The Rise of Victoria Doramus


Victoria Doramus is one of the few individuals who have the persistence and patience to endure through the challenges in the corporate world and emerge as winners in the long run. If you asked Victoria Doramus about her career life and the ups and downs, she would tell you several careers each accompanied by a million challenges. Her experience as a market trend analyst has opened doors for her in the corporate world. Apart from being a personal assistant to the filmmaker and producer, Peter Borg, she is also having a very long history in the media, where she has worked with Creative Arts Agency, Trendera, mindshare, and Stila Cosmetics.

But you ever imagine that the life of Art Direction & Trend Consultant Victoria Doramus is all about parties with cocktails and delivering speeches from parties to parties of companies celebrating their success around the globe; then you are very wrong on speculating. After a long battle with alcohol and drug addiction, she managed to put all that behind her and overcame her long life struggles. Although the process was long and tedious, she managed to handle it, and now she is stronger and never ready to hit rock bottom in her life again.

Brief History and Work experience

After attending the University of Colorado-Boulder for her undergraduate where she specialized in Journalism and Mass Communication, her interests have always revolved around art and history. In line with her interests, in 2102, she took an entire semester at the Western world exploring history and development from contemporary art to the ancient Greek.

Now she is a digital and print media professional with a creative mind. She has a productive work life with so many clients happy and satisfied clients that she has worked with. Her first job at Mindshare, where she planned for the media before becoming a cosmetics consultant. Then she went to creative Agency with her duty being organizing professional and personal scheduling. Then later in her life, she became the West Coast director of Trendera. All the challenges and difficulties that she faced on her way up had prepared her for the job.

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Sahm Adrangi Release Negative Reports

Sahm Adrangi, the Investment Manager of Kerrisdale Capital, released a negative report seeking to explain why the firm has recorded a lower position in the Eastman Kodak Company, a commercial imaging and printing firm whose stock rose 187% after launching a partnership with Kerrisdale Capital. The manager said Eastman Kodak Company is literally flawed and thus incapable of providing substantive benefit for its shareholders. He further termed the company along with another firm by the name WENN Digital Incas firms, as firms with well-known dubious backgrounds. He accused Eastman Kodak Company of making hollow attempts to cover its unsustainable and ineffective capital structure. According to the investment manager, Kodak’s soon to be launched partnership will do little to save the firm from plummeting revenues, mounting default risk and negative free cash flow. The seasoned investment management professional promised to hold a press conference where he will release more details regarding the recent negative report.

Sahm Adrangi used to work as Longacre Fund Management’s Investment Analyst before launching Kerrisdale Capital Management. Longacre Fund Management is a privately owned firm with over $1.2 billion valuable assets under its management. Adrangi did investment analysis for the firm, in addition to researching for equity fund and credit fund on behalf of the firm. Before joining Longacre, he worked for Chanin Capital Partners, in the bankruptcy restructuring department. The investor advised creditors on bankruptcy restructuring. His work entailed attending bondholder committees, representing bank debt holders and representing creditors from various bankrupt and distressed companies. In addition to working for these two firms, Sahm Adrangi has worked for Deutsche Bank, where his role primarily entailed restructuring and syndicating non-investment bank debt, and leveraging buyout financings. He is a graduate of the Yale University, where he obtained a BA in Economics. His Kerrisdale Capital offers investment managing services, and it currently manages over $300 million. Based in New York, the firm shares its investment management ideas with the larger investment community via its official site.


Sahm Adrangi move to release the negative report regarding Eastman Kodak Company paints the firm in a truly negative light and thus its future could be ultimately uncertain moving forward.


Entrepreneur and Consultant, Susan McGalla

It has been proven by statistics that businesses that embrace gender balance are likely to perform better than companies that do not. Also, firms that adopt ethnic miscellany are expected to perform more those that do not. Think of it as the reason why it is good to accept new ideas from different people. The one thing, however, that has not changed in many institutions and companies is the fact that a tiny percentage of women only hold the prestigious top leadership roles.

Susan, having to work for what she wanted since she was a child, worked tirelessly with a display of hard work and dedication and was finally able to achieve top positions in companies that she worked with. For a long time, the American Eagle Outfitters had an executive that was purely led by men. Susan changed this when she became the company’s president. After leaving this business, she became a Vice President of a few others.

Women may often feel that chances for their success in both business and leadership are meager. Others may lack the chances like those of Susan. However, some groups that support women leaders have come up. These organizations provide opportunities for women to rise in business and prove that high ranks are not meant for only men. Executive sponsors, therefore, is one of the ways to diminish the gender discrimination that exists in most companies and firms.

Susan McGalla was born in Ohio. Her father was a local football coach, and she grew up with her two brothers. Her background, in a way, molded her into what and who she is today. She learned to be confident while she was young, and also realized that there was no way to achieve whatever she wanted if she did not work for it. Susan graduated from Mount Union College with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing.

She currently stands as the founder of P3 Executive Consulting. Through this, she consults her clients on marketing, talent management, among other issues. She is the advisor of the board of Mount Union College and also holds board positions at HFF Inc., and the Managee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. Susan is the former CEO of Wet Seal Inc. and director of Allegheny Conference on Community Development.