Will Smith Lost a Fortune and Gained it Back

Will Smith is very funny person, and a lot of people know this. What many people may not know is that there have been a lot of hard times in his life that occurred before he had a rise to success. Only Will Smith is able to tell his story in a way where he could extract laughter from times that were hard.

For all of those that do not know, Smith shows people right away that his transition into acting came when he had an album that flopped. He had a hard time in the music business as rap was changing from something that was more comical to something that was more hardcore. It would be difficult for someone like Will Smith to continue being successful when groups like NWA were coming on the scene with hardcore rap about street violence.

The interesting thing about Smith is that he was actually in a slump as he was transitioning from rapping to acting. He has stated that he was simply sitting on the couch and feeling sorry for himself. In this video he states that it was his girlfriend that told him that he needed to get up and do something with his life.

Will Smith would find himself hanging out down at the Arsenio Hall Show at one point. He would later find himself in the home of Quincy Jones. This is where he would reluctantly audition for “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

This is a very entertaining story that is told by Smith, and it shows that he had a level of tenacity because his back was up against the wall. It was at a time in his life where he had made a lot of money and spent even more than he made. He found himself with a small fortune that he lost, and he realized that he had to reinvent himself. He was aware that he had to take this role.