Talkspace, a Text Therapy App

Talkspace is a therapy app that offers online therapy. Its Chief Executive Officer is Oren Frank who is also a co-founder. In Talkspace Reviews, one gets an assessment from a therapist, gets to choose a payment plan that suits them, a perfect therapist is found for them and then they begin therapy by messaging their therapist. Read more about talkspace at

Talkspace’s partnership with Michael Phelps

Talkspace and Michael Phelps on May 2018 announced a partnership meant to promote therapy as a tool important in helping improve mental health. It features a campaign in television in which Michael is bound to share personal experiences, also encourage others to speak openly on mental health and to showcase the benefits of Talkspace. The campaign was launched on May 2018 supported by digital assets.

Phelps struggled depression as well as anxiety at several times finding it difficult to get the help needed. When he started to open up and talk about his issues, he felt strong. He wanted to help others with those mental challenges as well to help them realize that help is easily accessed with Talkspace and also affordable.

Recent news on Talkspace

More than just therapy

Talkspace offers to its users a platform where they can get in touch with therapists through the internet. It aims to remove challenges faced by the mentally ill by the introduction of online therapy. This makes help to be quick and cheaply available to all. Talkspace provides space for their clients to connect with therapists online through texts, calls and video chats, as well as audio messages. The interaction between the user of the platform and the therapist is kept confidential. Apart from just therapy, Talkspace also offers advice online to its members as well as the rest of the world from its therapists.


Roseann Bennett Offering Her Patients With Techniques Of Coping With Mental Health Issues

All over the world for the past seven years, the mental care health affiliates have observed May being the month for mental health patients. That’s why during this month more people are reached by use of the local events, offering the screening and using media. Roseann Bennett, with the experience that she has in being the marriage and family therapist, has given her the chance of providing the clients the crisis management, planning of the treatment and case management.


A mental health issue is not an easy thing because it will affect both the romantic relationship and the social life of someone. Couples that face the mental health issue the larger percentage are the one that will end up being separated or divorced.


Roseann Bennett strives to help patients overcome the struggles that they face both internal and external no matter if they can be able to control them or not. She hopes that with the resources that she has and through her articles she will reach individuals more widely. The achievement that Roseann gets is through the success story that she hears from the client that has been of great satisfaction to her. For anyone to flourish in the role of being a therapist, then they need to have the talent and determination.


Roseann Bennett founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment, she has given the organization her best so that to have the low-cost solution to the family that might need her services. Refer to This Article for related information on Bennett.


Early in the career path of Roseann, she specialized in the field of therapy that dealt explicitly with the family. After her and her husband felt that they had so much to offer, but the practice they were working at didn’t allow that’s when they decided to start the center. From the time the organization was established they have been of help to so many families. The thing that makes Bennett job interesting is because of the interaction that she gets daily with the patients. The other service that she offers the people is the blog that discusses the mental health cases. Read more about Bennett’s philanthropic activities on Hackettstown Couple Offering Scholarships Local Students