JD.com Delivers Much Loved Fruit to Chinese Customers

JD.com has provided a leading online retail service since 2004 and has been invested in using the latest technology to deliver products to the Chinese market. Chinese customers have been able to connect to the modern marketplace and have products delivered by AI technology in ways that have revolutioned customer service.

Today in China, the younger, middle-class and upper-class consumers are more health conscious and focused on how nutrition contributes to health benefits. In answer to this need JD.com has partnered with Zespri and Rockit Global Limited and is importing kiwi fruit and apples from New Zealand. JD.com is in a perfect position to deliver these fresh fruit products to its Chinese customers through its advanced technology that delivers products quickly and in the best condition. Same-day or next-day delivery means that customers get fruit as though they lived close to its source. Today the import of fresh fruits has gone up from 20% in 2016 to 65% this year.

New Zealand’s number one fruit export is Kiwifruit, and China is the biggest customer. Zespri has been able to take full advantage of JD.com’s world-class ability to reach customers, and the company also sells its fruit on JD.com’s offline grocery store. Rockit Global Limited has also launched a store for its Rockit apples, fruits that are also now offered offline. Jingdong’s partnership with these companies has benefitted all concerned and ultimately China’s fruit lovers.

In order to ensure that products arrive in the best condition, JD.com has worked on fruit packaging to ensure freshness. The use of drones and blockchain technology also contributes to the time it takes for the fruit to arrive to its customers. Because JD.com has total control over the supply chain of products, customers have come to trust Jingdong’s criteria of merchant approval and control of products, insuring that only the highest level of fruit quality is offered to customers.

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New Residential Investment Corp Supports Low-Risk Investment in Real Estate Sector

Investing in the sector of real estate is one of the ancient forms of businesses, having been in the world since the inception of human civilization. Predating stock markets, mortgage investing is a five basic asset class that many investors have considered adding to their portfolios not only for the unique cash flow, but liquidity, and profitability.

New Residential Investment Corp is a United States-based company dealing with mortgage investment. Of late, it’s received tremendous attention from a significant price movement on the New York Stock Exchange, thereby increasing its shares to $18.56. As such, investors have enjoyed share price moments that have provided a better chance to enter into the stock market and purchase at a lower price.

New Residential Corp seeks to help investors to delve in the real estate investment sector through a focus on low-risk investment dockets. The company highly invests in residential assets, including excess mortgage servicing and mortgage-backed securities.

Formed as an affiliate of Newcastle Investment Corp, New Residential Corp has been managed as a separate publicly-traded company in 2013. The company is externally controlled by its parent company, Fortress Investment Group. New Residential Investment Corp was also published to leverage investment expertise and deliver significant returns to clients, to help them grow their dividends.

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Greg Secker Rose From Relative Obscurity to the Top of Forex Trading – Now He Believes That You Can Do So Too

Over the course of the last few decades, foreign exchange (forex) trading has been one of the most profitable ventures out there. However, owing to the skill required to engage in it, only a few have made a fortune from the trade. Unfortunately, many of those who have profited from the trade choose to keep their methods and skills to themselves. One outlier, however, is forex guru, Greg Secker who has for the last few years been teaching willing listeners on how to go about forex trading. It is believed that in total has trained an estimated 200,000 people on how they can supplement their income using effective forex trading methods.

While he studied Agriculture and Food Science in school, Greg Secker’s entire career has been in the financial sector. His tenacity and overall brilliance were noted by a recruiter from Thomas Cook Financial Services at a careers fare while he was still in school. He went on to join the financial institution after completing his studies where he worked among the best securities brokers in the world. Further experience at the Mellon Financial Group enabled him to expand his knowledge as a forex trader significantly. Soon after he started trading using his own money and once he had built it into a small fortune, he quit employment and ventured out on his own to do forex trading on a fulltime basis. He has not looked back since.

Having become a millionaire before the age of 30, Greg Secker has for the last few years had more money than he needs. Consequently, he decided to put it towards a worthy cause by forming the Greg Secker Foundation. Since its formation seven years ago, the Foundation has supported numerous programs around the world aimed at molding the youth into strong and independent adults. He has long been a supporter of the South African-based Ubuntu Education Fund and supported disaster recovery efforts in the Philippines following the devastation of parts of the country by Typhon Haiyan in 2013. Going forward, there is no doubt that the Foundation’s influence will only continue to grow.