Justin Bieber is Making People Laugh in a Way That Most Fans Never Would Have Expected

Justin Bieber is making people laugh with a funny video, and like everything else he does, it has gone viral. This time the viral video is Justin Bieber as a

Canadian Superman. Long before he was doing viral videos that were funny Justin Bieber already had a mass following of people that were viewing his music videos. Bieber has more than one video that has had a billion views. This is extremely impressive, but fans that have never seen him in a humorous costume like the one he is wearing in the Canadian Superman video are really in for a treat.


Justin has always played around with the skits and presented himself as a humorous guy. He has been a good sport about appearing and skits on Saturday Night Live, but he has never really taken acting on completely. This is what separates him from the other very popular Justin with the last name Timberlake.


This time around for this viral video Justin Bieber is definitely borderlining on Justin Timberlake comedic timing with this Canadian Superman. It is something that only someone like Bieber could pull off. He is, after all, Canadian, and the comedy here comes from the concept of a Superman character if he was Canadian. Is the perfect gift for fans that are waiting for another Justin Bieber album to come along as he gets back into the groove with on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez.


Justin Bieber has had a lot of hard times where he has been criticized for his reckless behavior. He has gone from being a child pop superstar that was clean cut to being a reckless young adult that had too much money to spend. He has been seen in videos where he has been in brothels with prostitutes and he has endangered the life of others by racing down streets in expensive cars. It is good for fans to see him having a little fun and making people laugh.

Justin Bieber as Canadian Superman

Tons of people are checking out the internet and exploring all of the viral videos that come throughout the course of the day. One of the most recent ones is a viral video that features Justin Timberlake as a Canadian Superman. This is a funny sketch from an ongoing series of Superman from so many different perspectives. There is actually a scene in this episode where there are a table of men dressed up like Superman. There is an African American version of Superman as well as another one that is Mexican. There is a older white man that is dressed up as Superman as well.

These videos tend to be funny without any star power, but Justin Bieber has really generated a whole lot of interest in these videos.


This fanbase alone is enough to boost more interest in what he is doing. The thing that makes this video of a Canadian Superman so funny is the common stereotypes that are associated with Canadians. There is a love for hockey and a overly polite personality. These are two things that tend to define Canadians as far as Americans are concerned.


Justin Bieber is going to have a lot of his fans checking out this video because he has a large fan base. Even as he has gone from a child celebrity to an adult he has managed to keep a growing crowd of women interested in what he is doing next.


The simple fact that he decided to star in one of these funny viral videos makes it so easy for him to help this video get a ton of views. One of the interesting things about funny viral videos like this is the exceptional special effects that have been utilized for some of these videos. This is no cheap production.


Justin Bieber is not an actor, but after comedic roles like this one should that this could be a possibility for him in the future.


Justin Bieber Sends Mark Wahlberg A Sexy Photo

We all remember the moment that Justin Bieber became the new face of Calvin Klein underwear, and insanity that followed. On one hand everyone was in love with Justin and impressed with his sexy physique, all of his loyal fans lost their minds once the tv commercials and sexy magazine and billboard ad went up, but not everyone was a fan of Justin’s sexy new project. Just days after the Calvin commercials leaked the internet began to look closer at the photos and question just how authentic and true to life they were.

For weeks Justin was being accused of lying about his body, and having abs and even a bulge photoshopped into his underwear photos. After posting a photo of him own on social media the drama subsided, but one person was not done with Justin, because Mark Wahlbergs wife took to Twitter to vent her feelings about Justin taking her husband’s spot as the next Calvins celebrity. According to Marcio Alaor BMG in an article on mzweb.com, she made it clear that while she thought Justin was smoking hot, she liked her husband’s Calvins better.

Now, Mark is revealing how Justin reached out to him personally in a text asking for his blessing. Apparently Mark told an interviewer that Justin not only asked for his blessing but, He sent Mark a photo in his Calvins.Mark is always a good sport, but did Justin do too much?