The MJ and Will Smith Meeting That You Never Heard

Celebrities like Will Smith have made quite an impact on the entertainment industry. He has had platinum albums and much success as a rapper. He has also had a tremendous amount of success in the world of movies. He has never won an Oscar, but he has been nominated several times. This is quite the transition from the young Pilly clean-cut rapper that would stand out from other hardcore rappers that had gritry street lyrics with tons of sexual content. For Will Smith it was always about keeping a clean cut image when he was part of the rap game. Smith had quite a bit of success as a rapper. Now there is a revitalization of Will Smith that comes during the time where his movie roles are fewer and his presence on social media is greater.


Will has continued to keep his eyes focused on creating comedy that is making people laugh even if he is doing it to a much smaller venue. Oddly, Will Smith was not even doing much with social media before he started his Instagram and Twitter accounts.


In such a short amount of time Will has created a number of interesting videos that have gone viral. One of the most interesting videos from Smith is the one where he talks about the time that he met Michael Jackson. This was a very interesting video because it highlights a brief encounter between the two that happened when they were hiding in a closet as bodyguards pushed them in during an award show.


It would be a chaotic episode from Suge Knight at an awards show that caused Will Smith and Michael Jackson to meet in a janitor’s closet. This is a very funny story to hear because it speaks of a time where Will Smith was recently getting back into his groove in entertainment as an actor. He was transitioning from rap, and he was nervous and excited to meet Michael Jackson.