The Numerous Contributions Made To The Business World By Bruce Bent ll

Bruce Bent ll is an entrepreneur with experience in the creation of innovative cash related solutions for brokers, dealers, retail markets, qualified plans and banks. His drive and vision have made him the catalyst for the technological development of products both relevant and influential such as programs insured by the FDIC and cash sweeps. Bruce Bent ll is in possession of 60 patents and his inventions are partially responsible for FDIC-Insured cash management becoming an industry worth $1 trillion.

During his career Bruce Bent ll has proved himself as a CEO and a manager. He was the leader in the growth of FDIC cash management and money market mutual funds for 17 years. After the financial crisis of 2008 he took charge of the liquidation and sale of numerous affiliates and subsidiaries of his firm. He has led technology and financial services companies as their President and Vice Chairman including the Double Rock Corporation. He has experience and expertise in the retirement market, patent licensing and financial services.

Prior to the occurrence of the 2008 financial crisis Bruce Bent ll served as the President of The Reserve. This is one of the biggest, private, money market institutions across the globe and has the second biggest money market fund world wide. The Reserve is based out of New York, New York and has in excess of 300 employees. his guidance and leadership diversified and expanded the assets of the organization from $4 billion to $130 billion in seventeen years. The Reserve’s revenue reached $155 million during this period.

Bruce Bent ll has been quoted in publications including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. He wrote a column regarding investing in the China Press and the World Journal. His entrepreneurial ventures include intellectual property, financing, financial technologies, pharmaceuticals, asset management, healthcare, consumer goods and business consulting. He has a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and belongs to the Young Presidents’ Organization. This organization was responsible for connecting almost 10,000 business leaders from across the globe. He was a member of the President’s Advisory Council for Scenic Hudson and helped in the restoration of the Hudson River.

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Talos Energy Works Beyond Boarders

Talos Energy LLC, which began as a small startup by Tim Duncan and his partners, is using their entrepreneurial spirit to push the boundaries of oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Talos was rated by WorkplaceDynamics one of the top small businesses in the nation, because they believe in compensating all of their team members based on the success of the company. It creates an atmosphere where all of their scientists and staff feel like they have something invested in the outcome of their business, which creates a high energy environment and unmistakable results.

Recently, Talos partnered with London’s Premier Oil and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas company to break up the Petroleos Mexicanos monopoly in the Gulf of Mexico. Through this partnership, they have successfully established the first new well in Mexican waters since 1938. Analysts and scientists working on the project are optimistic about the chances for success in this area, and Mexico will benefit from competition in the area.

The well itself, known as Zama-1, is located in the Sureste Basin off of the state of Tobasco and holds between 100 and 500 million barrels of crude, according to Premier Oil. Premier is the primary investor in the project, and has dedicated $16 million to drill the well, which will take an estimated 90 days. Talos is the chief operator of the well, and commands a 35% stake in the project. Sierra Oil & Gas holds a 40% stake, while Premier holds 25%. As the first well drilled by an entity other than Petroleos Mexicanos, the project will be closely watched around the industry as Mexico continues its process of energy reform.

As Talos continues to set a standard for Houston-based companies, employees and associates are no doubt enthusiastic about the success of this new venture. Named among the top places to work in Houston every year since 2013, Talos continues to push the boundaries of the oil and gas industry by relying on the people that make the company successful.

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NuoDB is Taking Cloud Computing to the Next Level

NuoDB is one of the hottest new cloud database technologies on the market today. The technology has made a name for itself through its elastic SQL design. NuoDB’s database is completely SQL compliant and works through a distributed object architecture. Where other databases would shard when scaling out, NuoDB runs faster.

This is made possible through distributing tasks among various processors. When this happens, there is no bottleneck of data, which in turn makes things faster. Along with this, there is peer-to-peer messaging that routes tasks to nodes and this aides in speeding up the distribution as well.

NuoDB was found in 2008 as NimbusDB in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2011 the company changed their name to NuoDB and filed for a patent on the elastic database model. Since its founding the company has won several prestigious awards such as the Boston Business Journal’s Innovation All-Stars. Through its innovative technology and design, NuoDB has become a top player in the cloud computing world and it will be interesting to see the heights the company will reach in the upcoming years.

A Closer Look at the Bumble Dating App

Relationships can be exciting and the same time they can be frustrating. The tradition dating is slowly dying with time, and people are now embracing the digital way of online dating. Different sites have been providing these services to individuals who want meet their life time lovers, and live happily thereafter. There are also dating apps which are available in mobile devices and computers. Some dating apps are making general improvement so that lovers can kiss fewer frogs before meeting their prince and princes.

The mobile dating apps are known to have more than 50 million members and connecting more than 21 million matches a day. Dating apps are now implementing new features to give the dating app a positive look and make it meaningful. One of these mobile dating apps is Bumble.

Since its inception, the app has experienced a significant and responsible behavior from its female and male clients. Using Bumble has an added advantage; those users who show responsive behavior are awarded a VIBee badge that is seen on their profile. The badge enables them to turn on a VIBee mode only where they can connect with other badge holders. Another advantage is that one can easily and quickly express their interest because matches disappear within 24 hours if one is not interested. With Bumble women are in control making the dating app more feminist.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble and the co-founder of Tinder dating app. After his High School graduation, Wolfe attended South Methodist University where she majored in International Studies. Wolfe’s entrepreneur spirit began while still in college when he began selling bamboo tote bags targeting areas affected by BP oil spill.

At the age of 22 she began serving at Hatch Labs. At the organization she was involved with startups Cardify a project that was led by Sean Rad. Later Wolfe co-founded Tinder with Rad. After leaving Tinder she established Bumble which is also a mobile dating app.


Clay Siegall – Taking Seattle Genetics To New Heights Of Success In Cancer Research

The field of cancer research and developing new and effective cancer therapies needs sharp minds and support from some of the most progressive and research based biotechnology companies. And, one of the brightest examples of sharp minds is the globally respected Clay Siegall, who has done B.S in Zoology from University of Maryland and done a doctorate in Genetics (Ph.D.) from George Washington University.


The company he co-founded, Seattle Genetics in 1998, has been active in developing cancer therapies since its inception and is broadly based on innovation, extensive research and developing ADCs. It aims for the better more effective treatment of cancer patients worldwide. It is the sheer brilliance of Clay Siegall and his team of biotech experts that the company received US FDA approval for one of its ADCs, named ADCETRIS in 2011. Clay Siegall is not only a person with great scientific brilliance, which is exemplified in his achievements, including holding 15 patents and authoring over 70 publications in international medical journals, but is also a great business leader.


It is his business acumen that led Seattle Genetics to great heights, and in the Department of raising funds for company’s global expansion ventures, he single-handedly helped the organization raise funds more than $670 million, including both public and private funding. Before co-founding Seattle Genetics, Clay worked as a Senior Research Investigator with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute between 1991 and 1995. He is also on the board of directors of Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc, Washington Biotechnology, and Biomedical Association and serves as one of the members of the board of governors for the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Business Alliance.


Clay Siegall is also one of the scientific counselors on Board of Scientific Counsellors at Cancer Treatment Research Foundation and is on the editorial board of three internationally acclaimed scientific journals. In 2002, he was one of the finalists in healthcare category for Ernst and Young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year award.


He has helped Seattle Genetics become one of the global names in the cancer research and development of cancer therapies. He has helped Seattle Genetics tie up with many local and regional biotechnology companies to market its products and for the development of cancer therapies, with one of the significant collaborations that need mention is with Genetech for SGN-40.


Brian Bonar: Driving Hard Bargains

A lot is expected of financial executives in the positions they hold in a company. Their leadership strategies can make or break a company. Too bad there are very few inarguable quantifiable ways to determine an excellent executive from a typical one. Apart from the many expectations shareholders might have the executives such as monitoring the type of decisions they make, evaluate the company’s sustainable model among others, it is up to the executives to ensure the long-term success of the company in every way possible. Several factors are vital for the company’s long-term success than merely quality management. They need to have due diligence and a clear vision for the business.

Various business leaders have their effective ways of managing a business as per required and ways of creating value. Since the financial world has gone into the spotlight, financial executives have a bigger job to handle than what an outsider may perceive. In every endeavor they make, they have to make sure that they establish a reputable organization with good/ right people and ensure that the right incentive structures are put in place to propel the business forward. Competency in every aspect is vital, and financial executives should exude this.

Recently, the new CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation (ITEC) a top developer of color management software and an integrator and service organization for digital imaging hardware disclosed his plans for the company. As his way of execution and organization, Bonar has come up with the company’s new business plan that comprises of integration of its current acquisitions. Over the last twelve months, the company has transformed from a developer to a service organization. Through strategic acquisition, the company has expanded its outreach market to providing imaging products and services. He has also spotted a way to serve the company’s target markets only to mention but a few of his plans for the company.

It is imperative to add that Mr. Bonar has the compelling traits that match his roles as a financial executive who has been able to impact immediately on various companies’ performance throughout his career. Brian Bonar is also the chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation prior to serving as the vice president of Corporate Resources, a post he has served since October 2003. Bonar has extensive experience and vast knowledge in the financial world dating from James Watt Technical College where he obtained Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. Bonar has proved his unrivaled access to various company performance as well as forming opinions and supporting his insights and decisions. He has worked for TRUCEPT, IBM, and U.K for almost 17 years among other companies.

Why Qnet Is A Great Network Marketing Company

Every day many people go online searching a great way to make money at home, start a business full time or part time, and achieve financial independence. There are many ways to earn a nice income, working from any location in the world. One of the best ways to earn an income is through network marketing.

The network marketing industry is a proven business model that has been around for decades. This industry has helped countless people reach their financial goals. If you truly want to enjoy a great income and attain the success you desire, consider getting into the network marketing business.

There are many network marketing companies out there but it’s always a good idea to research and make sure you select a company that has a track record success. So, make sure you consider things like reputation of the company, their product line, training program, and compensation plan. It is advisable to choose a choose that comes highly recommended in the industry.

Some products are better than others, and some compensation plans are better than others. Also some companies have a higher reputation than others. So which network marketing company will you choose? When it comes to choosing a network marketing opportunity, Qnet is a great option.

Qnet is financially stable, well established and has a great reputation. The company offers top notch training to help its sales representatives become successful marketers and achieve financial independence.

Nobody wants to buy a poor quality or ineffective product, and your reputation will tarnish if you simply sell products and do not care about quality. Many people are smart enough to know when they are being taken advantage of. So make sure you do it right from start by choosing Qnet, a trusted network marketing company. Qnet has been doing great in the industry for many years, and has a sales team of people from all walks of life. Qnet has offices all over the world and is highly regarded in the network marketing industry.

It is important to choose a company that offers products that people like and will buy. There are network marketing companies out there promoting a wide variety of products and services but if consumers don’t like the product that is being offered to them, the company won’t become successful.

Qnet offers a vast range of some of the most desirable lifestyle products available today. People all over the word are praising the company for their top quality and fabulous service. Once you join a great company like Qnet and promote their products and business opportunity according to their instructions you will find that achieving success becomes a reality for you.

Eric Pulier Proves Software Innovations Are Profitable

ServiceMesh Software Agility Platform, has redefined what using the cloud can mean for small and large businesses. They specialize in Hybrid Cloud Management, Cloud Computing, DevOps, and Itaas. Their system integrates easily with Amazon, VMWear, Microsoft, Open Stack, and a host of others. They developed an outstanding and exciting platform, where enterprise’s can adapt their systems to become faster and more competitive in their chosen markets. The company will design an agnostic architectural plan for the enterprise that operates across the internal and external and private cloud platforms. ServiceMesh created a policy for compliance and security measures, so the information that is stored remains private and secured until it is accessed.

Enterprise’s can run a VMWear virtual computer program on your PC, and the information can be stored using the ServiceMesh platform for Hybrid Cloud. This allows you to test new operating system updates, and patches that have been developed for problems in the software, before they are uploaded to the existing computers. Accessing the It information through the external cloud to the internal cloud, eliminates the wait time for information from IT personnel. The Hybrid system is cost effective, because there’s no significant downtime. Companies have begun to see the value of using ServiceMesh as their company’s cloud computing system.

Eric Pulier has been dubbed ‘The Serial Entrepreneur’, because he has founded and co-founded fifteen companies in his short lifetime, including being a cofounder of ServiceMesh in 2008.

He was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey and became an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and an author. He earned his degree from Harvard University and graduated with the distinction of Magna cum Laude in 1988. He also studied at the prestigious MIT.

He was bitten by the tech bug when he was in the fourth grade and started to program computers. When he attended high school, he founded his first database computer company. He became so enamored with the technology of software, he co-authored a book named, Understanding Enterprise Service Orientated Architecture.

Eric has a soft spot for young people, and wanted to broaden the contact of chronically ill children, and encouraged the birth of Starbright World. The children, teenagers, and parents can chat, post content, and build friendships, using this private network.

He has a seat on the innovation board of the X-Prize Foundation and donates to The Painted Turtle and various nonprofit organizations.

Brian Bonar and the Rise of the PEO

Professional employee organizations (PEO’s) are becoming an increasingly mainstream way to help small to mid-sized companies manage their payroll and human capital costs. When a business begins a relationship with a PEO they, in essence, become co-employers of the employees. The original business continues to hire, fire, gives raises, bonuses and provide benefits. The PEO handles the administrative aspects of the human resources including cutting the paychecks, making the tax deposits, providing access to worker’s compensation and healthcare insurance, and to 401(k) retirement planning programs. This model provides high-quality human resource management to all sizes of businesses that could not cost-justify having a professional HR manager on staff, or to be able to offer quality benefits programs.

Brian Bonar saw the future of the PEO while working for Imaging Technologies Corporation (ITEC) in San Diego, CA. ITC is a company that produces and distributes various imaging products such as laser printers, plotters, copiers and the related software. Looking to expand the market share, ITEC sought to add various administrative services to its portfolio of products. While the leap from selling copiers to providing human resource management services may seem like a leap, it does provide a way to further service existing customers, while adding a new tool to attract new clients.

Bonar had a long-term record of success in the office imaging business having worked for IBM for over 17 years before working for a series of independent companies such as QMS, Rastek Corp., Adaptec, Bezier Systems, Inc. before coming to ITEC. With the acquisition of SourceOne Group, Inc a Virginia-based PEO, Bonar steered ITEC’s strategy in the employee management field in order to help their customers compete with larger companies. As their customers grew, so would sales of their tradition product lines.

Intrigued with the concept of PEO’s Bonar left ITEC to form his own PEO, Dalrada Financial also based in San Diego, CA. Dalrada provides their client’s access to the tradition menu of PEO services in addition to a robust set of insurance and retirement benefits, and tax reduction strategies and safety inspection and compliance programs. Bonar also founded the PEO Trucept, Inc., where e is the chairperson and Chief Executive Officer.

Education is an important component of Bonar’s success. As a graduate of Strathclyde University in Glasgow, the native Scot was awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Expanding his skill set led Bonar to receive an MBA and then Ph.D. in International Business Development Studies from Stafford University in England. In addition to his many years in the laser imaging and PEO fields, Bonar recently invested in two restaurants in San Diego, the Grand Cuisine at Bellamy’s and the Ranch at Bandy Canyon.

Art Collectors and Art Collected by Adam Sender

There are some pretty big players in the art world. There is Bernard and Hélène Arnault, who are thought to be worth forty one billion dollars. Bernard was the owner of the auction house-Phillips de Pury & Company-which auctioned off art work. He has a reputation for collecting art by Yves Klein, Picasso, Andy Warhol and Henry Moore. There is also Leon and Debra Black, who are worth approximately three and a half billion dollars. He is the art collector known for buying the sculpture- “Bird in Space,” by Constantin Brancusi for a record breaking price of $27 million. He is on the board of the Musuem of Modern Art. There is another art collector who is also in the same ballpark as some of these art enthusiasts, Adam Sender.

Adam Sender is a smart businessman, and what makes him smart and unique is the fact that he does well in multiple areas of business. Over thirty years ago he discovered an interest in Art that he enjoyed during his spare time. With this interest, he began buying up all kinds of framed art, with no particular artist in mind or any particular type of contemporary picture art in mind. The only thing that his art had in common was that his interest was in new artists that he thought had future potential. He started out working with a full-time expert in the art world who seemed quite knowledgeable in the type of art he liked. He has continued buying art pieces through the years and has now collected a huge collection of art that is like no one else out there.

He also became quite talented at knowing when to sell his art pieces. Nine years ago, he sold a large amount of his art and made almost twenty million dollars. Now that Adam Sender has retired from his hedge fund business- Exis Capital-he has decided to sell another large collection of his art. He has a total of four hundred pieces of art to sell and that collection is expected to bring at least seventy million dollars to Adam Sender according to Sotheby’s who will be handling the sale. This sale will be over a period of a year and a half when it is then expected to end. According to the story written on Bloomberg, some of these pieces will bring in two to three million dollars apiece. Adam Sender says these pieces averaged about one hundred thousand to one hundred fifty thousand dollars when he purchased them. There will also be a showing of some of his art collection in Miami at one of his Miami summer homes and will be organized and run by Adam Sender’s curator of his collection- Sarah Aibel, who chose seventy works of art from his collection of one thousand to be viewed by his friends and associates. The total value of all of the collection is of at least one hundred million his art. Luckily he was just as successful in the art world as he was in hedge funds. He said one of the things that helped him be successful in collecting art is that art was so much more affordable than it is now. He said currently, art is way too expensive and he never would have invested the money to acquire the collection then that he has now.