New Glo-Up Trend Rocks The Internet

When something goes viral on the internet, it is because it is funny, and usually because it resonates with many people. People also think that it will resonate with their friends, so they share it, and then their friends share it to their friends. One such viral internet trend is the glo-up trend, a spinoff of the word “grow up.”


In glo0up pictures that people post on Twitter, Facebook or other social sites, young people post two pictures side by side. One picture is of them when they were younger, and another when they are older. Usually, it is shown to highlight how they progressed, often in terms of beauty and attractiveness.


However, the glo-up trend got a new twist, according to Insider, and this went even more viral. One girl, Caitlin Crowley, posted two pictures of herself side by side. The difference between the two pictures is that in the first one, she was with her boyfriend, while in the second one, she was with her new girlfriend. In other words, she came out as a lesbian.


This trend became very popular, and many people started posting photos relating to how they came out of the closet, so to speak. The second picture usually shows them happily living out the life they chose to live. Caitlyn, the first girl who posted the picture, said that she never expected it to resonate with so many people. She said that she hopes that all the pictures that people are posting will now show other people who are still in the closet that they are not alone, and that there are many others like them. Perhaps it will give them the courage to come out of the closet themselves, or at least it will give them the emotional support they need by seeing that there are many others who face the same issue as they do. In this case, a viral internet trend is more than funny. It is inspiring, too.

Giant Teddy Bear Goes Viral — Are Its Legs Too Long?

Nikola Matic owns Joyfay, a company that sells giant teddy bears, among other products. His giant teddy bears have been well-received and have a 4.6 average star rating on Amazon. However, 2 reviews that gave it a one-star rating were upvoted to the top and went viral, because of the thing that they pointed out.

The reviews pointed out the extremely long legs the bear seemed to have in the pictures that they uploaded. This caused many people to laugh. BuzzFeed wrote an article about it, and other news sites, such as the Huffington Post, also wrote articles about it. Many people tweeted about it on Twitter.

The idea behind the giant teddy bear, however, was serious. Nikola Matic designed the bear for people to give as a gift on Valentine’s Day and at other times to their spouse or partner. At times such as Valentine’s Day, if a husband or spouse needed to be away and couldn’t be present, he could send a teddy bear as a gift. The teddy bear was supposed to be a replacement for the spouse, who is an adult with long legs and a long posture.

The proof in the pudding is that he got many more sales than he expected. He could hardly keep up with the demand. So many people were buying this $110 teddy bear.

The truth is that the teddy bear does not have large legs proportionately. It is just that some people expect teddy bears to be small and have short legs. In addition, the pictures gave a skewed perspective of the height of the bear and the height of its legs. Not only that, but a few months ago, the legs were actually shortened. In an official Amazon picture, it clearly shows the proportion of the legs in regards to a person. Matic said that he has no idea how two old reviews went viral.

Some Of The Funniest Viral Internet Trends Going On Right Now

Some of the best Internet trends are those that can make us laugh. The Internet is a place that can create a lot of emotions within us, so humor is probably one that we should shoot for. Some of the current trends that are quite funny are as follows.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

Wait, how can trying not to laugh be funny? It is if you are watching an extremely hilarious short video and trying to contain the laugh that is trying to burst right out of you. You can take part in this hilarious challenge by just typing the words “laughing challenge” into your YouTube search bar. You will be presented with hundreds if not thousands of videos that give you the opportunity to take part in this challenge. See how many you can get through!

Mannequin Challenge

You probably have already heard of this one. The mannequin challenge is so popular that even some big name celebrities have taken part in this one. It is basically a challenge whereby people stand around like mannequins and another person goes around filming the scene while putting music behind the scene. It is funny just to try to stand as still as possible like that, but it is even better when you get a whole group of people to join in and stand around with you as someone films it.

Whisper Challenge

Are you bad at reading lips? So far most people. The funny part of this challenge is that very fact. You take one person who puts headphones on with music blaring loudly and watches the lips of another as they say a phrase of their choose. The person with the headphones on then tries to translate what the person speaking as said. It is quite funny to see what they believe is being said.

Tips for Getting Famous on the Internet Using Comedy

If you think you’re a pretty funny person with a lot of interesting and fun ideas, you might want to consider setting up your own video channel and getting noticed by the world. One thing you need to realize is that internet fame does not come overnight. You shouldn’t expect to create a video and get a million views in just a few hours. Oftentimes, it takes months or even years to grow your following and earn the title of internet star. One of the best trends to get involved in is funny internet videos. People love watching funny videos because it gives them a way to get away from the seriousness of the world, and if you feel you’re able to deliver in terms of comedy, it might be time to start creating your own videos.


The first step to getting famous on the internet for your funny videos is to have a great idea that you feel other people will find hysterical. The idea needs to be different and totally unique so that people are more apt to visit your videos to watch them than anyone else with the same concept. You are also going to need to have your own video channel, which can be free depending on what site you’re choosing to use. You can update the channel as often as you’d like with brand new videos people can watch, like and comment on.


A good marketing technique when trying to get yourself known is to comment on other videos and ask people to go to your channel to watch your own. This can be done on videos that are similar to your own in nature, allowing people with the same tastes to find and watch the videos that you have published on the internet. It is often free and easy for you to make online videos and have them published in a matter of just a few minutes, so it just takes an idea and the willingness to get started.


NBA Finals Meets Memes

In the 2017 NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors clenched a victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. After the finals, the internet exploded to celebrate the event. Memes began popping up all over social media sites and applications. Some referred to the Star Wars trilogy, Jeopardy, and photoshopped faces. While some of these were entertaining for the Warriors, others were devastating for the Cavaliers. There was talk about players’ careers being over and trips back to the bench for underperforming athletes. In comparison to previous NBA Finals, Twitter hosted an unusually large amount of memes. Coaches, players, and fans all traded banter that made history. On the trending bar, five out of the ten slots were dedicated to basketball memes. These hashtags resonated across the globe, and for hours after the finals concluded, the internet discussed the games. Photos of tears and joy made their way from platform to platform and were edited as more people saw them. The end result was an assortment of memes that made more or less sense depending on your knowledge as an NBA fan.


This sort of response to sporting events is becoming increasingly common. Before a few years ago, memes were reserved for online videos or pictures. Today, they are applicable in real life scenarios. Television stations and news networks are incorporating memes into their broadcasts, and judging by the public’s reception, this trend will continue. In particular, the NBA is well known for a slew of memes that pop up every season. Some experts believe that the fast paced nature and the connection between players and fans leads to this phenomenon. Observers are able to voice their opinions through lighthearted memes. In addition, memes are easily shared between friends, which means that a group of fans can share a laugh over the internet.


Dogs Appear to be Overtaking Cats on Funny Viral Internet Trends

The Internet is flooded with all kind of information, which is conveyed through pictures, articles and videos. As such, it attracts an enormous crowd of users from all over the world. The Intent never runs short of funny viral trends that continuously keep Internet users connected and engaged. In recent years, pets such as cats have emerged as leading characters in funny viral videos on the Internet. However, according to an article on BBC, the trend had gradually been overtaken by the love for dogs.


Previously, the charming cynicism of various cats such as Grumpy Cat dominated the Internet. Most Internet users now are shifting their attention from cat content towards the unwavering and conditional love of dogs. Here are some clues that support this theory.


What is Trending


Reddit’s r/aww subreddit, a section of Reddit that comprises of cuddly things, features three top posts that are all about dogs. Dave Lee, the BBC reporter of the article, consulted Socialbakers, a company that monitors social media platforms for statistics and trends relating to popular things. The data from Socialbakers helped to prove Dave’s observation.


According to the data, Boo, a dog, is the most popular animal on Facebook. He has over 17.5 million likes on Facebook, which doubles that of Grumpy Cat. Although the top celebrity animal on Instagram is a cat, dogs hold all the other positions from second to fourth place. Also, according to Google searches dogs reign supreme. In fact, on January 3, 2016, the term cute dogs surpassed funny cats.


New Language on the Internet


New vocabulary about dogs has emerged on the Internet. Dogs are referred to as doggos while puppies are called puppers. Although not all puppers qualify to be dogs, all doggos are puppers or woofers. A blep is the act of a dog sticking its tongue out. Those interested in joining and learning the new language or doggo culture can do so via Facebook’s Cool Dog Group. The group boasts of fluent doggo language.


Matt Nelson, a popular Internet dog rater, is the individual spearheading the new movement of dogs taking over the Internet. He manages the WeRate Dogs account on Twitter. People submit their dogs for rating purposes whereby Nelson takes into consideration the merits of each dog before providing a score out of 10.


A Pen and a Pineapple Go Viral

Predicting what kind of articles or videos are going to go viral seems impossible. It’s easy to see how a cute kitten or baby trying lemons for the first time appeals to a large audience. Other times what does and doesn’t go viral seems arbitrary. It’s not based on the quality of the video or its contents. Take for example a video made by a Japanese comedian singing a song about a pen, pineapple, and apple.



He’s not doing anything outrageously funny and the words to the song are mostly nonsense. Yet, it has gotten over 80 million views. What is it about videos like this that appeal to so many people? The first is the shock value. In this particular video, it’s not gruesome shock or gasping out of fear, the shock comes from the fact that so many people are watching it. A grown man dressed in strange clothes singing a pointless song, the shock is in trying to find meaning in the man’s actions.



Another factor is the herd/mob mentality that takes over once the video starts to go viral. Once two people in the office start talking about a video it encourages others to view it as well. Even though the video itself is ridiculous, participating in the conversation surrounding it is part of belonging to the group. Together, coworkers, family members, or schoolmates, create an experience around the viral content even if it’s something they wouldn’t enjoy on their own.



Sometimes all it takes for a video or article to go viral is to be so confounding that people keep trying to understand why they find it amusing. Is it the man’s clothing, dancing, or song lyrics that make it hard to turn away? Not all content that goes viral is as pointless as a man singing about a pen, but the ones that are so silly at least give everyone something to laugh and talk about.


How Teen’s Reaction Went Viral And Became A Trending Meme

In Riverside, Illinois, students of Riverside Brookfield High School were treated to hilarious views of one of their schoolmates reacting to love displays of exotic animals. It was during a zoology class that Jill Lojas noticed the funny and entertaining facial expressions of Jalen Brooks. She was taking pictures and recordings of a live presentation of exotic animals during the class. After her attention was successfully diverted by Jalen Brooks’ expressions, she decided to record the remainder of the session.


According to Jill Lojas, the reaction of Jalen Brooks to the exotic animals was just priceless. Brooks was truly amazed as the handler presented a giant snake, an alligator, and an exotic bird. The hilarious video show just how animated Jalen Brooks can get. Jill Lojas then proceeded to post this video on Twitter.


The response on Twitter was outrageous, with Lojas’ post receiving more than 140,000 retweets and 240,000 likes. This online reaction was enough to motivate Jill Lojas to send out another tweet asking for people to make it into a meme. Twitter users responded to this call-to-action by creating several GIFs, looped videos, memes, and photos comparisons. One of their classmates even printed t-shirts bearing Jalen Brooks’ shocked face. Both Brooks and Lojas proudly wear these t-shirts as a testament of Lojas’ social media exploits.


However, Jalen Brooks forwards that the post can be used to highlight the real significance of fully immersing yourself in such moments. Although most of the attention has been in the form of online popularity, Lojas’ post can be used to disseminate the importance of paying attention in class. Brooks is thrilled with the prospect of his community gaining more recognition and the acknowledgment displayed by his teachers.


The Internet has been moved by Lojas’ post of Brooks’ reaction to create a viral trend that displays humor and curiosity. This simple response to exotic animals was enough to make a meme that would be used extensively for different situations.


Glitter Booty Craze Takes the Internet by Storm

The internet is proving to be a weird and exciting place in equal measures. Over the years trends and challenges have been characterizing the internet world and getting people excited. Many of the trends and challenges that go viral are usually mind boggling and have almost no point at all. Regardless these are the things that people live for and if somebody can come up with a mindless trend that will get millions of people all over the world to indulge, why not!


One such trend that has taken the internet world by storm is the ‘glitter booty.’ Women all over the world are flocking Instagram pages and Facebook posts with their booties bedazzled with all forms of glitter. The trend came about when two women from the Gypsy Shrine who wanted to look like mermaids thought they could lather up their butts with copious amounts of glitter and voila, achieve a mermaid look. Drawing their inspiration from another crazy trend, vajazzling, the female millennials were attracted to the way sand stuck on their bottoms and went ahead to enhance the look by using glitter.


The ladies explain that the process is not as easy. They invited millions of Instagram and Facebook account holders all over the world to take up the challenge under a ‘glitter booty’ hashtag. A tutorial on their Instagram page showed that the process involved painting the booty, then slathering some hair gel on the surface of the female’s rear, and then sprinkling an enormous amount of glitter to achieve a person’s intended effect.


As with any other trend, this one had its challenges as well. The hair gel and paint should not get in proximity of the woman’s private area. The glitter is also very hard to get off the surface of the skin once it has latched on. While the internet trend fans have openly received this trend, skeptics have emerged to criticize the whole concept of using glitter to achieve a mermaid effect.


Before taking on this trend, the Gypsy Shrine was doing glitter around the bosom. The team comprises of expert hair stylists, body and face painters.


Horsey McHorseface Takes the Gold

Many of you may remember awhile back when the British government used an internet poll to name their new research vessel, then got their collective crumpets in a twist when the winning entry was “Boaty McBoatface.” They then went on give it the slightly less amusing name of the RRS Sir David Attenborough. Now, the internet has a new champion, a race horse named Horsey McHorseface. Well, if you can’t have a boat, the obvious next best choice is to get a horse.



The owners, who bought horse who would become Horsey McHorseface back in 2015, thought the name would be a good way to generate some positive media buzz. In an interview with CNN, the horse’s manger discussed the events leading up to picking the name “We had a laugh about it in the office and thought, ‘Hey, why not.'”



Getting your name out there is great, but victories are that much better. So, imagine the excitement when the three-year-old gelding whose name helped it became a cult figure amongst the racing crowd (not to mention having 24-million Twitter followers), proved it’s not just a one trick pony by winning his first race. Horsey took a trip from his home in New Zealand to the pull a last second victory at the Cessock Racetrack in New South Wales, Australia beating the less amusingly named “The Big Dreamer” and “Lucky Starlet”



Coming out this massive victory it does raise the rather pertinent question of have we reached the peak of the trend Something McSomethingface? Or, with this new victory for funny names, will this only encourage others to run this trend straight to the glue factory?