Guide Dog Sneakily Leads Owner Into Pet Store

Guide dogs are supposed to lead their owners through the obstacles that they face in their daily lives. Danielle Sykora’s guide dog named Thai certainly does that. The 20 year old Sykora relies on Thai to help her as she goes about her weekly routine as a student at Delaware Valley University. She also relies on the guide dog’s skills when they are back at the family home in New Jersey.

One of the things that Danielle and her family like to do when she is at home is spend some time at the local mall. It’s at the mall where Thai decides to take Danielle where he wants to go not necessarily where she wants to go.

Last week, Danielle, her dad and her sister were at the local mall. They were approaching a store called “Cool Dog Gear”. As they approached, Danielle’s dad told Danielle’s sister that the dog always had a sneaky way of leading Danielle into “Cool Dog Gear” without Danielle even knowing that he was doing it.

Danielle’s sister got out her phone to record what would happen. Sure enough, Thai ever so sneakily led Danielle into his favorite store in the mall.

Danielle’s sister posted the video on Twitter, and the video has gone viral. So far, the video has been viewed by over 6.5 million people. Some other people with service animals have replied that their service animals will sometimes do the same thing.

Danielle isn’t upset with Thai when he leads her into “Cool Dog Gear”. She says that Thai will often show her places that he thinks she might like. For instance, Danielle goes to Starbucks often, and Thai will often stop at Starbucks just in case Danielle wants to go in.