Will Smith and Sophia the Robot

A world of funny viral internet videos have surfaced over the years and this has made it possible for more people to look at things on YouTube that are going to give them a laugh. Right now there appears to be a lot of viral videos from celebrities that are getting into the mix.

One of the latest celebrities that has taken over the viral video realm is Will Smith. On a recent video that has gone viral Will Smith is on a date with Sofia the robot. This is a human-like robot that has over 60 facial expressions. Sophia the robot was made by Hanson and the conversation that ensues with Will Smith is a very interesting one.

The thing that makes Will Smith a delight to watch in this viral video is the way that he is constantly turned down by Sofia the robot when it comes to his accomplishments. He is quick to ask her the type of music that she likes, and she gives him a description of some old school music that she is into. With this the robot responds that she is aware of his music but she is not interested in it.

This is a true ego bruise for Will Smith, and this appears to just be the beginning of her ability to shut Will down. There is a point in the video where he tries to go in for a kiss and Sofia the Robot tells him that she has put him on her friend list. She has said that she thinks that they can be friends.

This is just one in a series of videos that are popping up from Will Smith. He is doing some interesting things online, but the Sofia the Robot video is a break away from his normal storytelling. It is a very interesting aspect of the viral videos that are surfacing with celebrities. It is clear proof that Sophia the robot is fascinating even to celebrities.