Paul Mampilly – Expert Financial Analyst and Professional Financial Advisor

Paul Mampilly is a successful investor and financial analyst currently working with Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor. At the beginning of his career, he worked at Wall Street for companies like Banker’s Trust, ING, Deutsche Bank, and others. While working for a hedge funding corporation named Kinetics Asset Management as its portfolio manager, he helped the hedge fund grow from $6 billion to over $25 billion. It is what helped the hedge fund to be listed by Barron’s as well to be the best hedge fund of the year.

However, Paul Mampilly realized that the expertise he posses in the financial world is only available to the rich and wealthy and thus, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He started a financial newsletter named Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, and a few others, which help everyday people, understand the dynamics of the financial world. The ordinary people are the ones that find it hard to manage their finance and invest smartly as they do not have the financial experts working for them like the wealthy people. It is the difference that makes the rich people more productive with time and vice versa.

In Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly helps his readers identify the stocks that he believes would be growing in value in the time to come. The stock tips and recommendations provided by Paul in his financial newsletters have helped many of his readers to expand their investment portfolio successfully. The economic and investment tips that Paul provides in his newsletters have helped his readers to avoid accidental losses in the financial market and investing strategically to secure their future financially.

Paul Mampilly has a very different way of devising an investment strategy and picking a stock, which helps people avoid losses. If you are looking to make investments in the volatile financial market, taking the help of the professional financial expert such as Paul Mampilly would help. One important advice he always gives his readers is that they should stick to their strategy and not let go off it after some success as it would end up causing unbearable losses for them.

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Guilherme Paulus Is a Revered Hotelier

Guilherme Paulus is one of the Brazilian investors who has succeeded greatly despite the tough economic conditions within the nation. He has invested greatly in the tourism and hospitality industries. Although the government taxes are high and there is a lot of bureaucracy within the nation, Paulus has sustained a positive mindset, and his business endeavors have also proved to be very profitable.

As an investor, Guilherme Paulus knows that his clients are the most important part of his businesses. He takes time to listen to each one of them. Paulus also goes a step further to seek advice from time to time. Since he grew up in Sao Paulo, he knows the region very well. As a result, the partnership between Carlos Vicente and Guilherme Paulus prospered since Sao Paulo harbored a lot of potential. Additionally, Paulus was knowledgeable about the basic aspects of the region such as the areas that have high traffic and such factors. As a result, Paulus made sure that they would rent a store at the exit of the cinema to make sure that the CVC Brasil Operadora would gain enough publicity.

Guilherme Paulus was then left to manage the business on his own four years later. His main agenda was to make sure that the business had gained enough publicity and that is why he rented more stores in some of the malls in Brazil. Such a strategy made sure that the company was widespread. Additionally, people could access the services offered by the tour company easily. Despite also selling 63% of the company, Paulus is still the largest shareholder with a 27% stake at CVC.

Since Guilherme Paulus had gained the financial might that would allow him to invest in other industries, he saw it fit to utilize $600 million to found GJP Hotels & Resorts. The firm has grown exceptionally since 2005. Recently, Paulus also said that he would launch a new hotel at the Avenida Cidade Jardim, a prominent shopping complex in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is also planning to develop a boutique hotel that will comprise of 65 apartments. The names of the hotels have not been announced yet. Additionally, GJP Hotels & Resorts is currently managing more than 12 hotels in Brazil.

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It looks like augmented reality will be’s next technological triumph. The company that is a global leader in commercial drone application has been using AR for some time now. The technology has revolutionized the virtual shopping experience and represents another glimpse at a future JD is not afraid to invest in. In fact, has expanded its AR-services to literature with a new AR-storybook geared to teach children how to avoid strangers.

So what exactly is augmented reality? Augmented reality is a form of virtual reality that projects its existence over what is already there instead of removing it. It uses computer generated images to enhance a person’s perception so that what they see is not there, but they can reach out and touch it. AR is a new technology whose full effects have yet to be seen. However, despite being the new kid on the block it has already been commercialized by Jingdong. has been at the forefront of new technologies for years now and definitely shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Before creating an AR storybook, used the technology to spruce up online retail. Using AR-tech customers can try on new clothes and even put on make-up using AR. The AR fitting room and AR Styling Station allow customers to virtually try on their wares before buying them. The new AR storybook allows readers to live the story and maps its program over a physical book. The book is a German children’s book called, “I’m Not Going with Everyone!” The book has been used by many Chinese parents and teaches kids what to do if a stranger approaches them. JD’s use of the book is also a focus on the epidemic of missing kids sweeping the nation. The AR-book is available free with purchase of the physical book itself. It can be downloaded from the app store.

About was founded in 1998. The company was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong. Initially, began as a physical storefront selling optics. It is now a billion-dollar enterprise stretching across Europe and Asia. went online in 2004. Besides being a retail giant is also known for its investment in technology. It is at the forefront of AI and drone technologies and uses robotics in its factories and delivery measures.

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Gareth Henry Becomes Part of a Mentoring Program

Heriot Watt University is one of the leading research universities and education providers in the entire world. Recently, the educational institution announced that it will fund a scholarship program for undergraduate students from Gareth Henry. Once this program is established, Gareth Henry will provide mentoring and coaching to students in an effort to help stimulate long term career growth. Gareth recently commented about the program by saying that he is offering one call during each term and three per year for students who are looking to receive guidance. Henry also said that he hopes that the scholarship program will help students reach high levels of achievement when studying the Actuarial Sciences field.

Gareth Henry currently lives in New York City where he has worked in numerous top managerial roles in the finance industry. He has served as the head of investor relations in which he has helped finance firms expand throughout the world. One of the reasons why Gareth Henry is supporting this educational scholarship program is because he believes that the relevance of actuarial sciences can greatly benefit people in many jobs in the financial sector. A key aspect of this program known as quantitative modeling will help students benefit when pursuing careers in finance. This program will also help students gain a better understanding of technology, machine learning and quantitative investing in order to enhance their knowledge.

The actuarial science degree at the Heriot Watt University is one of the few programs in the United Kingdom that is accredited in the actuarial field. If students perform at a high level in the program, they will be able to receive an exemption of many professional exams as well as help them gain an advantage in mathematics courses. Another advantage of this program is that students are able to get credit with the Society of Actuaries in North America. Therefore, this program is a course of study that will provide a technical background to get into top positions in the financial services field. Anyone who is looking to become a beneficiary of this scholarship program must be from the United Kingdom, enrolled in the Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics course of study and have a legitimate need for financial assistance.

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New Residential Investment Corp Supports Low-Risk Investment in Real Estate Sector

Investing in the sector of real estate is one of the ancient forms of businesses, having been in the world since the inception of human civilization. Predating stock markets, mortgage investing is a five basic asset class that many investors have considered adding to their portfolios not only for the unique cash flow, but liquidity, and profitability.

New Residential Investment Corp is a United States-based company dealing with mortgage investment. Of late, it’s received tremendous attention from a significant price movement on the New York Stock Exchange, thereby increasing its shares to $18.56. As such, investors have enjoyed share price moments that have provided a better chance to enter into the stock market and purchase at a lower price.

New Residential Corp seeks to help investors to delve in the real estate investment sector through a focus on low-risk investment dockets. The company highly invests in residential assets, including excess mortgage servicing and mortgage-backed securities.

Formed as an affiliate of Newcastle Investment Corp, New Residential Corp has been managed as a separate publicly-traded company in 2013. The company is externally controlled by its parent company, Fortress Investment Group. New Residential Investment Corp was also published to leverage investment expertise and deliver significant returns to clients, to help them grow their dividends.

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Igor Cornelsen: An Engineer Turned Investment Manager

Igor Cornelsen is an Engineering graduate turned investment manager. This was because around the time when he graduated from Engineering, there was high density in the engineering industry and the competition was very high. Which made it difficult to sustain a sufficiently paying job – which is why it was a common practice for newly graduated engineering students would shift into the investment industry. What put them in advantage is around the time, computers and calculators were not widely used – and so the arithmetic skills of engineering students were put to good use.

Igor Cornelsen’s usual day is usually tight and jampacked – he starts his day very early in Sao Paulo, just when markets are just opening in the continent of Europe. Igor Cornelsen makes sure that he is up to date with international news and the movement of the economy. After he has gained all the information that he needs, he adjusts his investment portfolio accordingly to maximize returns and to put his money on stably progressing stocks.

Igor Cornelsen follows the movement of the economy and he improves his investments and his assets depending on the economy. Igor Cornelsen also normally sets assets in countries that he studied and will result into deteriorating in the near future. His expertise and his extensive experience in working in very big banks makes him very efficient in making these decisions.

Igor Cornelsen always wants to make sure that he bases all of his decisions based on hard facts and evidence – and not from hear-say or opinions from other marketing analysts. For Igor Cornelsen, facts are way better than opinions. Igor Cornelsen then sources all of his information from Reuters. Reuters is a company that provides market analysis that is unbiased and does not lean on political prejudice. Igor Cornelsen utilizes Reuters to save time and effort in sourcing information rather than doing the analysis himself.

Guilherme Paulus: Brazilian Businessman And Visionary

A man of many connections and successes, Guilherme Paulus is a seasoned businessman with a flair for entrepreneurship. His roots tie back to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where Guilherme Paulus blossomed into a passionate adolescent of admirable ambitions. When he transitioned into his collegiate years, Paulus had his sights set on digesting the intricacies of business. A man of his word, Paulus did just that, eventually graduating with a BA in business. No longer a teenager, Paulus accepted his first internship at the tender age of 20. During this juncture, Paulus allowed his entrepreneurial inclinations to take the reins.

Soon thereafter, Guilherme Paulus crossed paths with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Cerchiari had aspirations of bringing tourism into Brazil, and Paulus was eager to expand on this notion. Before too long, the two forged a partnership resilient enough for even the toughest industry setbacks. Their tenacity bred substantial rewards, with CVC, a tour operator company, soon coming into existence. As part of their deal, Paulus was tasked with overseeing day-to-day operations while Cerchiari handled financial affairs. Since its inception, CVC has exponentially grown, offering 1,200 storefronts worldwide.

What’s more, CVC is a hub of employment in Brazil. Over the past 40 years, CVC has brought 3,000 people on board. While Paulus remains an integral component in CVC’s operations, he’s also the sole owner of GJP Hotels. A risky endeavor no doubt, Paulus invested $600 million while attempting to bring GJP Hotels to the market. Fortunately, the company’s experienced nothing but enduring triumph. Currently, GJP Hotels is scattered throughout Brazil, and Paulus hopes to see his 14 resorts evolve into 20 within the near future. When he’s not overseeing the inner workings of his two enterprises, Paulus is investing. According to Guilherme Paulus, “investment is always the best way to spend money.”

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OSI Industries Shapes the Global Food Industry

The food processing industry has a vital role to play when it comes to improving food security in the country. Food production and agriculture have defined major dimensions that contribute to the availability and accessibility of food in the community. The food industry is therefore global with many challenges that encompass diverse collective businesses that supply consumers with quality food. Only subsistence farmers who thrive on the food products they grow can be considered to participate in the modern industry of food production. For OSI Industries, high-quality food production has been the hallmark of its success.

The growth and development of OSI Industries are remarkable in the food production industry. The company has successfully secured strategic position in the world for more than three decades. Established by Otto Kolschowsky, OSI Industries was a small butcher shop that supplied meat to the locals of Chicago when Otto had just relocated from Chicago. Since the surrounding clients liked the products, the business grew substantially.

The business was registering tremendous growth. He sought the assistance of his sons, Arthur and Harry. Since they formed a team, the company was now known as Otto & Sons. The firm also became prominent for serving the community and its surroundings not only with high-quality meat but at affordable prices too. In a few years, Ray Kroc established the first McDonald’s restaurant. He hired Otto & Sons to supply the hotel with meat and snacks. The partnership, therefore, introduced Otto & Sons to provide large quantities of food to the society as well. Although Ray Kroc first opened one restaurant, he later expanded it into more branches that contributed to the expansion of OSI Industries. The more the demand for meat, the larger the company grew.

OSI Industries has since become one of the most admired food producers and suppliers. The company has transitioned over the years into a corporation that partners with like-minded food manufacturers. Although the firm encounters a few challenges in the industry, the leaders have put in measures to help it to overcome these issues and become a better food provider for the community.

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Igor Cornelsen Is A Reputable Investment Advisor

Are you looking for a way to achieve financial independence? Do you want to learn how to manage your finances or save money for retirement? Perhaps you want to consult a professional who can help you start investing or grow your existing portfolio.

Igor Cornelsen is a highly sought after financial service professional. Igor was an investment banker for many years before starting his own firm. His investment advisory firm comes highly recommended by his clients and peers. He has rendered excellent services to numerous clients and is well known in the industry.

If you are interested in venturing into the investment or banking arena and you need an expert to guide you, it is imperative to get in touch with Igor Cornelsen. Whether you want to learn about stocks and bonds and related fields, or you need help selecting an investment vehicle, it is advisable to contact a reputable professional like Igor Cornelsen.

Igor has been receiving raving reviews from both beginning investors and experienced professionals and can help you learn what works and what to avoid. He takes the time to evaluate his clients’ financial standing before proceeding to help them.

Investing can be complicated for beginners. Having access to a trusted advisor can help to improve your chances of achieving your goal. A reliable and experienced investment banker or investment advisory professional like Igor Cornelsen is a clear choice for those individuals who want to reach their financial or investment goal.

Igor is a highly successful investor, banker, and advisor. He has great expertise in a wide variety of financial services, and he knows what you need to secure your future. His investment advisory system and strategies are perfect for anyone who wants to get a good understanding of the industry and how to reach their goal.

Financial Educator and Investor Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a finance educator and investor who is currently active in providing investment information to other investors. Matt was a scientist before becoming an investment educator. Badiali completed a bachelor’s degree in earth sciences from Penn State University and a master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. During a five year span, Matt worked on a doctorate degree until the year 2004. That year, he was introduced to finance by a friend of his.

The friend of Matt Badiali had a Ph.D in finance and was looking to have Matt work with him on developing investment methods to help investors. Since Matt had lots of education and experience in science and geology, his friend believed that he would be able to provide valuable financial advice to investors. The friend was looking to develop investment advice that would appeal to normal Americans. One of the motivating factors in Matt’s decision to pursue this opportunity was experience with his own father. Matt grew up watching his father struggle with investing. As a result, he vowed to find a way to educate and help people with their financial management.

Since pursing this opportunity, Matt Badiali has been committed to helping a number of investors make better decisions. He has helped them find investment options in segments such as energy, natural resources and metals. His impact has been quite significant as well as many of his readers have consistently made returns in the double and triple digits.

In May of 2017, Matt launched a newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist. He has been able to build a network of very loyal followers who are eager to get more of his advice. This additional advice has come in the form of his natural resource stock recommendations.

When it comes to success and providing investment advice, Matt Badiali looks to provide information that is relevant and beneficial to the average investor. He regularly travels all over the world to places such as Peru, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, Papua New Guinea and Switzerland. Over the years he has visited a number of mines and oil projects to get more ideas for investment recommendations.

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