Sad Bear Needs a Bear Hug

What’s the best medicine for a sick bear? Well, aside from actual medicine, a big ol’ bear hug.


Jimbo, a 1400-pound 24-year-old Kodiak bear, wasn’t feeling too great. As a result, his caretaker had to take him to the vet for a checkup. Needless to say, this only made him feel much worse, becoming grumpy and agitated for the rest of the day.


Wanting to help, his caretaker Jim Kowalczik came to the rescue. While many would fear a disgruntled 10 foot tall bear, he was undeterred. In a video of the two, Jim is seen hugging Jimbo around the neck and petting him, sitting down beside him to let the bear lick and chew his ungloved hand until he feels better. The video quickly went viral, accruing nearly 2 million views in less than two weeks.


Jim and Jimbo grew to trust each other over many years. Jimbo, born in captivity in a now-defunct California zoo, can never be released into the wild. Because of this, Jim and his wife Susan adopted him as a cub and have been raising him as a member of the family ever since.


Together, the couple founded the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York. They rehabilitate and care for wild animals that have been injured or abandoned. At present, 11 bears live on the property including Jimbo, with several smaller animals they hope to release back into the wild some day. The bears, however, cannot be released for various reasons and will continue to live there or be moved to different sanctuaries as they grow older.


Jimbo, however, will always remain a part of the Kowalczik family, living out the rest of his days with them at the Center.

Video Of Strangers Helping An Elderly Person Goes Viral

A social experiment done in New Zealand has gone viral. It has gone viral for all the right reasons and has a very positive message. No, it won’t make you laugh, but it will make you have faith in the kindness of people helping strangers in need. Here is a more in-depth description of this New Zealand social experiment that was sponsored by a local New Zealand bank called Co-op Bank.


An elderly man was sent to a grocery store in New Zealand. The man got some groceries that totaled about $23 in New Zealand currency. When he is asked to pay for his groceries, the man finds out he is $2 short. He then proceeds to remove some items from his grocery bag.


During the course of the social experiment, four different onlookers stepped up and paid for the difference in groceries. It was a truly touching and inspiring moment. They did not know the man, but they decided to help him out financially. It is these kinds of acts that make us have faith in one another.


The shoppers who helped the elderly man pay for his groceries later got a little gift of their own. Co-op Bank in New Zealand had sponsored this social experiment. Every person who helped the old man, had their groceries for the day fully covered courtesy of Co-op Bank. This proves that helping others is not only the right thing to do but it can have quite a lot of benefits as well!


The viral video has gotten more than 13 million views on YouTube alone. Not only is this viral video is not only touching and inspiring, but it also reinforces a stereotype that Kiwis or New Zealanders have. They are said to be some of the most generous and caring people in the world. Judging by the actions of the Kiwis in the video, we must say that this stereotype is no doubt true when it comes to kindness.

New Anchor’s Satirical Makeup Tutorials Go Viral

When Bob Herzog decided to use his downtime in the studio of WKRC-TV’s Good Morning Cincinnati to record silly makeup tutorials, he had no idea that they would catch on so quickly. As part of Herzog’s humorously named “Wake Up and Makeup!” series, he demonstrates to viewers how to properly apply foundation, concealer and other beauty products.

Herzog’s latest makeup tutorial has gained over 10,000 views on Twitter since it was posted on February 8. The Today Show even aired clips of the hilarious video on Friday. During the video, the hyperactive anchor shares hilarious beauty tips with his followers and regales viewers with jokes about Bob Ross. Declaring himself a “violent blender”, Herzog completes his new look by adding on bronzer and powder.

As a frequent performer at the Children’s Theater of Cincinatti, Herzog is no stranger to the complications of makeup. He has played some of the theater’s most fabulously costumed characters, from Captain Hook to the genie from Aladdin. Herzog’s humorous style has become something of a local institution since he became a reporter for WKRC-TV in 2005. A graduate of Northern Kentucky University, Herzog originally worked as an attorney, but found himself pulled into the world of broadcasting when he got a job at WSTR-TV in Cincinnati.

Herzog’s on-air antics have already earned him attention on social media. While he was serving as a traffic reporter for Good Morning Cincinnati, Herzog’s weekly “Dance Friday Party” videos went viral. Herzog dressed up as Elton John, performing a traffic-themed version of “Rocket Man”, and staged a parody version of “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. In 2014, his humorous adaptation of “Let it Go” from Frozen warning commuters to stay at home during icy weather earned over 2.7 million views on YouTube.

“Pigzilla” Spotted in Hong Kong Becomes Internet Darling

Schoolchildren in Hong Kong had a surprise visitor earlier in the week, as a giant wild boar and three piglets came to one local school in search of food from the dumpster out back.

The beast was dubbed “Pigzilla” by internet commentors, an obvious reference to the iconic Japanese movie monster known for its enormous size. As one would expect, the animal became wildly popular in a short amount of time for how big it was, one person humorously suggesting it be invited to the Westminster Dog Show.

In a video recorded by one person named Tu Dongdong and posted to Facebook, the lead pig can be standing on its hind legs and rooting around inside the dumpster. The three piglets are off to the side, seemingly waiting for the leader to drop them something to eat.

In the mountains of Hong Kong, it’s not uncommon for people to see wild boar like this roaming free. They will occasionally wander into the city to look for food as these four seem to have done. While nothing has been confirmed from the brief video footage, they were likely a mother and her four children hoping to find something to eat behind the school, though whether or not they succeeded remains a mystery due to the short length of the video.

As with any wild animal, people should not approach wild boars like these for any reason unless they are a trained animal control professional. Pigs like these can grow to be upwards of 450 lbs with sharp tusks for ramming, easily impaling humans during a charge without a second thought.

The current whereabouts of Pigzilla or the piglets has not been confirmed, nor has the school and attached dumpster been identified at this point in time.

Olympic Athlete Goes Viral with Iron Man-Inspired Gear

On Friday, Olympic athlete Yun Sung-Bin snagged a gold medal for his impressive performance in the men’s skeleton competition. Yun beat out 29 other men for the medal, registering a final time of 3 minutes and 20.55 seconds. However, Yun’s impressive time wasn’t all that caught the audience’s attention. During his run, Yun sported a red and gold protective helmet modeled after the helmet worn by Marvel superhero Iron Man. Decked out in a sleek red speed suit, Yun channeled Tony Stark’s famous armor as he slid down the skeleton slope to victory.

Olympic watchers took to social media to celebrate Yun’s win and remark on his snazzy headgear. Onlookers commented that Yun’s position on the sled made him look like Iron Man flying. Film director Jon Favreau logged onto Twitter to praise Yun’s helmet choice. Favreau, who directed the first two Iron Man films for Marvel Studios, tweeted a picture of Yun on his sled, excitedly commenting “Iron Man on ice! #Olympics”.

Yun’s win proved to be historic. He is the first athlete outside of Europe and North America to medal in a sliding sport at the Olympics. His victory has made him a hero among both Marvel fans and residents of his home country of South Korea. In his quest for gold, Yun achieved a faster time than 29 other competitors, including teammate Kim Ji-soo and Latvian athlete Martins Dukurs, who won the silver medal in Sochi in 2014.

Yun is a native of Namhae County, South Korea and is the son of athletes. He became interested in skeleton in high school and later entered the Korea National Sport University to train more intensively. In an interview with Reuters, Yun revealed that he had to gain over 35 pounds in two weeks for the Olympics, eating a protein-heavy meal every two hours. Due to a mediocre performance in the 2014 Olympics, Yun was not a household name in South Korea, but with his latest victory he has achieved stardom in the country.

Tide Partners with David Harbour and the Internet Loved It

The laundry detergent company Tide has had a bit of a problem recently that was out of their control. The infamous and dangerous Tide Pod challenge had people trying to eat what are non-consumable detergent pods. Tide wanted to present their company in a positive light and had a plan to accomplish this by working with actor David Harbour. David Harbour is one of the stars of Netflix’s critically acclaimed series Stranger Things.

Word began to spread quickly around social media about how hilarious and innovative Tide’s Super Bowl ad campaign truly was. The commercial spots began to air as a single ad in which the star plays the role of a father in a seemingly normal laundry detergent advertisement. The commercial took a strange turn as Harbour began to wonder what would happen if every advertisement was one for the Tide company?

As the Super Bowl progressed, viewers would see other ads with Harbour jumping in and announcing the now-famous catchphrase “it’s a Tide ad”! The advertisements were so well made that it was nearly impossible for viewers to begin distinguishing what was and wasn’t an advertisement for the Tide company.

Those who were watching the Super Bowl while skipping the commercials missed on many treats throughout the night. However, you’ll still be able to view these commercials as their popularity took off massively throughout the internet. One of Harbour’s clips on Tide’s official YouTube account has nearly 5 million views alone. In addition, there is a cut available that presents all of the ingenious ads into one single video that was also recently posted by Tide.

To summarize, one of the most recent funny and viral internet stories is all about David Harbour’s hilarious ads with the Tide company that aired during the Super Bowl. Fans of both Harbour and will be happy to know that Newsweek reports that the new season of Stranger Things will begin filming in Spring 2018.

Daddy Yankee Song Goes Viral

Following on the heels of his ubiquitous hit “Despacito”, Daddy Yankee has scored another viral sensation with his latest hit “Dura”. The reggaeton song was released on January 18 and spread like wildfire across social media.

The original music video, featuring colorful graffiti and a shiny classic car, currently has over 200 million views on YouTube. The catchy song has been parodied by multiple people, including Puerto Rican comedian Gaby Alicea, who used the tune to criticize PREPA, Puerto Rico’s government-owned power company.

After Daddy Yankee encouraged his fans to post their own videos dancing to “Dura”, the #DuraChallenge hashtag went viral on social media. One of the most popular versions was a clip of a 90-year-old woman named Rachel grooving to “Dura” during her dance class in Miami. Posted on Instagram by Rachel’s dance instructor, the video soon earned over 300,000 views, and Daddy Yankee himself sent Rachel a thank-you video.

Not to be left out, Puerto Rican beauty queen Zuleyka Rivera, who appeared in the official music video for “Despacito”, recorded her own Instagram video dancing in front of a mirror. Sporting a long ponytail and a black sports bra, the former Miss Universe garnered over 3 million views for her Instagram clip. The “Dura” craze even affected a mother-to-be. Waiting at the hospital for her baby to come, a woman decided to take the “Dura” challenge to speed up the process. She and her husband recorded a video dancing to “Dura” and the exercise helped induce labor. Daddy Yankee posted the couple’s video on Instagram where it quickly received over 4 million views.

The “Dura” challenge has even spread to El Salvador, where television presenter Andrea Mariona recorded her own video dancing to the popular tune. The video has racked up more than 2 million views on Instagram. A Puerto Rico dentist even danced his own version of the song in his white lab coat, earning attention on Twitter for his in-office antics.

The Internet Loves The Outfit Of A South Korean Olympian

South Korean Yun Sung-Bin did not expect to become famous for what he was wearing at the Olympics. He hoped to be famous just for his performance at the Games. However, it is the outfit of this Skelton competitor that has the Internet abuzz says

When Sung-Bin took to the Olympic stage and did his runs in the Skelton competition, he was wearing a red athletic suit with a red helmet that had some gold on it as well. When the pictures of this were released, the Internet started to remark on how much he looked like Ironman in that suit. If you look at it from a certain perspective it does kind of make sense.

Those who are fans of Ironman are sure to like the fact that this has been able to creep into the culture of the Olympics this time around. It is something that is pretty interesting and funny all at the same time. We can all have a good chuckle at the fact that this turned out how it did. It is one of those nice things that does not have to be controversial or cause any outrage. We can all just have a laugh at the wardrobe choice of someone who clearly has amazing athletic talents and is of a high enough quality as a performer to even be considered Olympic material.

Look for the picture to show up on your news feed in the near future. People are sharing this one like crazy. They want to make sure that everyone knows that there was someone who looked like Ironman as he went through the Skelton routine. In all likelihood, the competitor himself did not even make the connection between his suit and the superhero Ironman.

Olympian Chloe Kim steals America’s hearts

Meet a new Olympic social-media star: Chloe Kim.
The 17-year-old snowboarder won a gold medal for her efforts in the halfpipe. She is yet another in a long line of teen athletes to rule the Olympics for the United States. Aside from soon getting rich from endorsement deals, Kim showed she can have fun by becoming a Twitter darling during her performance.
She was active on Twitter while other snowboarders were competing, Forbes reported. She’ll long be remembered for her food tweets as much as her near-perfect score on a celebratory final run.
Kim tweeted about eating two churros while she was getting a case of nerves. She also noted how she “could be down for some ice cream.” Her third viral tweet mentioned how she didn’t finish breakfast and was feeling “hangry.”
She appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” the morning after her win. She was treated to a combination of breakfast sandwich, ice cream and churros. She noted the combination wasn’t altogether appealing.
Forbes noted how Kim’s life is going to change as the new face of the sport. Shaun White, who also won as a teenager, competed in what might have been his final Olympics this year. Kim is the future and at 17, she is in line to compete in at least three more Olympics should she want to dominate.
Social media has put Kim on the map even more. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have allowed athletes to connect with rabid fanbases.
Kim rose from 15,000 Twitter followers to more than 230,000 after her antics, Forbes reported. These numbers will only grow and Kim can expect to have earnings in the millions in her early 20s, when major companies look to make her the fresh face of their products.
Kim is just getting started and the 2022 Olympics are ready for more social media gold.

Clumsy Man Causes Thousands Of Dollars Of Damage In Store

You have probably seen a comedy skit or movie scene where a clumsy individual accidentally causes massive amounts of damage to a store or some other kind of business. Think this is all TV and that it cannot happen in real life? Such an event actually occurred at an electronics store in England called HBH Woolacotts.

The scene went out like this. A young man walked into a store and was browsing various electronic goods. He then went to check out some large flat screen TVs that were on display. He crouched down to take a closer look at one of the TVs, and he accidentally sent one of the screens tumbling.

The screen that he hit over then knocked the other screen behind it. So that is a total of two TV screens damaged so far. As the two TVs fell onto the floor, the man was taken aback and took a sudden step back. This caused him to collide with two more TVs that were directly behind him. So in a few seconds, this young man managed to damage four TVs and create almost $6,000 worth of damage.

Now $6,000 is no small amount of money, especially for a small business. No information has been released on whether the customer has paid for any of the damages they had inflicted, albeit accidentally. The store manager said that the TVs have been sent for repair.

Video of the clumsy customer was posted online and it went viral. Not only is it funny, but it teaches you a lesson. You need to be careful in an electronics store or any other store for that matter. It is important to respect other people’s property and goods. If you are a clumsy person yourself, then let the video be a warning to you to watch your step as you may be the next viral sensation yourself.