Talkspace, a Text Therapy App

Talkspace is a therapy app that offers online therapy. Its Chief Executive Officer is Oren Frank who is also a co-founder. In Talkspace Reviews, one gets an assessment from a therapist, gets to choose a payment plan that suits them, a perfect therapist is found for them and then they begin therapy by messaging their therapist. Read more about talkspace at

Talkspace’s partnership with Michael Phelps

Talkspace and Michael Phelps on May 2018 announced a partnership meant to promote therapy as a tool important in helping improve mental health. It features a campaign in television in which Michael is bound to share personal experiences, also encourage others to speak openly on mental health and to showcase the benefits of Talkspace. The campaign was launched on May 2018 supported by digital assets.

Phelps struggled depression as well as anxiety at several times finding it difficult to get the help needed. When he started to open up and talk about his issues, he felt strong. He wanted to help others with those mental challenges as well to help them realize that help is easily accessed with Talkspace and also affordable.

Recent news on Talkspace

More than just therapy

Talkspace offers to its users a platform where they can get in touch with therapists through the internet. It aims to remove challenges faced by the mentally ill by the introduction of online therapy. This makes help to be quick and cheaply available to all. Talkspace provides space for their clients to connect with therapists online through texts, calls and video chats, as well as audio messages. The interaction between the user of the platform and the therapist is kept confidential. Apart from just therapy, Talkspace also offers advice online to its members as well as the rest of the world from its therapists.


One Faulty Belief About The Psychopath and Emotion According to Talkspace

There is one misconception about psychopaths that can be very surprising for people who have studied about them. One misconception is that psychopaths are devoid of emotion. This is one thing that has come forth either out of confusion with sociopaths or something that they have heard. Either way, this misconception is not true. According to Talkspace, psychopaths do have emotions. The type of emotions that they are the strongest in are self-serving emotions. One thing that can be said about psychopaths is that they are narcissistic. One thing they do is pretend like they have compassion and concern for their targets in order to make them vulnerable for exploitation later on.

One thing that Talkspace reveals about psychopaths including those with narcissistic tendencies is that they view others as expendable. They do not have any regard for the feelings, the needs or even the safety of others. They use others as they need them. Once they are done with them, they toss them aside at least until they have another need for them. With psychopaths, people are not human or even a living creature to them. Instead, they are objects or tools to be used for the agendas of the psychopath.

One common theme among psychopaths according to Talkspace is that they have no regard for friendships. For one thing, they will trash friendships and even fire people without any good reason. These are only looking into the surface of what they do. When looking at how they treat people in their personal life, one would see the extent of the disruption that a psychopath can cause. Yet, they are the ones that have it easy when it comes to developing relationships compared to some of the more level-headed types of people. Fortunately, all that is needed for them to stop is exposure.