Neurocore was founded in 2004 and is a neurological science research group that researches how the brain works and how it is that effects people on a daily basis. The research center has had a focus on brain training for years and now has many different clinics all over the country to help people train their brain so that they can better deal with the normal stressors that people experience every day. The hope is that this training will lead to more success and happier more fulfilled lives by those that have the brain training done to them. Read more about Neurocore at The brain training in which they offer starts off by analyzing the person’s brain through a series of scans and EEG’s in which the team is able to tell what is going on with the brain. The next step is to go the patient and discuss what it is that the team found in the brain and how it is that they think they can help. The team will share the treatment plan of therapies and even supplements if that is needed for the patient. At that point, the timeline and the cost of the treatment are discussed so that the patient can make a fully informed decision for their health. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

If the patient makes the decision to continue and go on for treatment then the next step is to schedule the treatments in order so that the patient can come in for the needed therapies. The timeline for everyone is different as the brain training greatly depends on what is trying to be achieved by the patient and where they are before they start the treatment. But overall Neurocore has seen great success in this treatment for people and believe that this is a step towards the future in the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, and so many other ailments that plague people and cause them to not only have a lesser living standard but can affect their earning potential, drive, and social activities in which they engage in. With Neurocore’s breakthrough they hope to get the funding to continue to expand and eventually change how the world looks at these conditions and the treatment options for the aliments all around the world.


As Smooth as Silk: Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a man who has had the vibe of music in his veins for as long as he can remember. He liked to know how things worked down to the last detail and make sure that everything runs smoothly for his concerts. He started by honing his craft for the Billy Graham specials. This gave him the confidence he needed in order to be able to start his own production business and still go out on the road for some of the biggest acts in music today. One of the acts he has worked with was the band Kid Rock. According to a article, the duo is teaming up once again in 2018 for the “Red Blooded Rock and Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour“.

For this tour, Clayton Hutson says that he allows his prior experience to be his ultimate guide on this particular outing. He knows that Kid Rock is one of the most outspoken personalities in the world of music today and Clayton wants to make sure that he gives the fans something memorable to see. One thing that Clayton makes sure of is that every detail is planned out perfectly. He has to be sure that if there are any pitfalls in the show he must deal with them immediately. This is why he has many people on the ground helping him make sure that everything goes well. He says the tour can be stressful for him. He is usually the first person to arrive at a venue very early in the morning, go through the logistics of the show during the day, and then be the last one out of the area when the concert is finished. This is the amount of dedication that he has to his craft and it has paid off for him in many ways.

Clayton Hutson says that one thing he likes to do is work. He knows that he has worked with Kid Rock before and the team that is working with him is nothing short of top-notch. that is what makes the profession so much fun for him. He works well with the crew and they work well with him.

This is why acts like Kid Rock work with people like Clayton Hutson. He knows how to put the show together from the very beginning to the very end. That is the way Clayton Hutson likes it. Learn more:


Dr. Saad- Pediatric surgeon in the United States

Dr. Saad is a pediatric surgeon in the United States. He has a good reputation in the industry and is even hired by foreign countries to assist them with pediatric medical surgeries. Probably what is his biggest accomplishment in his career is being hired by the Saudi Royal. This is a prestigious job that not many professionals can ever get a chance to serve. For Dr. Saad, two things assisted him to land the job. One, he is a board-certified pediatric surgeon in the United States and secondly, he is fluent in Arabic and English. This was a perfect combination for someone who was going to serve in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The appointed saw Dr. Saad move with his family to Riyadh where he served for four and a half years.


Dr. Saad has a very interesting story. He was born in a hummable family in Palestine. They later relocated to Kuwait where he grew up. He would later move to Cairo for his degree and later to England for his internship. He finally settled in the United States where he started practicing as a medical doctor. Being born from a poor family gave him the motivation to work hard so that he could accomplish his goals in future. His family members are also top professionals. Three of his siblings are surgeons, two engineers, one a teacher and two others have PhDs. He is clearly from a family that believes in the power of education.


Dr. Saad served at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital. This is a facility that served the royal families from the Middle East. However, poor people suffering from complex medical conditions were also allowed to get services in the facility. Dr.Saad impressed the Royals by ensuring that all cases of pediatric surgeries were handled with the highest degree of professionalism. While serving in this Saudi facility, he performed a complex surgery on the youngest child he has ever dealt with and who was suffering from an aneurysm. He performed this operation clinically and secured the health of the kid. He also published a journal that contained information about the surgery so that others could learn from him. Learn more:


Dr. H Biemann Othersen mentored Saad in Charleston, SC, who taught him that in medical services, he should always treat everyone regardless of the color, age, background, religion or even physical abilities. He also learned that he should always be kind and honest with his patients. Dr. Saad demonstrated a character that won the hearts of the officials at the King Faisal hospital. His word on matters of pediatric surgeries was final. He would recommend a patient to be treated locally or abroad.



Back in America, Dr. Saad helped many children and young adults. He also participated in medical missions some in the United States, and other is Jerusalem and West Bank. In these medical missions, he would perform complex surgeries to poor children for free. Dr. Saad was brought up in a poor family, and he feels, obligated to assist the poor get a solution to their problems

Randal Nardone’s success in business

Michael Novogratz and Randal Nardone
Michael Novogratz and Randal Nardone of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is one of the world’s self-made billionaires. He ranks 557 on Forbes Billionaire list and is one of the owners of the world’s largest alternative asset managing firms. Mr Nardone’s career did not start off in finance, it started in law.

Randal Nardone studied law in Boston University School of Law. After his graduation, he worked with Thacher and Wood Law Firm. His hard work and eagerness to learn saw him rise rather fast to an executive position. In as much as he enjoyed his work as a lawyer, he decided to shift gears and move to finance. He joined the Universal Bank of Sweden as a managing director and later worked as the principal of Blackrock Financial Management. It was at this time that he met Wesley Edens and Robert Kauffman; the two businessmen who helped him found Fortress Investment group.

Since the foundation of the company in 1998, it has experienced tremendous growth and expansion. It has managed over 70 billion dollars in customer assets. The assets they manage are split into credit funds, private equity and liquid hedge funds. A big part of their success is credited to the foundation the tree founders laid. Knowing their company was set to become a world leader, they strived to foster a culture that would optimize employee output. They led by example, showing their team members that success can only be achieved through diligence. This resulted in Fortress Investment Group being extremely efficient and a customer’s choice.

Apart from being the company’s CEO, Randal Nardone also looks into the firm’s legal matters. His professional background in law has been an asset to the company. He has been able to guide the executive to make decisions that are profitable and beneficial to the company’s growth. Under his guidance, FIG wont the award of the best Hedge Fund Manager of the Year in 2014, by institutional investor. HFM Week also named it Managment Firm of the Year. Prior to these, Fortress Investments was named Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the year and Credit-Focused Fund of the Year two years in a raw and more

Randal Nardone’s secret to success is being uncomfortable staying in one place. He is always pushing himself forward. His reason for changing from law to finance simply was, he wanted more. Since he was willing to put in the hard work necessary to build this new company, he is now one of the world’s few self-made billionaires.

How to Succeed with Online Videos

In today’s marketplace, it is very difficult to succeed without the right tools and information. No matter what you are trying to do, you will find that at some point you will need help with your business. Technology is key to success in any type of business and unless you are willing to spend years learning about technology on your own, you will need to enlist the services of a reputable company. Talk Fusion is just such a company. They have experts working for them who can help you produce quality materials that will bring your business to the forefront of your field.


Online videos have become one of the greatest ways for companies and even individuals to have a great return on their investment in their products. Talk Fusion and their team can show you how to take an idea and turn it into profit. They have the most updated and advanced programs to help you take your idea, edit it and then upload it to the internet. They will also let you know where you should upload it to and how using key words in search engines will make your product stand out among the competition.


People from all walks of life have suddenly discovered the need to show the world what their life is like and many of them have filmed and showcased their daily lives. Depending on how it is produced and marketed, their videos can become overnight sensations. Many of them have become famous enough to then appear on television simply because of their unigue video. Talk Fusion can help you to do this by utilizing all of their knowledge and experience.


They will also show you how to get your video patented in order for you to keep all rights to it. This is very important should your video become a success. Copies of your video will not be allowed to be made without your sole consent. Should someone wish to copy it, they would have to pay for the licensing to do so. This is just another avenue for your videos success and they can help you with this. Learn more:

Why “Pulp Fiction” Is Producer Lawrence Bender’s Greatest Masterpiece

When one talks about the genius filmmaking of Quentin Tarantino, there is another name that must come up in order to get a clear picture of one of the greatest filmmakers of the last century. And that would be the then little-known producer who actually discovered the young filmmaker and helped him sell his first film, “Reservoir Dogs.” That producer, Lawrence Bender, has brought some of the greatest films, of the last three decades, to the big screen.

While “Reservoir Dogs” may have been the first big break for the young producer, as well as Quentin Tarantino, it is no question that both Mr. Tarantino and Mr. Bender’s masterpiece is their follow-up film, “Pulp Fiction.” This popular crime movie was one of the first independent films to make over $100 million dollars in the domestic U.S. box office. Additionally, the film was nominated for several Academy Awards including best picture for which Mr. Bender shared the nomination.

So why is “Pulp Fiction” Lawrence Bender’s best film? Consider the fact that Quentin Tarantino was not the big shot Hollywood director back in 1993 when he completed his script for the movie. That meant that Lawrence Bender had to work hard to sell the unusual script to the financing studio Miramax. And after selling the script to the studio, Mr. Bender was tasked with assembling the ensemble cast on a relatively tight budget of just $5 million dollars. Lawerence Bender was responsible for bringing many A-list stars from Uma Thruman to Bruce Willis as well as Harvey Keitel to this independent film.

Today Lawrence Bender has produced over 50 films, some of them in collaboration with his longtime partner Quentin Tarantino. In his career, Mr. Bender has been nominated for Best Picture by the Academy Awards three times. And he continues to develop and produce high-quality films like “Hacksaw Ridge,” “Silence,” as well as “Inglorious Basterds.”

Born in the Bronx, New York, Lawrence Bender has been a producer in Hollywood for over three decades. In his career, he has worked with creative powerhouses like Quentin Tarantino, Matt Damon as well as Ben Affleck. Today, Mr. Bender is considered one of the most creative as well as successful producers in Hollywood.

Universal Communications

Bob Reina officially launched Talk Fusion in 2007. Bob Reina is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is based out of Brandon, Florida. Talk Fusion delivers clear advanced visual technology and audio technology to their customers. They also offer help and support to people in the communities that they serve.

Bob Reina was inspired to create Talk Fusion after AOL notified him that video messaging was impossible. He has used this company birthed out of his misfortune. He was viewing a house that he was hoping to buy when he learned that video email was not yet possible. AOL told him that it would never be possible and he set out to prove them wrong. He created the company to change the lives of his customers and employees. Bob Reina also created Talk Fusion to show people all over the world that anything is possible if they work hard and believe.

Talk Fusion is an innovative, high-quality video communication marketing company. Bob Reina works to help people make their dreams come true. The most amazing donation he has made was $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. In addition to his donations, he adopts animals that no one else would want. He adopted a dog that lost its leg in an attack to show that no matter what happens in life everyone deserves to be loved.

Talk Fusion has made major contributions to society while providing high-quality technology. They launch innovative, high-quality video conference software that has significantly changed the lives of the people that have decided to use the products. The new release allows real time efficient and convenient communication. This new program will allow people to deliver one way videos and operate video based conferences.

Learn more:

Talk Fusion’s new software gives companies the options to host video conferences conveniently. Meetings are no longer limited to the board room. The new program allows flexibility in the time and location of the meeting they are having. Talk Fusion doesn’t want to limit or restrict their users to one device they want to give them options.

Talk Fusion takes pride in providing quality products to their customers. Their dedication to providing people with high-quality video communication has allowed them to expand to over 140 countries. Bob Reina has shown his love for the advancement of technology and people by helping those in need.

Brazil’s Cassio Audi

**UPDATE**  June 21, 2017 Check out the video below and learn about Cassio Audi’s early music career.

**UPDATE** September 26, 2017 See more Cassio Audi on Soundhound.

Over the years, Brazil has been experiencing a stagnant economy and weak markets. Latin America’s economy is facing alarming challenges. Growth has experienced a slow growth of up to 7.5 percent in the recent years. The Banco Central do Brasil is struggling to reduce inflation by hiking its benchmark Selic interest rate to 11% from 7.25%. The new investors are challenged at finding the best investment due to the economic environment in Brazil. It is, therefore, imperative that they get advice from experienced financial officers on the best investments to increase their profits. Financial officers are bolstering their tactics to help improve the economy of Brazil and attract more investors.
About Cassio Audi

With over 23 years’ experience in the financial field,  Cassio Audi has handled all variety of financial issues. He is a financial advisor in businesses such as start-ups, public and private companies, private equity funds, and multi-billion organizations. He is qualified in accounting and financial management, growth strategy development, resource management, business planning, controllership and decision support, IPO, fundraising, and investor relations. He is an action-oriented financial advisor.
Job experience
He started his schooling at the University of Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo where he graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He later joined Universidade de São Paulo for an MBA in Finance. He started his career at JP Morgan Chase as a trader in 1992. He left in 1996 and joined Dow Chemical as the Senior Financial Analyst. He has worked in other firms such as Gillette, Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc., Rossi Residencial, Rossi Commercial Properties, and GVMI.

Heavy Metal Drummers of Brazil

Talk Fusion: More Than Meets The Eye

As with just about anything in life, there is more than meets the eye with Talk Fusion. Yes, they are a video communications company with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. They have those features and those have won the company awards such as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year from the Technology Marketing Corporation ( It was their second award from them in 2016 and it promises they will keep growing in 2017 as it is the decade mark for this truly amazing company.


The reason I say they are truly amazing is the fact they have had the ability and the power to give people another crack and another shot at living life. For a lot of folks out there, they thought that was impossible for them. They thought it was nothing but a pipe dream. However, once they started using Talk Fusion and all of its video features, they saw there were people out there just like them. These people were dreamers and let’s face it: the world needs more dreamers. Dreamers make the world go round and dreamers make the impossible possible. They have a never say die attitude and they refuse to go down after the ten count.


They have a lot of spirit and a lot of spunk and they don’t get too upset over defeat. They know life is going to be filled with highs and lows and it is important to navigate through all of those in the best way possible. Talk Fusion has shown with their two awards they are going to keep on trucking and they are going to show the entire world why they won these awards and what these awards stand for at the end of the day. When they win these awards, it gives them extra fuel and extra motivation to keep on making Talk Fusion the best it can be all of the time.


Talk Fusion is a company with big goals and big dreams beyond what has happened so far. They know they have great power as Bob Reina says, and they are going to use it wisely.


Lime Crime Adding Sexy-Naughty ‘Scandal’ Lipstick Shade To Line-Up

If there’s anything clear about Lime Crime cosmetics, it’s their philosophy about life. The edgy makeup brand makes zero apologies for its crazy wild color palettes and doesn’t offer old-school products.


Lime Crime allows you to define what is beautiful in your own way, and women around the world are drawn to the concept of fun, empowering makeup.


Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime, and she enjoys adding new colors to the line-up. In a press release to PRnewswire, we have learned that Scandal has just hit the market. Get ready, ladies and gentlemen, because this shade is a sexy knock-out. Scandal is all about the drama and rich purple violet beauty of the perfect liquid matte lipstick.


Here’s how Doe Deere describes her new lush plum favorite, Scandal:


“Scandal is for girls who like a touch of punk-rock edge & have that don’t-care attitude. Pair it with bold black liner & get ready to stir up some controversy.”


Lime Crime is famous for its incredible Velvetines lipstick line, because the shades you can choose from are bizarre, hauntingly beautiful and in formulas that last until you take them off. In other words, imagine a bullet-proof finish.


Doe Deere launched her brand in 2008, riding the wave of e-commerce. These days, Lime Crime is sitting pretty on popular social media sites, with their Instagram page now branching out at 2.7 million followers.


Doe Deere understands online brand building and interacting with her global fan base. She believes that e-commerce is a fun, quick, convenient way for women to shop. Selling makeup online isn’t the easiest business to run, but Lime Crime excels at online quality and customer service.


Lime Crime is an independent beauty company that is based out of Los Angeles. It offers cruelty-free, vegan makeup of a high-performance caliber.


To learn more about the exciting cosmetics world of Lime Crime, visit them at LimeCrime and their official Facebook page.


Lime Crime makeup lets you step boldly out of your comfort zone.