Bhanu Choudhrie on Two Important Things

Remember that there are two things in life that you must always do as an aspiring business professional. Those two things are to stay positive and to keep a good mindset overall, then to prioritize what matters. When you prioritize, you become better and you become more effective overall.

Why Prioritizing Would Help You Achieve What You Want

Bhanu Choudhrie will prioritize, you should too.

Making to do lists is the first step into achieving your goals, whether they are short term or long term in nature.

It’s because looking at your goals and judging your progress on a daily basis is one of the biggest indicators and motivators towards getting what you want.

The action tells you when you are on the right path, and it informs you when you are not. Needless to say, it helps you move from task to task with ease. It assists you in getting things into motion when you badly need them to, and it even lets you take a step back and relax when you could afford to do so.

But getting things done through a to-do list could be quite overwhelming as well. When you are not making the most out of this super easy technique, then it could only get repetitive and grueling without giving you the benefits you want.

Yet, you could ensure to steer clear from repetition and stress by a simple thing.

One word: prioritizing.

Positive Mental Attitude

All in all, business mavens such as Bhanu Choudhrie keep in mind that acceptance, not evasion, is the key to recovery from life’s darker and even slightly stressful events. If you stop avoiding issues and address them instead, you would find a certain balance and sense of calm that would remain unmatched by any other thing in the world.

This is part of the zen of Bhanu Choudhrie and others that are in elevated positions. They are able to accept and let things go, this has a positive impact on their health, their outlook and their life in general. This impacts their business, their family, their ventures, and their many adventures that they take on in life.

Staying positive is key to Bhanu Choudhrie.

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Business Mogul and Physician Dr. Mark McKenna

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Mark McKenna, perhaps you’re familiar with ShapeMed, a non-surgical wellness center based in Atlanta, GA. Founded in 2007, ShapeMed is a medical facility that prides themselves on their holistic approach towards patient care, which includes providing patients with access to the facility’s staff of nutritionist, dieticians, and medical practitioners. After achieving marked success with this business model, Dr. McKenna sold the business in 2014 to Lifetime Fitness, a chain of health clubs in the U.S. and Canada.

With regard to his educational background, Dr. McKenna attended Tulane University, earning an MD/MBA in 1999, before joining his father’s medical practice. Unlike his father, however, Dr. Mark McKenna had his sights set on the business world, which soon led to him becoming the Founder of McKenna Venture Investments, a privately held boutique real estate firm based in Atlanta, GA. From there, McKenna launched Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, two separate businesses that worked with his real estate firm to handle financing as well as the closing services for a variety of properties.

As a businessman, who also happens to be a licensed physician, Dr. Mark McKenna has managed to combine his two passions into highly successful entrepreneurial ventures. In addition to ShapeMed, he also launched OVME in 2017, a company known for leveraging technology to deliver medical aesthetics to their patients. If you’re unfamiliar with medical aesthetics, it involves the use of technology to enhance a patient’s appearance, cosmetically. This unique approach towards cosmetic enhancement has proven so successful that it has prompted Dr. McKenna to seriously consider opening a chain of OVME locations.

What does the future hold for the businessman/medical doctor? It’s probably safe to say the sky’s the limit. In an article featured in ideamensch, a user-generated platform for entrepreneurs to share experiences, Dr. Mark McKenna describes his future goals for OVME as being overarching. In the article, he explains how he plans on making botox treatments available to patients as well as rolling out a mobile app to make scheduling appointments easier for current and prospective patients.