Envoy Enlists OneLogin to Implement a SCIM Protocol for User Provisioning

Envoy, a San Francisco-based software company, recently collaborated with OneLogin on a SCIM protocol. The integration allows Envoy’s clients to store and access their data on a SCIM protocol integrated with OneLogin. Envoy is known for creating software solutions that allow office users sign in from their iPads. However, this type of sign in has been considered as insecure and outdated.

In the past, IT experts experienced trouble with handling security threats posed to Envoy’s software products. Today, these experts no longer experience such difficulties thanks to the newly-implemented SCIM protocol for user provisioning. This new feature is also referred to as “automated user on/offboarding.” It is currently available to Envoy Enterprise and Premium clients.

How the SCIM Protocol Works

SCIM is an acronym for System for Cross-domain Identity Management. This feature is targeted at simplifying user provisioning and management. It also enables clients to automatically provision fields such as one’s office location, email, first names, and last names. New credentials that are logged into the system are also automatically updated.

The new OneLogin integration instantly updates user data to the Envoy directory. It also allows user data to be retrieved and stored in a consistent format. According to Wells Riley, Envoy’s product head, the SCIM feature saves time and enhances office security. Wells also mentioned that Envoy strives at working with firms that share its vision. He mentioned that Envoy looks forward to future partnerships to improve its services.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is at the core of supporting the adoption of access management and open identity standards. The company usually releases free toolkit and guidance to help developers in implementing user provisioning and single sign-on functionality. Developers should note that OneLogin’s standards represent APIs and battle-tested schema for creating reliable and secure IAM functionality.

OneLogin serves SaaS vendors who wish to upgrade their systems for security and reliability reasons. Since OneLogin was launched, SaaS vendors have been visiting the company’s developer website to download toolkit and guidelines. Vendors such as Envoy have also enabled SCIM in their software products. OneLogin has garnered positive reviews in the tech world for its timely partner support and clear API documentation.