafe is owned by Deb and Andrew Pease. One user said that the glitter cappuccino tastes like a regular cappuccino, but with more bling.

Funny Viral Internet Video That Trends In 2017

It’s surprising how a trend on the internet can take off within a short time and a few minutes later, even seconds, goes completely viral. People have different ways of thinking and they transfer just that to memes and hilarious videos that trend easily, receiving millions of likes, views, and even comments. Below are just but a few viral trends of 2017.


This is an emerging dancing style that has gotten people speaking. A dancer swings their arms and shoulders sideways while they yell ‘Yeet’ along with the beat. However, people have forgotten the desired meaning of the dance, and they will only yell ‘yeet’ to make fun. It is also used as a sound effect.

What are those?

Very few people would dare confront a police officer and ask them a shitty question, just like the guy in this popular video does. First, he starts by asking the cop whether he could ask him a question. Then he pulls out his cellphone and points it to the police shoes before posing the question “what are those?” Watch it here.

The potato in the room

The original version of this trendy video started with a child who when singing a song swapped the word ‘tornado’ in the song for ‘potato.’ The video got more than 10 million loops in fourteen days. The second version then came about, but this time, the audio in the original song was paired with a real potato that was suspended from a ceiling fan.

Jeff is my name

Channing Tatum in a film fakes a foreign accent when trying to say his name, “My name is Jeff,” but fails. This got thousands of people creating uncountable memes that trended in 2017.

I eat pears

When Rick Ross in an interview expressed his love for eating pears as a weight loss strategy, he did not know it would be the talk of the year. How he pronounced letter P in Pears was all it took to make the video viral.

Robocall Mispronunciation of a Student’s Name Goes Viral

Nicomi Stewart is an angry mum. She is angered by the consistent mispronunciation of her daughter’s name by a robocall machine.

According to Stewart, an automated call was sent to her phone pronouncing the name of her daughter Nicarri with a racially toned “N” word.The message was simply meant to inform her that her daughter had missed a class and said “This is Edison Career and Technology High School. Your daughter, N****r, has missed period one on…”

The robocall was repeated a couple of times, giving Stewart a perfect opportunity to record it.Speaking to a local Tv station, Steward said, “It was unbelievable. I was shocked. I was disgusted. I was upset.”

The school administration was however profusely apologetic over the incidence and promised to have the girl’s name removed from the automated calling system.

Lawrence Bo Wright, the deputy superintendent of administration at the school, said that the mispronunciation was caused by a software error, adding that the school has contacted the family and apologized accordingly.

The school has outsourced its messaging services to Blackboard Connect, a software developer who is responsible for the mass messages to various stakeholders.

Blackboard Connect explained that the software generates voice from text that is keyed into the system through a Test To Speech(TTS) app. “In this case it appears that the system mispronounced the recipient’s child’s name, sounding like a racial slur.”

The story could not have made as much scuffle had WHAM-TV not made a thing about it. However, Stewart was still annoyed by the fact that the school kept on sending her the slurred message even after the complaints.

“They’re making me look like I’m slightly bananas and lying about this, when they’re saying they rectified something they haven’t rectified yet,” Stewart said.

The school claimed that the problem had been rectified and that they would only contact her by phone a call or email until the correction is done.