The New Mannequin Challenge

When it comes to funny internet videos there are always some viral videos that seem to make a splash from one week to the next. This is what the social media Arena has birthed.

There appears to be a growing number of these videos that are being done because people are impressed with how long people can stand still for things like the mannequin challenge. This one is something that became a big thing when the black Beatles song by Rae Sremmurd became popular.

There are so many people that have taken interest in doing the challenge that it has become seen at football and basketball games. It has been seen even on Sesame Street. There are all type of elaborate mannequin challenges out there, and these have made for some of the best funny viral videos in 2017 and 2018. More people are looking at the opportunities to be creative when it comes to doing this.

In the beginning it was just a setting and people were simply looking at the camera as they posed still while the camera slowly moves to another person. One of the latest viral videos that is a cheating mannequin challenge that has become very popular because it actually tells a story. There is a song in the background that is different from the “Black Beatles” song that has been featured in so many different viral mannequin challenge videos.

In this cheating mannequin challenge the song that is in the background is “Trapped in the Closet” by R Kelly. People that know of the song can already tell what the outcome of this challenge is going to be, but it is still fun to watch how this mannequin challenge unfolded. It has definitely become something that is getting a lot of talk around the social media circuit.

People have noticed that this is an easy way to get a viral video that leads to more followers in social media.

Olympic Athlete Goes Viral with Iron Man-Inspired Gear

On Friday, Olympic athlete Yun Sung-Bin snagged a gold medal for his impressive performance in the men’s skeleton competition. Yun beat out 29 other men for the medal, registering a final time of 3 minutes and 20.55 seconds. However, Yun’s impressive time wasn’t all that caught the audience’s attention. During his run, Yun sported a red and gold protective helmet modeled after the helmet worn by Marvel superhero Iron Man. Decked out in a sleek red speed suit, Yun channeled Tony Stark’s famous armor as he slid down the skeleton slope to victory.

Olympic watchers took to social media to celebrate Yun’s win and remark on his snazzy headgear. Onlookers commented that Yun’s position on the sled made him look like Iron Man flying. Film director Jon Favreau logged onto Twitter to praise Yun’s helmet choice. Favreau, who directed the first two Iron Man films for Marvel Studios, tweeted a picture of Yun on his sled, excitedly commenting “Iron Man on ice! #Olympics”.

Yun’s win proved to be historic. He is the first athlete outside of Europe and North America to medal in a sliding sport at the Olympics. His victory has made him a hero among both Marvel fans and residents of his home country of South Korea. In his quest for gold, Yun achieved a faster time than 29 other competitors, including teammate Kim Ji-soo and Latvian athlete Martins Dukurs, who won the silver medal in Sochi in 2014.

Yun is a native of Namhae County, South Korea and is the son of athletes. He became interested in skeleton in high school and later entered the Korea National Sport University to train more intensively. In an interview with Reuters, Yun revealed that he had to gain over 35 pounds in two weeks for the Olympics, eating a protein-heavy meal every two hours. Due to a mediocre performance in the 2014 Olympics, Yun was not a household name in South Korea, but with his latest victory he has achieved stardom in the country.

Take a Moment and Enjoy Funny Viral Animal Videos

From an animal escape, while the owner is stating escape is impossible, to a tater tot eating puppy here is a recap of some of the best funny videos that went viral in 2017. Each of these videos, while unique in their own way, made us laugh and for a moment took our mind off of our to-do list, hectic day, and work.

Animals top the list of funny viral videos. As noted in Golden Retrievers Make it All Better. For a brief moment, while we are laughing at the cute golden retriever, things are better. It takes us away from the stress of the day. 10 Funny Seconds, a You Tube, channel highlights a baby rhino escaping a caged area as the animal’s caretaker and owner states escape is impossible. The original video was shot in the Neverlands but was shared repeatedly. Millions have enjoyed this video as it went viral. Another great video is the Honking Kitty. Each time the cat opens its mouth to mew the noise of nearby traffic and honking overrides the video, making it look and sound like the cat is honking. Tiger Productions on You Tube has a great compilation of animal viral videos, including a cat playing in a toilet. It’s great! A lab dog who ate the owner’s tater tots and then tried to make amends by spitting them back out and giving them back.

Each day millions of viewers enjoy funny viral animal videos. Whether it is a dog eating paper towels and then looking so guilty it is funny or a turkey chasing a guy through a college campus, animals have a way of entertaining us and making us laugh.