Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Unveils Live Meetings Application

It was 2007 when Bob Reina first opened the doors to his company, Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a video marketing and communications solutions company based out of Florida. Their goal is to help bridge the gap between customers and businesses by way of the power of video. Reina is a firm believer in the efficiency of video as a marketing tool and he has dedicated his career to creating tools in order to facilitate that transfer. Reina and Talk Fusion recently announced their latest, greatest, application and it has been receiving nearly universal acclaim. Today we are going to be talking about the Live Meetings application.


Live Meetings is going to be the biggest thing to happen to online businesses in a long time. Live Meetings is the first WebRTC based video conferencing application that has the ability to stream video to up to 500 people at a single time. Live Meetings was developed by Talk Fusion’s development team, spearheaded by CTO Ryan Page, in order to facilitate mass video conferences.


The Live Meetings application is built to allow up to 15 hosts to share time on screen while broadcasting to up to 500 audience members. The fact that this application was built on WebRTC technology is incredibly important. WebRTC tech is the future of the industry because it allows for smoother video, more efficient loading, and easier access by all parties involved. With WebRTC tech, people don’t have to download any special software and nor do they have to deal with cross-compatibility issues. Talk Fusion’s Live Meetings application works on all major devices and platforms.


Live Meetings isn’t the only tool that Talk Fusion has developed for use by marketers in the digital age. Talk Fusion has an entire suite of video related services and products that can be used to help spread the message of their company. Among those products is the award-winning Video Chat application. Video Chat is a one-to-one video conferencing application that won awards thanks to how smooth, easy to use, and efficient it was. Live Meetings will likely set up shop as their next best-selling application. Learn more:



Talk Fusion’s Unique Email Marketing.

Technology has completely evolved the business world. However as time moves, what was the most recent technology grows old and flooded, and your business cannot stand out anymore. Emails, for example, have been one professional way of marketing that everyone is using and you can be sure of your email being bypassed like its nothing. Talk fusion has learned this challenge and come up with a better way that can catch your audience: The video email. Sounds casual, right? It is unique, fast, and affordable and can be made professional. Talk fusion is there for your communication with your employees, colleagues, friends, and family.



Talk fusion gives you the opportunity to create a video template from their numerous amazing designs in any language. Their templates contain multiple messages from a retirement message at the office to a baby announcement, engagement or wedding. And if you think their templates are boring, they give you the chance to upload your own and have your message delivered without taking a breath where you don’t like. You can upload with your phone, computer tablet or any other device. There is also a chance to edit and remove any flaws or merge any of the files you want before sending them to your recipient. Learn more:



Benefits of Talk fusion video marketing.



  • Delivers videos right to the inbox of your recipient



  • Video emails can fit any form of communication either official or non-official



  • Gives you an opportunity to send your video emails along with any attachments.



  • You can share your video email on any social platform.



  • Sends video emails to any device without fear of distortion.



  • You get to know who reads your emails and whether they shared with anyone or clicked any links which are important pieces of information in improving your marketing



  • Talk fusion also gives you an opportunity to request them for a customized template that fits your brand and style.



Talk fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. Reina strongly believes in innovation. His objective is to assist businesses in improving their returns by enabling them to stand out from competitors and gain customer royalty through video marketing. As a philanthropist, his passion is to help anyone ready to succeed regardless of their nationality or position. Reina is also a regular HuffPost contributor.



Bob Reina: He’s Causing Change For The Better

Bob Reina is consistent and that counts for a lot in today’s world. People are looking for others to be consistent in life, as they need things to remain moving in the right direction. Now, there is nothing wrong with change, but sometimes people look for something to be reliable. Bob Reina has provided that reliability for people as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion since 2007. Now, ten years later, he is showing people that their trust in him has paid off. A lot can change in ten years, but one thing remains the same: Bob Reina is going to change people’s lives. After all, it is his mission in life. He has talked about it and he has done it.


He has changed their lives by allowing people to be themselves and allowing people to stay true to who they are with their job. Sometimes people spend too much time at work. In many cases, they spend more time at work than they do at home. Because of this, they can oftentimes feel like they have no control over their own lives. That is no way to live. Bob Reina wants people to take control of their lives once again and stay in control for good.


It starts with having an idea, and a lot of people have a lot of ideas they wish to share with the world. When they share these ideas and have the platform, which Talk Fusion provides with their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, it is amazing the results they will find. That is why the 30-day free trials are just the tip of the iceberg for many people. It gets the ball rolling in the right direction.


Once they have the attention of a captive audience, they intend on keeping it. They also intend on getting their life back and being able to make money while also spending time with their families as well. That is the win-win situation. Many people have thanked Bob Reina, but he is just doing his job, if you were to ask him. Learn more:





Talk Fusion: They Want You To Be Healthy

One thing that gets overlooked a lot when it comes to jobs is mental health. It is very, very important. A lot of people’s mental health suffers because of their job. They are not happy at their job, plain and simple, and because they are unhappy, it messes with their head. They start to feel depressed, anxious, and nervous. It could be Sunday night for example and they are watching their favorite football team win, but it does not matter to them. They know that when Monday rolls around, they have to return to work. It is hard to escape the mind.


It is a huge reason why Bob Reina wanted to start up Talk Fusion and give people a chance to get their mental and physical health right. Make no mistake about it, if they are unhappy mentally, they are probably not sleeping right as well. It all ties into one. It all plays into one. It is why Bob Reina wants people to know he is out there looking out for them with Talk Fusion, the two-time award winning company with video emails, video chats, video conferences, and video emails. He is also looking out for them by offering 30-day free trials ( If anyone ever wanted to change their life and regain their health and happiness, now is the time.


They will be amazed and shocked by what they can do in 30 days. They can do a heck of a lot in 30 days. They can get the business up and running, which is the first step. Once it is up and running, they can start to see what it can do for them and how it can really become a reality. They don’t have to suffer in silence or pretend anymore. It is exhausting. They can become the individual and the person they always knew they had inside of them.


It might have gone away for a while, but now that it is back, it is not going anywhere. It is here to stay. After 30 days, they will see drastic changes in their personality. Learn more:


Jason Hope’s Concerns about Future Lifestyle

The internet of things demonstrates the ways that the modern world has adopted in appreciation of various technological advancements. Jason Hope postulates that the globe will over time experience a shift in the pattern of carrying out activities. Jason Hope is most excited by the idea regarding driverless vehicle technology. Jason provides that technology is the primary factor in the change of connections among people, things, and places around the world.

Additionally, Jason offers the possibilities of the driverless car technology taking effect in the next ten or twenty years. However, for the shift of operations in the transport industry to be effective, there are significant challenges that have to be overcome. The most common issue that will arise is litigation in the transportation sector. Previously, laws and rules were designed concerning the drivers that control the vehicles. Thus, with the transformation to cars with no drivers, certain standards have to be altered to suit the situation.

Additionally, Jason Hope states the relevance of improving security on your internet of things devices. The technological sector is characterized by IT experts as well as hackers who tend to exploit the internet of things gadgets. Jason Hope thus states the value of cloud storage, a more easy data storage way, unlike the local storage method. Additionally, the consumers of the internet of things should ensure that their data is configured for the protection of their details. With the aid of Jason Hope, security enhancements regarding data and efficient and reliable machines will transform the world.

The Scottsdale-based entrepreneur and philanthropist attended the University of Arizona State where he pursued finance. After that, Jason expanded his knowledge at the W.P Carey Business Institution where he earned his MBA. Jason’s knowledge attainment placed him in the corporate world where he began his mobile communications venture after completion of school. The organization has overtime experienced tremendous growth and now focuses on a variety of philanthropic courses. Recently, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation, a non-profit enterprise specializing in taking important health precautions on a client’s body before the damage fully develops. For more info about us:    click here.

Jason’s charitable giving will support the foundation in various studies concerning ailments associated with old age. Also, the fund will facilitate SENS Foundation’s activities on the research of bio-technologies rejuvenation. The philanthropic courses of Jason Hope especially in SENS Foundation illustrate his passion in the enhancement of individual’s well-being as well as lifestyles.

Bob Reina and The Drive to Suceed

The power of sheer determination is a very powerful force, just ask Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina. His early life was filled with successes, where after graduation from the University of South Florida he entered Tampa Bay police Academy, where he earned the prestigious award of Merit and graduated top of his class. While the life of a police officer can be described as exciting, the time investment the profession calls for, combined with the paycheck number led Reina to want to break free.


A profession with more potential to help him take control of his own life while helping the community was around the corner for Reina, a moment he describes as his “ah-ha” moment. While working an off-duty job, a gentleman introduced Reina to network marketing industry. This would change his life and his focus from that point. After several unsuccessful ventures, he would finally find the angle he knew would be his road to success. While trying to email a video clip to his family, he found that the video wasn’t able to be sent via traditional email. This incident would lead to Talk Fusions first flagship product, Video Email.


Since then, Bob Reina has watched as his company has grown to launch a vast array of video communication products that have let them expand to use in over 140 countries. Knowing that the key to continued success is constant innovation, Reina has several new cutting-edge products in the works at Talk Fusion that he’s excited to release in the near future. In addition to this, he’s also launching Talk Fusion University, a free platform for Talk Fusion associates to train to advance their own careers. Reina will be producing videos and publications to share his experience in the industry, to help the associates reach their professional goals and follow in his footsteps on the road to success. Learn more:

Spotlight on Securus Technologies’ Acquisition of JPay Inc.

Securus Technologies, a leading communications company that has specialized in offering technology software answers to inmate facilities, is expected to acquire JPay Inc. secures Technologies offers solutions that assist inmate facilities facilitate investigation, conviction and coactions. There is nothing that thrills this company than looking for opportunities to allow it conduct its business in a better manner that is unmatched in the industry. This is one of the main reasons why the company is seeking to acquire JPay Inc, a leading digitized payments and communication services provider in inmate facilities. Securus Technologies made the announcement that the two companies had entered into a definitive agreement for the acquisition.

Benefits of the Acquisition Deal

Secures Technologies will benefit a lot when it completes this deal. This is due to the fact that no other company has greater business capabilities when it comes to better management. Secures Technologies will be looking at thrusting its business to the next big level of facilitation and development. A recent study established that once this deal goes through, Securus Technologies will be regarded as the fastest growing corporation serving the inmate facilities industry. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies was optimistic that the company will be able to offer all that it can given its new position and capabilities.

Long Admiration of JPay Services

Secures Technologies revealed its long time admiration of the services that JPay offered and this acquisition could not have come at a better time than now. The deal came at a time when Securus Technologies was looking to expand its service delivery in the inmate facilities. Secures Technologies is considered as the top company in the US in as far as its service delivery in the industry is concerned. JPay is expected to share the name with Securus Technologies under the duo’s working capability. Rick Smith stated that they have monitored their growth and were keen at coming up with a sophisticated entity.

Rick Smith’s Comments on Positive Emails

Securus Technologies has specialized in the provision of both criminal and civil justice technology solutions that are aimed at solving as well as preventing crimes committed by incarcerated inmates. A number of blogs and emails have been allocated in the hope of making incarceration a better and safer alternative than leaving people loose out there worsening the situation. According to Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, the company is a major investment and it releases product and service development proposals weekly that assist corrections agencies in dealing with crime. They also help in preventing other social ills afflicting the modern society. The company also receives thousands of emails and letters from customers who appreciate what it does by offering great services as well as keeping the society safe. This includes both the inmates and their family members. People appreciate the social responsibility that the company plays well.

Positive Rich.

Talk Fusion: More Than Meets The Eye

As with just about anything in life, there is more than meets the eye with Talk Fusion. Yes, they are a video communications company with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. They have those features and those have won the company awards such as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year from the Technology Marketing Corporation ( It was their second award from them in 2016 and it promises they will keep growing in 2017 as it is the decade mark for this truly amazing company.


The reason I say they are truly amazing is the fact they have had the ability and the power to give people another crack and another shot at living life. For a lot of folks out there, they thought that was impossible for them. They thought it was nothing but a pipe dream. However, once they started using Talk Fusion and all of its video features, they saw there were people out there just like them. These people were dreamers and let’s face it: the world needs more dreamers. Dreamers make the world go round and dreamers make the impossible possible. They have a never say die attitude and they refuse to go down after the ten count.


They have a lot of spirit and a lot of spunk and they don’t get too upset over defeat. They know life is going to be filled with highs and lows and it is important to navigate through all of those in the best way possible. Talk Fusion has shown with their two awards they are going to keep on trucking and they are going to show the entire world why they won these awards and what these awards stand for at the end of the day. When they win these awards, it gives them extra fuel and extra motivation to keep on making Talk Fusion the best it can be all of the time.


Talk Fusion is a company with big goals and big dreams beyond what has happened so far. They know they have great power as Bob Reina says, and they are going to use it wisely.


Eric Pulier: His Life As An Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is a software entrepreneur. He might not be as known as many of the elite in the industry, such as the late Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but he is certainly on his way.

His Early Life

Eric Pulier is a hard worker and it’s not surprising because he has made a major success of himself, and he wasn’t born into money. He is truly a self-made man who was born in New Jersey. Although he did well in public schools, it was outside of school where he really excelled. At a very young age, Pulier became interested in technology. In fact, Pulier built a computer from scratch when he was just in the fourth grade.

After he succeeded in high school, he applied at and was accepted by Harvard University in the state of Massachusetts. While there, he studied English and American literature. He eventually studied at MIT, which is also in Massachusetts.

Corporate Life

After graduating from both Harvard and MIT, Pulier made the move to LA, California. There he started his journey as an entrepreneur and a futurist. People Doing Things was the first company  Pulier created. It was a tech firm that provided solutions (tech-based) for problems in the real world. As a result of Pulier’s hard work, and the hard work of his team, his company addressed issues related to poverty, education and healthcare.

Pulier eventually sold People Doing Things and he invested his proceedings into other enterprises. Fast forward to present day, he is the head of the IT firm ServiceMesh. The company uses the Cloud to provide tech solutions to companies around the world.

Besides ServiceMesh and People Doing Things, other ventures he has founded include Media Platform and Akana. Desktone is another venture he founded.

Now you know a little more about Eric Pulier’s early life and his corporate life.

Eric Pulier Social Media:

Impressionable facts about Jason Hope

The internet has highly benefited many individuals in the current world, and Jason Hope believes that the technology will keep advancing in the coming years and lead to a great change in people’s way of life. Jason has a great belief in the internet of things through which he generalizes as the nontechnical devices that people use to conduct their daily activities. Jason has partnered with some global entrepreneurs to conduct his research and come up with predictions concerning internet of things. He works towards discovering the possible outcomes of the changes that technology may cause.

Through Jason Hope`s partnership with Jeff Bezos and many other prolific entrepreneurs, he now gives his predictions that technology will help to curb the issue of poverty as the new devices that will be in use will be another source of employment for people. Besides, he insists that the devices will be way better than the current technological devices and most of them will consume less energy due to their advancements, the motor industry, to be particular, will highly benefit, due to the low fuel consumption of their engines that will enable people to save money. Electric motors will also profoundly revolutionize the industry to curb environmental pollution and other negative factors of the emissions.

Besides, Jason insists that the internet of things will enable people to earn a good income from the comfort of their houses. Individuals with a good education will easily telecommunicate and acquire money with fewer strains like traffic jams. The jobs created by technology will help to develop economy of most countries in the world hence raise the living standards of people.

In addition to that, the future technology will enable business owners to follow up the production rate of their workers easily and in turn offer wages according to their performance. The use of technologized devices to track employees activities will ensure that entrepreneurs quickly identify their most prolific entrepreneurs and negotiate the salaries to offer to them. Besides, it will also be easy for business owners to evaluate whether their firms have accomplished their goals and probably derive better measures to increase their productivity.

Learn More: