Members of Big Money 20 Leave Unwanted Holiday Package for American Taxpayers

In a mad rush to get away for the holidays, Republican leaders delivered their gift to the American taxpayers, but without a return receipt- until 2018.

While Republicans delivered their vote to seal the deal for the tax reform bill that has money earmarked for special interest groups and wealthy corporate executives, voters are left without a trace of where that money will end up. The display of a seemingly slap in the face of taxpayers will have all of them voting in 2018 to have the members of Congress put out of office, and the political action committee (PAC) is gearing up for it. End Citizens United sees the strategic move with the tax reform bill as just another form of the rigged system that the PAC has committed to fix.

End Citizens United is more determined than ever to unseat the Republicans who are continuing to force their mega-donor’s interest above the interest of taxpayers. End Citizens United has already put 20 members of Congress (Big Money 20) on notice that having them unseated in 2018 is number one priority.

There were 17 out of 20 incumbent members of Congress that voted for the tax bill. All of them furthered the cause of special interest mega-donors at the price of $11 million while middle-class families continued to struggle financially. The taxpayers are the backbone of America; however, mega-donors and big businesses continue to put them last.

The tax reform bill that the mega-donors pushed for Republicans to vote for is not the same that taxpayers need to put food on their tables and send their children to college. “Voters will not forget [this vote]. The 2018 elections are right around the corner and End Citizens United will hold those politicians accountable,” stated Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is already taking action for the upcoming 2018 election cycle with its plan to raise $35 million in addition to the $10 million already raised. It’s too late for the PAC to change what has already occurred, but with more pressure from voters with their voice wanting to be heard in 2018, the politicians who bowed to the special interest groups will not only be held accountable, but find themselves out of a job. Instead of a fiscally-responsible tax reform bill that promotes economic growth, voters are left with a bill that has a lot of promise but not any substance.

End Citizens United will use the issue of tax reform bill and campaign finance reform within its messaging to the voters in 2018. End Citizens United believes that the three million members that have already pledged their support with small-donor donations have had enough.