Viral Trends make using the internet much funnier

The internet today not only acts as a platform for gathering information but has also become our companion. Today, without the internet, many people would barely survive. Part of the reason why people are glued to their phones for several hours is due to the funny viral trends. The internet is now a tool that is being used to spread humor to a very large audience. Every day, real-life experiences are demonstrated with funny videos, memes, funny captions and pictures.


These funny viral trends have become popular in the recent past. They are very hilarious, and some of them will leave you laughing. The information contained in memes, for instance, is conveyed in a very a sarcastic manner. The viral trends also incorporate metaphorical and irony in spreading the intended messages. In 2018, these trends are likely to go a notch higher. Internet users have created a positive perception about the funny patterns. This is because the information is spread precisely but carries a lot of meaning in it.


While the funny viral trends are used for humor purposes, they have also become marketing tools for individuals and companies. They have created opportunities through which aspiring comedians can reach out to their audiences. Big corporations have not also been left behind, content marketing is what many firms are using to establish brand awareness. The funny videos, memes and pictures have become an excellent method of letting customers know about a brand. The best thing about these funny trends is that people are willing to read them because of the humor contained in them. As such, if a company uses them, the information will reach the intended audience.


Moreover, funny trends are spread to many people within a short duration of time. They have helped in uniting people around the globe. At least, laughing or smiling about a particularly funny video or meme keeps them glued to a platform where they can share further information.


The Internet Is So Much Fun Today

Undoubtedly, the internet has evolved and will continue to do so in future. Among the main reasons why many people get excited about it are the funny viral trends such as memes. Memes contain information about a culture or an event that took place. Of late they have become trendy around the internet. They carry different types of information but most of the times; the messages are conveyed in sarcastic and hilarious ways.


Memes are very funny trends that spread very quickly around the internet. A meme can be retweeted severally and also shared across several social media platforms within a short time. Today, if an event happens, people will take to social media platforms to express how they feel about the event using memes. Examples are provided of how memes were utilized after the Sundowns and Barca game. Sundowns happened to lose to Barcelona, and people on Twitter were making funny comments and memes about this situation. The comments were very hilarious.


At least memes help to lighten the mood over the internet. The world is full of problems emanating from hate and racism. People are also going through deep issues and probably do not have any person to talk to. Reading these memes helps them to at least forget about their problems and get absorbed in a world of fun.


Apart from the memes, funny videos are also being used over the internet. Unlike in the past, today funs can be able to connect with their comedians effortlessly. The funny videos are usually short clips that can leave you smiling for quite some time. These trends are bound to continue being that many people love them. They are helping people from different parts of the world humorously connect with each other. A person can also learn the perception of different people about a particular issue. These funny viral trends have revealed that human beings share a lot when it comes to comedy.


Will Smith Met Michael Jackson and the Meeting was Hilarious

As someone that wrote rhymes for a living as a rapper no one us surprised that Will Smith is a very talented storyteller. In fact, the comedy that he used to create some of his greatest rap hits is some of the same style of comedy that he is now using to create funny viral internet videos.

The great thing about Will Smith and his videos is that he uses illustrations and a lot of stories that no one else would know aside from Will Smith. In the case of his meeting with Michael Jackson he is the only one that can really tell this story because Michael Jackson is deceased.

With both of these artists being famous during these early years of Will’s career one would have thought that they would have met one another multiple times. Will Smith clears up the confusion and admits that he has only met Michael Jackson once in his life.

It is a very funny story for all of those that have never heard it. He is talking about the way that Michael Jackson was stuck in a closet with him as a lot of commotion erupted at an awards ceremony. It was for a BET show, and Suge Knight was there.

Will has a very funny way of telling the story about how he was stuck in a closet with Michael Jackson for his own safety during the time where everything erupted at this award show with Suge Knight.

The funny thing about this story is that Will Smith is selling it in a way the only Will Smith can. The video has gone viral because it is funny to watch real do a conversation between himself and Michael Jackson. In a point in the video he is impersonating Michael and using a very interesting impersonation where he talks about the questions that Jackson asked. He mentioned the various comic book questions that he was asked by Michael Jackson.

The Modern Viral Trends That Will Dominate 2018

Whether you are a laidback consumer or a diehard tech fanatic, you can bet that you cannot wait to see what technology holds for the next minute. After the year that came with the Virtual Reality, Smart speaker and release of different phone and tablet versions, it is time to know what 2018 will be unfolding when it comes to technology. The key concern is how people can use the current technology trends to connect and communicate with people and expand our businesses. Everyone knows that technology can change the way people live and interact in this world.

AI permeation is one of the trends that have hit the market in 2018. Manifesting your time to understand various learning algorithms is not only getting better, more funding or more complicated, but this element has been incorporated into a diversified range of applications. AI is now featuring on many apps and devices, and this trend is seemingly increasing. That is a technology that is in the industry to stay.

Digital centralization is still taking its due course and getting more roots in the industry. With consumers seeking to understand a convenient way of managing everything forms a single or few devices, developers are coming up with the most efficient ways to solve this rising technology issue. The rise of smart speakers is a significant step, but 2018 will feature the growth of a significantly better innovation.

It is possible that we might be expecting a 5G internet this year or by the end of 2019. This kind of network has the potential to serve consumers ten times better than the 4G provision. The G provision will also feature new ways of internet usage and give consumers more reasons to use the internet. The concept of data overloading is also a significant technology that is expected to hit the market with a massive impact in 2018. The new technology will feature more personalized ads, reduced privacy, and incredible outcomes too.

The Funny Viral Video Craze

Funny viral videos have become a great pastime for all of those that have nothing to do when they are bored. One thing that is certain when it comes to viral videos is that people can always find some type of funny viral video of a cat or dog doing something hilarious. The same thing goes for funny viral videos that involve babies. These tend to be the bread and butter videos that often go on television shows like America’s Funniest Videos.

There are some videos, however, that go viral because these videos are duplicated by people that have embraced a trend.
This is exactly what has happened with the mannequin challenge types of video. These are videos where an array of people are standing still in different positions while a slow motion camera movement is made across a wave of people standing as stiff as a mannequin.

The thing that has made these videos so popular is the celebrities that have tapped into this type of video fun. It is obviously something that becomes even better when a larger crowd is present. This is why you often see these videos in big settings where there is a crowd for something like a family reunion or a birthday party. The mannequin challenge has also been duplicated in larger arenas for things like football games because it takes so much for a large crowd to stand still.

Ironically, everyone in the mannequin challenge does not have to be still at the same time. They only have to be in a place where they are motionless when the camera is on them. More people are getting into the mannequin challenge because it is fun and it brings forth a whole lot of excitement for those that may have just been bored. It is a viral video concept that has lasted longer than most people would have assumed. People assumed this would be a fad, but it’s still popular.

Viral Videos that Turn Into Shows

Superman vs. Superman is a viral video that has grown with millions of viewers. People appear to be big fans of this funny series of videos that presents a black and Hispanic Superman. This is not an amateur video. To the contrary, this is more of a skit that is scripted. This is something people are entertained by, and that form of entertainment can work wonders when it comes to transitioning into some other form of entertainment. This is what happened when people started to look at the “Dear White People” videos.

There are a lot viral videos out there, but there honestly and truly are very few that have the ability to take off in the way that a viral video like “Dear White People” took off. There became a series of videos that stem from a book of the same name that was created. This book would turn into multiple videos. The videos would lead to a movie. The movie would lead to Neflix series. Few people may have assumed that the world of viral videos could lead to this type of success, but it did. It shows a lot of people that your creativity can be rewarded in a big way if you continue to build an audience.

It is this type demand for these videos that sparks a lot of people to do this. There are viral video comedians like Jasmine Luv that are known for funny videos. This is something that people are going to take a look at if these are high quality videos. These types of trends in funny videos have caused a lot of people to comb the Internet in service of the newest talents. It becomes easier to find talent when you have access to so many videos that have been referenced by friends. People that want to become entertainers can do it on their own with videos if it’s funny enough to go viral.

Viral Videos Continue to Evolve

When people get bored on social media one thing that they can always find is viral videos. This concept has become so popular that many people are downloading apps like Buzz Feed Video.

The most popular viral videos contain kids because they are so natural. It is hard to believe that some of the other videos where adults are involved are real, but people that are watching viral videos always know that they are getting something authentic when a baby does something through a video.

In many cases people do not even realize that they are being recorded at times for certain viral video. They may assume that it is something that is being done for fun and it becomes a big hit because they do not realize they are being recorded.

The viral video craze is something that people often get caught up with because it allows them to get a laugh even when they may be feeling down. Psychologists may even say that this is something that can boost a video watcher’s mood when they are not feeling the best. This is possible because it often shows people that are in a state of failure.

It may be something funny, but it also may be something like an embarrassing moment, and this makes people that have had embarrassing moments much more accepting of their own failures. Funny viral videos are something that will continue to remain big with social media users for this reason. It becomes something that people can relate to.

The viral videos that are happening right now are easily popular with a crowd that has access to tablets and phones with unlimited data plans. This is a large part of why these videos become so successful. These videos that get millions of views are swept away as something else takes the place of these videos in upcoming days. A viral video is hot for a moment, but something else will eventually come along.

The New Mannequin Challenge

When it comes to funny internet videos there are always some viral videos that seem to make a splash from one week to the next. This is what the social media Arena has birthed.

There appears to be a growing number of these videos that are being done because people are impressed with how long people can stand still for things like the mannequin challenge. This one is something that became a big thing when the black Beatles song by Rae Sremmurd became popular.

There are so many people that have taken interest in doing the challenge that it has become seen at football and basketball games. It has been seen even on Sesame Street. There are all type of elaborate mannequin challenges out there, and these have made for some of the best funny viral videos in 2017 and 2018. More people are looking at the opportunities to be creative when it comes to doing this.

In the beginning it was just a setting and people were simply looking at the camera as they posed still while the camera slowly moves to another person. One of the latest viral videos that is a cheating mannequin challenge that has become very popular because it actually tells a story. There is a song in the background that is different from the “Black Beatles” song that has been featured in so many different viral mannequin challenge videos.

In this cheating mannequin challenge the song that is in the background is “Trapped in the Closet” by R Kelly. People that know of the song can already tell what the outcome of this challenge is going to be, but it is still fun to watch how this mannequin challenge unfolded. It has definitely become something that is getting a lot of talk around the social media circuit.

People have noticed that this is an easy way to get a viral video that leads to more followers in social media.

Homemade Pizza Is Now Made Easier

The fun of eating pizza is the wait for the pizza delivery person. It is all about the craving build up. Many people also enjoy pizza hot from their very own oven, whether home made, or from the grocery store freezer case. What ever the method of acquiring it, pizza is one of America’s all time favorite choices for snacks, parties, sports events, and children. A new trend is developing in the quest for the perfect home made pizza. People are susceptible to any new gadget that ends up on the internet, and you tube. The latest is a pizza box oven.

This appliance is shaped like a pizza box, with all of the trimmings. It is an oven inside, with components that are designed to fit the round pizza. It sits on the counter top, and cooks the pizza in fifteen minutes. This may be good if you have extra money to spend on something that can be done by your regular oven. Creators of these gadgets prey on the vulnerability of people who are looking for bargains, and a faster way of doing things. There is nothing super fantastic about the pizza box oven, it’s just something different. Your text to link…

This product will appeal to a host of people who like to order things online, or those who are addicted to trying new things. It will be a novelty item for a while, then it may end up in the garage, or the top shelf of a closet once the curiosity wanes. Of course, this product could be a you tube marvel. It has the potential to grab consumers, and entice them to buy it. The pizza box oven does have its perks. It eliminates the wait for pizza delivery, and the cravings for pizza late at night. In twenty minutes, you could have fresh baked pizza, and this includes preparation time.

The new pizza box oven has appeared on the Kitchen Gadget Test show, and retails for $45.00. This is not a bad price for someone who loves home made pizza, and wants to show off for their friends.

The Rising Topic of Anti-aging and What we Know so Far

In the past few years, a trending topic around the world has been anti-aging. The research in the field is growing, and more and more businesses and investors are continuing to such research.

While the anti-aging research is still in its infancy, there are a number of things that a person can do to combat the sign of aging. Most of these things are preventative as that is the best that science can offer for now. Many factors impact the way we age. Genetics play a huge part in that, and it cannot be changed. At the same time, variables such as diet and exercise, as well as other lifestyle choices have an impact on aging as well, and those can be helped.

According to research, antioxidants are good for the body as they find free radicals while food rich in saturated fats, complex carbs, as well as added sugar and salt can slow down the metabolism which is linked to aging faster and less gracefully. Diet affects the human organism every single day, and that makes it one of the most crucial aspects of our lives to think about and improve.

An active lifestyle also fights the symptoms of aging. A stronger body and better blood flow prevents headaches, muscle atrophy and affects the mood of a person. Exercise has a strong correlation to longevity and being less prone to illness. Cardio exercise lowers chances of cardiovascular diseases and exercising the joins prevents arthritis which is a symptom of aging that affects most of the population.

For topical prevention of aging symptoms, sunscreen is highly recommended as UV damage is the main cause of sagging skin and hyperpigmentation that develops through the years. Applying cosmetic acids and products rich in antioxidants as well as adding moisture to the skin through oils can greatly improve the longevity, elasticity, and the overall health of the skin. That is why a focused skincare routine is recommended for both men and women.