David Giertz Helping People Understand the Importance of Social Security

As a financial leader and well-known business analyst and investment advisor, David Giertz has held many important positions in multiple organizations, including Citigroup. David Giertz has done his graduation from the Millikin University and Masters in Business Administration from the University of Miami. Currently, David Giertz serves as the President of the sales and distributor organization of the Nationwide Financial.

He has helped in ways more than one to improve the sales of the company and helped its product reach out to a broader audience. As the market is getting competitive and new companies are offering a variety of financial products and services coming up, it is essential to have someone as experienced as David Giertz monitor the company’s sales and growth.

David Giertz is often invited for his business and financial expertise to different TV channels. In one of his recent interviews at Wall Street Journal, he was asked about the importance of Social Security and why many financial advisers are avoiding it these days. David Giertz said that the rule book for Social Security is over two thousand five hundred words and is involved in nature.

It might be one of the deterring factors as to why many financial advisers might not be having the confidence they need to understand social security comprehensively enough to suggest it. In research conducted by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, it was seen that people are ready to switch to another financial adviser if their existing financial adviser refuses to help them include social security in their retirement planning.

Excluding social security can lead to a loss of the considerable amount of sum over the years, especially if people turn in Social Security much earlier. Such a damage can be avoided merely by keeping social security as an essential element of the retirement planning. It would anchor your investments and protect you from financial insecurity.

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Paul Mampilly has made money for himself and his subscribers in the past based on technological innovations. He also follows the megatrend in precision medicine.

His newsletter Profits Unlimited comes from Banyan Hill Publishing, and he writes for Banyan Hill’s free email newsletter, Winning Investor Daily. Mampilly has a long history on Wall Street. Before he decided to help ordinary people increase their retirement portfolios, he helped the wealthier become even wealthier. He has managed millions of dollars for Deutsche Bank and ING. He worked as a Money Manager for the Royal Bank of Scotland, a private bank in Switzerland and Sears. He also managed the hedge fund Kinetics Assets Management, growing it from $6 billion in assets under management to $25 billion. He won a prestigious investing contest run by the Templeton Foundation by turning $50 million into $78 million in two years without short stocks even though it happened during the financial crisis.

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All About David Giertz Insight Into Social Security and Retirement

David Giertz has more than 30 years of experience in the finical industry. He has been very successful in providing people with tips and advice on how to obtain and maintain lifelong wealth throughout the years. He has received his Bachelors in Science from Millikin University which is located in Decatur, IL. He has also received his Masters degree from the University of Miami, which is located in Coral Gables, Florida.

Giertz has a long track record of being successful with finances. He was once the President of Nationwide Financier’s sales. While under his leadership, Giertz grew the company’s revenue several billion dollars more profit.

In addition to being an expert finical adviser, David is also a Certified Business Coach. He has coached more than 100 people on different business training techniques and on how to run a business successfully.

David recently shared a few dos and don’ts that should be kept in mind when preparing to save for retirement. David recommends that everyone should create a finical plan that includes increasing social security’s benefits. This is a very important tip, considering more than a quarter of people who have already retired received less money than what they expected to receive.

Most people think that it is possible to retire with just social security benefits; however, this is not true. Social security benefits are only supposed to help assist with retirement, it is not supposed to be used to live off of. This is why a retirement plan is need along with social security benefits.

With social security benefits, if you work up to your full retirement age, you will receive the expected amount of money monthly. However, sometimes life is unexpected and some people may become sick and injured sooner than expected which will of course cause you to leave the job earlier than expected. The longer you work, the more money you will receive per month through social security benefits once you are retired!