Giant Teddy Bear Goes Viral — Are Its Legs Too Long?

Nikola Matic owns Joyfay, a company that sells giant teddy bears, among other products. His giant teddy bears have been well-received and have a 4.6 average star rating on Amazon. However, 2 reviews that gave it a one-star rating were upvoted to the top and went viral, because of the thing that they pointed out.

The reviews pointed out the extremely long legs the bear seemed to have in the pictures that they uploaded. This caused many people to laugh. BuzzFeed wrote an article about it, and other news sites, such as the Huffington Post, also wrote articles about it. Many people tweeted about it on Twitter.

The idea behind the giant teddy bear, however, was serious. Nikola Matic designed the bear for people to give as a gift on Valentine’s Day and at other times to their spouse or partner. At times such as Valentine’s Day, if a husband or spouse needed to be away and couldn’t be present, he could send a teddy bear as a gift. The teddy bear was supposed to be a replacement for the spouse, who is an adult with long legs and a long posture.

The proof in the pudding is that he got many more sales than he expected. He could hardly keep up with the demand. So many people were buying this $110 teddy bear.

The truth is that the teddy bear does not have large legs proportionately. It is just that some people expect teddy bears to be small and have short legs. In addition, the pictures gave a skewed perspective of the height of the bear and the height of its legs. Not only that, but a few months ago, the legs were actually shortened. In an official Amazon picture, it clearly shows the proportion of the legs in regards to a person. Matic said that he has no idea how two old reviews went viral.