Leeroy Jenkins strikes again over net neutrality

Every MMORPG player knows that there are times when they have been Leroy Jenkins. The clip may be old, but everyone knows that Leeroy shouts loudly into a raid boss before his guild is ready. This player is also one of the few World of Warcraft players honored with his own card in Hearthstone. In keeping of the spirit of the Jenkins, this card knocks out all of a player’s allies. The meme echoes through pop culture, even now, ten years after its release date.

The clip has seen new life as its creator released the first take of the video. Ben “Afrony Vinson” claims he held onto the clip until the right moment to release it came. The right moment came when Ajit Pai, ignoring the will of the American people and acting on behalf of the telecommunications companies, repealed net neutrality. Although the raid wipe video was scripted in its entirety, Vinson feels Ajit Pai channeled the spirit of the protagonist of the infamous clip when he killed net neutrality, according to Techspot.com

Those who want to relive their worst raids in any MMORPG, whether it is World of Warcraft or not, can check out the newly released video on YouTube. They can also check out the original, if they need to remember the times when their carelessness or inattention as a player legitimately wiped out a raid. Vinson hopes that re-releasing the video will raise awareness of the issues surrounding the repeal of net neutrality. He believes that Verizon, Comcast, and other telecommunications companies who are the only ones who will benefit from the FCC rules changes. Net neutrality required Internet service providers to treat all traffic the same, regardless of its source.

Net Neutrality Passes

The committee passed its resolution, classifying broadband internet and mobile broadband as public utilities, and as such, safeguarding the public from a tiered system of broadband use as proposed by major cable corporations. Furthermore, this decision will save larger bandwidth users from having to pay significant fees in order to maintain a certain level of content availability. Sultan Alhokair said that though this is a damaging hit for large cable and mobile corporations, CNN reports it is unlikely that they will cede control of broadband regulations to the FCC without a fight. Whether they claim that this government action oversteps the bounds of its jurisdiction is irrelevant, they will work to maintain their hold over what they think to be theirs all the same.

The web will remain, for the time being at least, an open platform and an equal playing field. Users will continue to be able to use the internet much as they have since its emergence into the world, and not worry about being unfairly cheated out of broadband content and speeds which they deserve. One can only hope that this kind of equality will spark even more innovations and creative ideas, which have made the internet the wonder that it is.