Sahm Adrangi Release Negative Reports

Sahm Adrangi, the Investment Manager of Kerrisdale Capital, released a negative report seeking to explain why the firm has recorded a lower position in the Eastman Kodak Company, a commercial imaging and printing firm whose stock rose 187% after launching a partnership with Kerrisdale Capital. The manager said Eastman Kodak Company is literally flawed and thus incapable of providing substantive benefit for its shareholders. He further termed the company along with another firm by the name WENN Digital Incas firms, as firms with well-known dubious backgrounds. He accused Eastman Kodak Company of making hollow attempts to cover its unsustainable and ineffective capital structure. According to the investment manager, Kodak’s soon to be launched partnership will do little to save the firm from plummeting revenues, mounting default risk and negative free cash flow. The seasoned investment management professional promised to hold a press conference where he will release more details regarding the recent negative report.

Sahm Adrangi used to work as Longacre Fund Management’s Investment Analyst before launching Kerrisdale Capital Management. Longacre Fund Management is a privately owned firm with over $1.2 billion valuable assets under its management. Adrangi did investment analysis for the firm, in addition to researching for equity fund and credit fund on behalf of the firm. Before joining Longacre, he worked for Chanin Capital Partners, in the bankruptcy restructuring department. The investor advised creditors on bankruptcy restructuring. His work entailed attending bondholder committees, representing bank debt holders and representing creditors from various bankrupt and distressed companies. In addition to working for these two firms, Sahm Adrangi has worked for Deutsche Bank, where his role primarily entailed restructuring and syndicating non-investment bank debt, and leveraging buyout financings. He is a graduate of the Yale University, where he obtained a BA in Economics. His Kerrisdale Capital offers investment managing services, and it currently manages over $300 million. Based in New York, the firm shares its investment management ideas with the larger investment community via its official site.


Sahm Adrangi move to release the negative report regarding Eastman Kodak Company paints the firm in a truly negative light and thus its future could be ultimately uncertain moving forward.


Earning a Living From Home with Market America

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Growing Companies As A Part Of White Shark Media Review

White Shark Media offers several ways to boost traffic to websites as well as campaigns that are developed with the company. The media company also increases search rankings for online businesses so that clients can see an increase in the number of customers. Even clients who start out with little to no experience creating a campaign or advertising online see results as White Shark Media has managers who will discuss the best designs and the results of the campaign on at regular intervals. The goal is to assist clients in getting the business name and what is offered to as many people as possible.

If there are issues with the campaign or the business site, then managers with the company will offer assistance in making changes so that the client isn’t alone in trying to enhance the site. Many clients experience an increase in sales shortly after working with White Shark Media. PPC services also increase with the help of the managers available. The managers explain the details. They don’t leave the clients left in the dark about what they might need to change in order to get more customers for the business.

Clients can ask questions at any time and receive an answer in a timely manner instead of waiting for days for a response. White Shark Media is a company that cares about its clients and the businesses that the clients own, working with everyone to ensure that the best service is offered for businesses of all sizes.

White Shark Media is a Hub of Outstanding Digital Marketing Campaigns


White Shark Media is leading business entity that specializes in digital marketing. The company’s CEO is Gary Garth. White Shark Media was co-founded by three entrepreneurs namely Gary Garth, Alexander Nygart, and Andrew Lolk. This company is driven by the goal to serve the small and medium-sized market through provision of revolutionary marketing services.


What can businesses expect from White Shark Media?


White Shark Media targets small and upcoming businesses across North America. This company has undergone a significant growth since its establishment and has managed to retain all its clients. According to the company’s executives, White Shark Media’s success is due to its strategy of creating affordable and efficient marketing campaigns. These strategies have helped White Shark Media’s customers grow their respective businesses. This company has a diversified team of qualified and collaborative experts who concentrate on understanding and solving the challenges that businesses face. White Shark Media has over 150 employees knowledgeable in Display Advertising, AdWords Search, Bing Ads, and Google Analytics.


White Shark Media’s achievements


In 2012, White Shark Media went into business with Google to develop strategic solutions in advertising. A few months later, Microsoft also recognized this company’s service to the SMB group and immediately collaborated with it. Working with these two prominent companies allowed White Shark Media to acquire the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner and Bing™ Ads Authorized Reseller Program certification. This certification has since enhanced the company’s credibility, enabling it to acquire more clients.


White Shark Media’s reviews


White Shark Media has always focused on making trust a common denominator among all its clients. The firm enjoys high rating and excellent testimonials from both long-standing customers and new ones. According to Asbestos Company based in Michigan, White Shark Media offers digital marketing solutions that are efficient and affordable. A huge number of clients from Texas, Ohio, and California also expressed their gratitude and thanked this company for being an innovative service provider.