Co-Founder Of Unroll Me, Jojo Hedaya

It’s unbelievable that a small thing such as emails can bring headaches if not well managed. Emails accumulate over time when not read and they start mixing up both the most important emails and the least important ones. With this problem, comes the need to manage these emails and Jojo Hedaya is one entrepreneur who has stepped into this space by creating an application, Unroll.Me, which assists one to organize his or her emails. Personally, Unroll.Me came as a result of Jojo being constantly frustrated whenever his business counterpart would not read his emails. The solution thus came to sort emails according to their importance and thus allow an individual to know which group of emails to pay more attention to.

Basically, the application works by going through an individual’s inbox whereby it then groups together all subscription-oriented emails into a “rollup”. Through this grouping, it’s easy for an individual to check all these subscriptions and decide on which to get rid of. Another interesting feature is that the individual has the ability to decide on which time the rollup of subscriptions should enter his or her inbox. The application was founded by both Jojo Hedaya and his business counterpart, Josh Rosenwald. Both of the two entrepreneurs met while attending college in Israel whereby their friendships was strengthened by similarities such as having the same birth dates. While developing the product, Jojo says that simplicity was the key thing that was considered which has helped the product prosper up to this date, despite stiff competition.

In a different article, Jojo Hedaya tries to give some tips to people who might want to change their life into successful trajectories. Some of these tips include having the courage to take a shot at something despite the fear of what lies on the other side. Despite having a good career ahead of them, both Jojo and Josh decided to take a leap of faith and launch a business out of an idea they had.

Another tip that Hedaya emphasizes the most is the need to keep things simple. Simplicity is an aspect that has really helped his product rise above all the rest despite stiff competition. Jojo observed that most products that had been developed in a complex manner did not last long within the market.


Unroll.Me And Its Importance In E-Mailing

Several email services are trying to tackle the problem associated with email overload. is a free software application that compresses emailed subscriptions, updates, and newsletters into digests. This helps in making the inbox tidy since all the junk mails are getting done away with. The company works in collaboration with Yahoo, Gmail email accounts, and google apps. The software tool gives consumers control over their time, keeps all the spams locked out, and keeps the inbox neat.


Upon signing up to the free service, does its work automatically. It takes a few seconds for to scan through all the messages in your inbox. When the initial scan is complete, Unroll.Me shows a Rollup of all the subscriptions you receive every day. Some of your messages may find their way into the Rollup but the email owner has full control of them and may decide to remove them from the digest.




One can tell when to view his or her daily Rollup, be it in the morning, afternoon or evening. If one is impatient to wait for the contents in the Rollup, one is required to log in to’s website. Upon login in, the website will show a folder that will automatically be added into your account for you to check the messages. In case you have two different accounts that you require monitoring for them, one is supposed to log in both of them since they can not be blended to one.


If one tries to open a Rollup from several days ago, the message sends you to the site where you are to look into several messages before finding the one you are looking for. More time is used in this process due to the limited access of the messages. enables the account owner to edit the messages in his or her Rollup. This factor assists a large number of individuals since it allows them to decide on whether to unsubscribe from the messaged delivery or send it to their inbox directly. is very simple thus serves as a tool for every person who is literate. Since it is free most people tend to use it since it helps them in the identification of their emails from the important ones to those that are less significant. The algorithm helps in putting most of the emails in the Rollup and remaining a few in the inbox.


The Role of Serge Belamant in the Growth of South African Banks

There is no doubt that Serge Belamant has had a fantastic career in various institutions after dropping out of university education at the University of South Africa. His contributions to the National Road Network through graphic design and mapping cannot go unnoticed. Moreover, his role in the digitization of the National Grid System and the introduction of data control and analysis brought all the changes that people would have wanted.

However, Serge Belamant achieved maximum success and fulfillment when he moved to an information technology company, SASWITCH. In this organization, he was supposed to head the IT department, which was consistent with, not only his training but also passion and dedication. The directors of this organization were sure that Serge would contribute to the success of the entity and lead to glory. SASWITCH was owned by the Republic of South Africa Banks, which is a clear indication that he was supposed to contribute in matters finance. View Serge Belamant’s profile at Linkedin.

One of the main reason as to why Serge Belamant was brought to SASWITCH was to solve some of the problems that were existing within the system, especially in real-time transactions. The system was not able to process more than 100 transactions per second. This had forced the organization to have an extra computer on standby to handle additional transactions and thus prevent any chances of downtime. Therefore, making the system efficient and able to handle huge volumes of work was what Serge had to do.

However, Serge Belamant appointment coincided with a period when there was a worldwide outcry in South Africa concerning racial discrimination. This had forced several countries around the place sanctions on RSA and other significant organizations in South Africa. This meant that Serge could not perform his duties. This led to a situation where most of the SASWITCH and RSA systems were not updated or maintained.

These sanctions forced Serge Belamant to be innovative and come with other innovative strategies that would help the banks to continue working. This was when he invented a new National ATM for RSA banks. This system ran on a parallel processing system and was fault-tolerant hardware. Read more: Pioneers AR Capabilites

It looks like augmented reality will be’s next technological triumph. The company that is a global leader in commercial drone application has been using AR for some time now. The technology has revolutionized the virtual shopping experience and represents another glimpse at a future JD is not afraid to invest in. In fact, has expanded its AR-services to literature with a new AR-storybook geared to teach children how to avoid strangers.

So what exactly is augmented reality? Augmented reality is a form of virtual reality that projects its existence over what is already there instead of removing it. It uses computer generated images to enhance a person’s perception so that what they see is not there, but they can reach out and touch it. AR is a new technology whose full effects have yet to be seen. However, despite being the new kid on the block it has already been commercialized by Jingdong. has been at the forefront of new technologies for years now and definitely shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Before creating an AR storybook, used the technology to spruce up online retail. Using AR-tech customers can try on new clothes and even put on make-up using AR. The AR fitting room and AR Styling Station allow customers to virtually try on their wares before buying them. The new AR storybook allows readers to live the story and maps its program over a physical book. The book is a German children’s book called, “I’m Not Going with Everyone!” The book has been used by many Chinese parents and teaches kids what to do if a stranger approaches them. JD’s use of the book is also a focus on the epidemic of missing kids sweeping the nation. The AR-book is available free with purchase of the physical book itself. It can be downloaded from the app store.

About was founded in 1998. The company was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong. Initially, began as a physical storefront selling optics. It is now a billion-dollar enterprise stretching across Europe and Asia. went online in 2004. Besides being a retail giant is also known for its investment in technology. It is at the forefront of AI and drone technologies and uses robotics in its factories and delivery measures.

About Jingdong:


Shervin Pishevar: A Man On A Mission

The world does not have enough people like Shervin Pishevar in it. He is a selfless person who is willing to share his insights with the rest of the Twitter world to help them gain a better understanding of the things that he sees that are related to economics. Put another way, Shervin Pishevar takes his vast knowledge and puts it out on the Internet for free consumption.

You might wonder who Shervin Pishevar is in the first place. He is someone who first became famous and wealthy for the fact that he had been an early investor in Uber. He saw the ride-sharing company as something that he wanted to own a stake in. This was before Uber was the big deal that it is today. He saw a great company in the making and believed in the mission that they had laid out before them. He put money into it and took an ownership stake in the company. That has worked out quite well for him to the surprise of no one.

Just a few months ago Shervin Pishevar went on Twitter to share some of his thoughts about the state of the economy. He wanted to share with all who read his tweets just where he stands on a number of issues. He believes for example that inflation is going to take a toll on our economy that a lot of people are not projecting at this moment. He believes that it could be the thing that starts to bring this ship down as it were. He is concerned about this for the simple fact that not enough people are talking about it right now. He mostly just sees people who want to continue cheering on the market that we currently have.

There is nothing wrong with being excited about a growing stock market, but Shervin Pishevar urges caution in this market as he thinks that the run-up has not exactly been fueled on much but speculation and hype. With that in mind, it is time to refocus our thoughts on ways that we can take precautionary steps in the market to avoid the worst of the pain that is sure to come if we do not do anything to try to stop it.


Will Smith Gets Back to Comedy in Unique Way

Viral videos from amateurs can easily become something that can propel some people to stardom. Sometimes it will be a single viral video that goes out to millions of people, but no one may ever hear of this person again. There are others, however, that may become known for funny videos and they become famous as a result of this. This is one end of the viral video spectrum.

In more recent years there have been a variety of viral videos that have surfaced from people that are already famous. Will Smith is one such person. He has become someone that created a viral video that would change the way that people saw the critically acclaimed actor.

For years Will Smith has embraced serious roles in movies. He has made a big departure from comedy over the years because he was looking for a different range. Many people know him from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” fame that he acquired, but for decades people have been more accustomed to seeing Will Smith as a very serious actor.

Now it appears that Smith is getting back to his roots in comedy by creating viral videos that are very humorous. A lot of these stories are funny because only Will Smith has all of the pieces. These are stories that may have been overlooked by most of his peers, but he has been able to add an interesting twist on the stories and change the way that people look at some of the areas of his life.

When anybody watches episodes of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” it’s easy for them to think that Will Smith has always had success in life. The younger generation that only knows him for movies and this television show may assume that he has always had money in abundance. What Will Smith emphasizes in his road to becoming “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is that he was broke when the show started.

Bob Reina: This Is A Better Life

For so long, people thought they were going to be unhappy and miserable forever. They never thought there was a way out or a chance to improve their situation. They thought they were going to be stuck in this spot for the rest of their lives. They wrapped their heads around it and they just gave up. That is one of the worst things in life to do: give up. It sets a bad tone for themselves and for all of the people in their life. If they have children, they need to let them know anything is possible if they work hard enough and have the passion for it. Learn more:


If there is one thing that Bob Reina is not short on, it is passion. He has plenty of passion and enthusiasm. Whenever someone sees him on TV or reads his marvelous writing, they can tell this is a person that really, truly cares, and it shows in every single thing he does. It especially shows in Talk Fusion, the video communications provider with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. It is the way for people to connect and grow their business in the 21st century. Things have changed and it is important for people to adapt to those changes. If not, they are going to get left behind.


The thing about Bob Reina is that he has always stayed ahead of the curve and been ready for whatever life has offered him and whatever direction he was being pulled in at the time. He never questioned it. He just went with it and never held back. If he was going to do something, he was going to do it right. After all, his law enforcement training gave him all of the skills and the tools he needed to get ahead and stay ahead.


It is why it has been an effortless transition into the CEO of Talk Fusion. It is why he is so happy about the awards and the praise the company has received. It is a friendly reminder to him that all of it was worth it. Every single thing he did, he did it for the right reasons. He has lived a great life, but the best is yet to come. It is exciting to see what the future holds for Bob Reina and Talk Fusion.


It is also exciting for the customers as well. They really have a chance to take their career in a whole new direction. They can leave behind their old job and start a new one that is run by them and they can enjoy working with people that see life the same way they do and with the same passion.

Are Cats Man’s Best Friend?

Dogs are ubiquitously known as man’s best friend. So where do cats fit into all of this? Aren’t cats just as supportive, playful and friendly to men as dogs are? One video developed by Purina Fresh Step shows that Cats can be man’s best friend too and it does show in a hilarious and funny way. Here are some of the highlights of the video.

The video is officially called dude’s best friend. It features a young male “dude” and his adorable orange cat. The dude has a dilemma on whether to text a girl he went out a date with and his cat is by his side. His cat’s support helps him make the right decision, which is something that all pet owners can probably relate to.

Next, the man decides to take a bath after not showering for a while. His cat looks on and he talks with his cat about how bathing is like taking several showers. The support of the cat once again helps him realize what he did not do and what he should be doing. It is a testament to the “silent” support that our pets offer us unconditionally.

Even when the dude does some of his private albeit funny antics, the cat silently watches. This again shows that the cat is the man’s friend and supporting him throughout his ups and downs. The man talks with his cat throughout the video, which is something that every cat owner and pet owner in general probably does. Although, they may not understand our language, they probably understand how we feel.

Cats and dogs have been shown to react differently when we are happy or sad. For example, a cat or dog may try to cheer us up when we are feeling down or depressed. While they cannot speak to us, it is as if they know how we feel!

The end of the Dude’s Best Friend video shows the guy saying his cat is low maintenance and putting in some Fresh Pet litter in his litter box. The description of the video does not do it much justice. Watch it for yourself and get a good laugh.

How Powerful Is Talk Fusion’s WebRTC Technology Really?

Sometimes cutting edge web video communication technology isn’t as expensive as you would think. New companies are figuring out ways to provide top quality streaming and recording capabilities while saving on the overhead costs and making it easier for customers to use as well. One company whose built a very affordable video service into its product suite is Talk Fusion, the company founded by Bob Reina in 2007 and who won several “Product of the Year” awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016. Talk Fusion has both online WebRTC technology that allows users to either embed and send emails to a recipient’s email address, or start a live browser-to-browser video chat with them. Customers can also setup live meetings that can host hundreds of viewers, or they can send newsletters or use Talk Fusion’s signup form service for their own websites.


Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina’s career took a lot of twists and turns before it came to Talk Fusion’s product development. He was previously in law enforcement with the Hillsborough County sheriff’s office in Florida but had retired from that job because he wanted a schedule that was more favorable for him. He began by entering several multilevel marketing gigs with each not working out in the long-term, but then while he was on vacation and wanted to send videos to his friends in an email, he realized he couldn’t do so so he got the idea to create a program that could. He had a friend who was an expert coder, and together they worked on the program for three years until it was ready in 2007. Reina then decided to use that program for a business platform, and from there Talk Fusion took off.

Bob Reina wanted to make Talk Fusion a multilevel marketing company because customers could buy its suite directly from the Talk Fusion website or app stores, or they could purchase through an associate. Associates can earn commissions both through making sales to their own customers, and from referring others to become an associate and earn bonuses on their sales. For associates who need a little help getting started, or for anyone interested in improving their sales and marketing skills, Reina started a course known as Talk Fusion University that gives tips on doing so. Associates can also earn credits for signing customers up for a free trial, a feature that allows customers to try out all products for 30 days and doesn’t require any credit cards at signup. Learn more:

Talk Fusion Is Providing a Different Way to Look at Email

There was a time when email was a new and exciting technology. But the technology has become commonplace to the point where people seldom give it much thought. But at the same time, it’s also a ubiquitous feature in people’s lives.


But people have noted that Talk Fusion is changing how people relate to email. It’s not so much that the technology is different. But companies like Talk Fusion are leveraging amazing new ideas on top of an established technology.


Talk Fusion is using an email address in something more akin to a physical address. The email is more a point of contact for their video services. Everyone has an email address, much like they have a physical address. And Talk Fusion realized that just as people can accept different packages at their home address so they can with an email address.


Talk Fusion leverages something called WebRTC to send video to users through their email. Much of the underlying methodology can be gathered simply from Talk Fusion’s name. The company’s name hints at a fusion of different technologies. And their ability to send video to a traditional email address does exactly that. It melds the company’s own technology with a shared multimedia codebase that’s now present within all major browsers.


The result of all this is something that people have been waiting quite a while for. Science fiction was once filled with video phones. But direct person to person video has remained tied down to specific programs. This is quite unlike the idea of a video phone where anyone with a communication device could send and receive video.


But it’s exactly what Talk Fusion has been able to accomplish. They’ve taken one ubiquitous technology within people’s lives, email. They’ve then melded it with another shared factor. In this case a shared multimedia framework present within all web browsers. And finally, they’ve worked in their own communication suite as a service on top of it all. The end effect is that anyone can send video from their computer to a standard email address.


The fact that it comes from Talk Fusion isn’t surprising. The company was founded in 2007 to meld what was then a very fractured telecommunications landscape. Company founder Bob Reina has gone on to leverage their success in a number of different ways. Most recently he created Talk Fusion University to help other people emulate his own rise within the business world. But he’s also made a huge difference in the world by offering a number of Talk Fusion products to aid overall worldwide communication. Learn more: