The Chainsmokers Are No Strangers to Hit Songs

The Chainsmokers are no strangers to hits. They have had many such as “Roses” which made it into the top 10 in 2015 and several others such as “Paris,” and Something Just Like This.” They have always had an electric beat but their recent hit, “Sick Boy,” has a bit of a darker tone to it. Like all of their music, the song is a reflection of the duo’s lives and gives the listener a glimpse into their personal experiences. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are on the same wavelength and seem to always coincide no matter what the tone of their music is.

They recently performed at the Hilton and American Express special event in New York and they are just beginning the next chapter of their music career. They are lucky because their label gives them the flexibility to expand and to gain more experiences to sing about. The duo creates music that is relatable and true and fans love that about them. They can tell that their music is not just a passing fad but deep music that speaks to them and that they can relate to. It makes them want to dance, and it helps them through their tough times.

The feelings behind “Sick Boy” are frustration melded with anger and is a raw song that is relatable to the time and age that we all live in no matter our circumstances. The song is a direct reflection of the duo as well as what is happening in the world and is sure to tug on the heartstrings of all who listen to it.

The last couple of years have been quite groundbreaking, and they have broken a lot of records which is quite impressive. The duo is known for pushing the envelope and really testing boundaries. They re known for being different and standing out and that is what makes them so unique and stand out for all the other artists out there. They are still in the music scene, and they are planning on coming out with many more exciting things for their fans.


Shervin Pishevar: A Man On A Mission

The world does not have enough people like Shervin Pishevar in it. He is a selfless person who is willing to share his insights with the rest of the Twitter world to help them gain a better understanding of the things that he sees that are related to economics. Put another way, Shervin Pishevar takes his vast knowledge and puts it out on the Internet for free consumption.

You might wonder who Shervin Pishevar is in the first place. He is someone who first became famous and wealthy for the fact that he had been an early investor in Uber. He saw the ride-sharing company as something that he wanted to own a stake in. This was before Uber was the big deal that it is today. He saw a great company in the making and believed in the mission that they had laid out before them. He put money into it and took an ownership stake in the company. That has worked out quite well for him to the surprise of no one.

Just a few months ago Shervin Pishevar went on Twitter to share some of his thoughts about the state of the economy. He wanted to share with all who read his tweets just where he stands on a number of issues. He believes for example that inflation is going to take a toll on our economy that a lot of people are not projecting at this moment. He believes that it could be the thing that starts to bring this ship down as it were. He is concerned about this for the simple fact that not enough people are talking about it right now. He mostly just sees people who want to continue cheering on the market that we currently have.

There is nothing wrong with being excited about a growing stock market, but Shervin Pishevar urges caution in this market as he thinks that the run-up has not exactly been fueled on much but speculation and hype. With that in mind, it is time to refocus our thoughts on ways that we can take precautionary steps in the market to avoid the worst of the pain that is sure to come if we do not do anything to try to stop it.


Earning a Living From Home with Market America

Being able to work from home has always been a challenge for people. You have to be careful of methods that don’t work or just cost the member more money than they will ever be able to make. If you feel it is time to get into an at-home career, it is a good idea for you to make use of a company known as Market America. The great thing about this particular company is how they work with people who want to earn cash at home. You can choose the product that you want to sell and then you’re simply responsible for creating a site where the item will be sold. You will not at all need to worry about shipping products or dealing with returns.

There is very good reason for why so many people enjoy using the services and products provided by Market America. Not only do you not need any experience to get started with this method, but you’re going to find that you’re enjoying doing something without needing to deal with a boss or a commute to work. Now is a good time for you to take a look at Market America and see why they are so different from so many of the other methods that are out there right now.

There are lots of people right now using the services of Market America and finding the company to be one of the better ones available to them. Before you know it, you will be working on this for yourself and realizing why so many have made use of it for their own money making needs. If you ever want to be able to have a job at home that you will be sure to enjoy, it is a good idea for you to take a look at this and know that you’re doing something that is going to be advantageous for you right now. There are lots of people who are able to do this for a living, and it is why you need to consider this company when you want to get started.


The Harmless Try Not To Laugh Challenge remains Charming

Internet trends sometimes get a bad rap as being overly dangerous or stupid in an attempt to get peoples’ attention on social media. Sometimes though they surprise you like the try not to laugh challenge.


This trend was popularized by popular YouTuber Markiplier about a year ago and is still getting new videos every day on YouTube and the like. The general idea is you try to watch a hilarious video without laughing throughout the whole video. The joy for the viewer is watching the star of the video try, usually in hilarious vain, to contain themselves while watching these videos along with you. Of ocurse the viewer gets even more of a laugh out of it than if they were watching the videos by themselves, so it’s pretty much a win-win.


Markiplier is still posting try not to laugh videos to this day, and they are still garnering millions of views and spawning all types of copycat videos. While Markiplier wasn’t the one to start this trend, he was pretty much the one to solidify it in popular culture as a solid internet trend.


Parents may want to be concerned about one aspect of this trend though. Many of these videos, including Markiplier’s, often include profanity either as part of the humor or as part of the reactions, or in many cases, both. If you don’t think your little one is ready to hear a few “F” bombs or if it’s something that you find offensive, this trend might be a pass for you.


Regardless though, this trend is a great break in the sea of dangerous and crazy trends like the cinnamon challenge and the salt and ice challenge.



Status Labs Revolutionizes Customer Service

Status Labs manages online reputations for its clients, and the company recently reported earnings increases of nearly 94%. A company like this does not increase its earnings that much with brilliant customer service, but customer service is taken to a new level at Status Labs. This article explains how founder Darius Fisher manages the Status Labs team with a focus on customer service.

#1: Status Labs Researches Every Possible Topic

Every possible topic that could be found on a Status Labs client is researched by the team in the office. Darius Fisher demands that his team be as thorough as possible, and he does this work himself for accounts that he manages. Clients who come to Status Labs for help with their online reputations will find that there is much more about them online than they imagined.

#2: Righting Previous Wrongs

Status Labs is willing to offer customer service to past customers who may be upset with their clients. A small act of kindness will help a Status Labs client regain the trust of a past customer, and the Status Labs team helps deliver that customer service properly. The customer service commitment in the Status Labs office makes the company stronger, and clients who come to Status Labs for help tend to get better results.

#3: Consistent Updates

The Status Labs team offers consistent updates to its clients on their online reputation. The updates include changes to online reviews, retractions of false reviews and customer service offered to past customers. The updates may be provided at any time, and client may contact the Status Labs offices for further help. Anyone who is struggling with poor public relations may use Status Labs to get better results.

The Status Labs team is managed perfectly by Darius Fisher with a focus on customer service. Darius understands the value of customer service in all situations, and he has trained his team to offer customer service that it far better than anything a customer has received in the past. Fences may be mended, and clients will recover their online reputations with this level of customer service.