Chainsmokers Releases a New Hit song

The Chainsmokers comprises of production and DJ duos, Andrew Taggart and Allex Pall. The pair has sowed high in the pop music as almost all their releases became hits. Their production started in 2014 with the release of “Selfie” that included selfies from celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, David Hasselhoff and Steve Aoki. The song was the 6th in the Billboard of Hot 100 and on the dance chart it was top 10. After the breakthrough with their first release “Selfie”, the Chainsmokers went back to the studio to prepare their first extended record. The EP Bonquet was released four months later and became 31st on the Album chart. In the same year, the duo gained more attention when they released the pop song “Roses”. Now people started taking them seriously as pop singers and the song was in the 6th position in top 10.

Don’t let me down and closer, together with their second extended play record, “Collage” got released in 2016. Don’t let me down earned the Grammy awards and nominated as the best dance recording while their second EP was the 1st on the pop chart in the US. “Closer” was praised for being influential in both lyrics and musically. The song was a hit in 2016 and led to Chainsmokers been awarded for being the best pop duo. The Chainsmokers have released around 5EP, and 3 of them got to the top 10 in the billboard.

The year 2018, it’s not an exception as the duos as still sowing higher. They have released a couple of singles such as you owe me, Sick Boy and Everybody Hates Me. All the released tracks are creating a record for the pop duos. Recently they release their new song “Somebody” featuring Drew love. Their recent release is a mix of R$B, EPM and Pop. The song remix has had over 30million views and many subscriptions. The Chainsmokers have performed the song in many platforms. Mike Nied of Idotar complimented the Chainsmokers duo saying that the song “Somebody” was going to be their best released song in 2018 compared to all their pop single song released.


Lawrence Bender Best of Films

Ever since his claim to fame with the 1992 Reservoir Dogs, Lawrence Bender has staked his place in the movie industry as one of the most respectable and talented names in film production. Born October 17, 1957, he’s well into his years but showing no sign of slowing down. The American producer of Kill Bill series, Pulp Fiction and other well-known titles has worked his magic on all of Quentin Tarantino’s films since his ascension to stardom except for The Hateful Eight, Death Proof and Django Unchained, and he continues to take an influential role in his industry to this day.

Lawrence Bender has won several BAFTA and Academy awards for his work such as Pulp Fiction (Best Film and Best Picture in 1994), Good Will Hunting (Best Picture in 1997) and Inglourious Basterds (Best Motion Picture of the Year in 2009). My favorite movies of the bunch, the Kill Bill series, have won Gold Derby and Circuit Community awards. I’m as far from a movie buff as one can get, but the least obscure of movies make their way to my eyes sooner or later, and I of all people can say that I’ve experienced Lawrence Bender’s work multiple times in my years. I don’t think anyone can argue with my movie taste here; let’s be honest.

I don’t favor the Kill Bill series for anything more or less than the lone wolf personality of it mixed with Eastern concepts of channeling one’s energy to improve their combat effectiveness. The story itself seems to ride on the coattails of this appeal, but that’s particular to me as a viewer. I’ve always taken fascination with concepts of psionics and Buddhist principles of inward control, which I thought were well-portrayed under Lawrence Bender’s production. Then again, I’m not a connoisseur of movies, so my opinion might not count for much, but I can’t be wrong when Beatrix Kiddo has developed a following of this size.


In Clay Hutson’s business niche, working with live music acts and utilizing his technical expertise are part of his routine as a business owner.

For a talented person like Clay Hutson, rock music acts, technical milieu and live performances are an important part of the work life that Hutson loves and exceeds in. Clay Hutson’s skill set and knowledge base is in very high demand, especially when it comes to making sure that all facets of the rock music concert that he is part of is a success.


Clayton Hutson may not be a household name when it comes to the top movers and shakers in the world of music and show business, but his impressive work history and skill set do the talking. As a successful business owner, Hutson has built important credibility, working with famous rock bands and solo artists, important event managers, and concert promoters. Some of these famous musicians and bands that Hutson has worked with in a technical role have been Marilyn Manson, Pink, Guns N’ Roses, and OneRepublic.


Clay Hutson has important technical strengths that have keep him in plenty of work. Some of Hutson’s fortes include technical automation, sound engineering, event coordination, and event planning. Hutson noted that he likes to work on rock music tours that involve live, solo artists, and music groups. Hutson’s ability to multitask and coordinate the many different elements involved in these performances is a key basis for why his events go smoothly.


Hutson’s main role is to make sure that the rock music artists, who are entertaining at a concert, have no technical problems that could derail or interrupt their performances. Hutson quips that he love working with the rock genre of music. Just recently, Hutson was quoted in a technical-related online publication about the sophisticated work he had been doing in the role of automaton operator on the production of OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour.


Before Hutson decided to become a business owner, he garnered important experience by mastering his craft as a producer, engineer, and an automation operator, gaining firsthand experience. Hutson said that he loves all different facets involved with rock music tours.


Clay Hutson noted that he decided to become a business owner, because the company that he had worked for had some issues, budget-wise. Because of the unpredictable work future that he had with the last company that he worked for, Hutson decided to become a business owner and build up new clientele. Hutson noted that being a hard worker in business is very important to him. Learn more: