Social media rains fame and fortune for two-year-old twins

When Katie Stauffer, first posted a conversation between her two-year-old twin daughters, she probably never thought that it would turn her world dramatically.

It was simply a case of innocent child conversation leading into a sequence of events that finally placed fame and fortune on them and their family.

The video conversation recorded by their 14-year-old sister Kaitlin in summer has been viewed over 4 million times, catching the eye of marketers and big corporations among them Walmart, Rental Car, Amazon and Macy’s.

The twin sisters, Mila and Emma, are basically fantasizing about what they would like to be when they grow up.

At first, they seem to be going through the possibility of one making a good teacher while the other one would be a doctor. Emma says that she would like to be a teacher, but Mila quickly reminds her that she hates kids, to which she reluctantly agrees. With a good measure of humor, the kids go through a series of other possible careers including an engineer, an actress, and even a builder, each time carefully highlighting the pros and cons of each profession.

Looking at the global reaction to this video, several things come to mind. Children exposure and the negative and positive possibilities it presents them in life is one of them. Agreeably, these kids from Phoenix have a world that is well open for them to learn of what the world out there holds. At the thought of making a career as builders, Emma says to her sister that it would be “too sweaty for us.”

Such enlightenment on two-year-olds does not always make it to the big screen but the kids are now well on their way to it as several contracts are placed under their parent’s choices lists.

Declining to reveal how much the deals have amounted to, Stauffer said that they have been very lucrative. She has since left her job as an escrow worker to engage in her new task handling the twins.

Newest Viral Sensation Involves a Naked Japanese Guy, An Electric Fan, a Table Cloth and a Tea Cup

If you’ve been sleeping under a rock or lost in the forest for an extended period of time, you may not have heard about the newest viral sensation to hit the internet. Or maybe you seem to recall mentions of that naked Japanese guy and a table cloth around the office, but you just haven’t gotten around to checking it out. Well, whatever the reason, it’s time to bring you up to date because this guy is simply too great not to see for yourself.

Kazuhisa Uekusa is a comedian from Japan’s Saitama Prefecture. At 29 years old, this innovative fellow has found himself to be the latest global sensation due to his rather unique talent. We’ve all seen versions of the table cloth trick in which someone yanks a cloth off a table so swiftly that it doesn’t disturb the place settings of fine china, glassware and silver. Well, Uekusa takes this classic bit to a new level by using his naked body as the surface upon which strategically placed cups and saucers are set.

His videos began circulating on Twitter just recently after he posted one he had leftover from a series of television show performances. Hating to see the clip go to waste, he stuck it up online and was then surprised to see how popular his parlor trick was becoming. His latest version involves the cloth being wrapped up in an electric table fan so that when it unravels, it is pulled from beneath the cups without causing them to crash to the floor.

Pretty amazing, huh? While it may be a bit risque and more than a little bizarre, this viral sensation is also simply too amazing not to see.

Mickey Mouse Goes Viral in 2017

Who knew that an old-school face would be relevant in 2017?


The face in question belongs to Mickey Mouse, and its origin is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, an animated children’s show that got its start more than a decade ago. Once an episode, Mickey and his friends picked up “mousketools” that helped them solve puzzles or complete adventures together.


It was common for Mickey to explain this action to the audience by whispering to the camera with a hand over his mouth. He would said, “It’s a surprise tool that will help us later.”


Unsurprisingly, the Internet has turned this into a meme.


“It’s a surprise tool that will help us later” has become the punchline to everything from political hashtags to historical jokes. For example, one post on Twitter created this hypothetical exchange between Brutus and Caesar:


Brutus: Let’s go to the Senate.

Caesar: Wait, what’s that knife?

Brutus: It’s a surprise tool that will help us later.


Memes have become a common way to spread jokes, ideas and personal beliefs, but in the ever-changing landscape of the web, only some memes catch fire while others sizzle into nothing. The Mickey Mouse meme seems to have gained traction very quickly, so it’s probably here to stay.


The origins of the Mickey Mouse meme are unclear. Some say that it originated on Reddit, a popular hub for memes, while others think that it might have spawned on Twitter.


An interesting thing to note about the Mickey Mouse meme is that it’s often used in dark and unexpected ways that belie the innocence of the original cartoon. For example, the Caesar and Brutus exchange would have ended with Caesar’s assassination by Brutus. For this reason, it’s sometimes called a “dank” meme where creators purposefully try to make their works as ironic as possible.


Regardless of the exact jokes being made with it, the Mickey Mouse meme is spreading throughout social media like a firestorm. Expect it to hit your local platform sometime soon.


Watermelons, Temporary Tattoos, and Nipples Round Out This Week’s Viral Beauty Trends

Recently, fidget spinner nail art took the internet beauty world by storm. Now this week, we’ve got even more trends coming into the forefront and finally replacing those fidget spinners in the limelight. We’re looking at watermelon make-up, temporary tattoos, and nipple nail art (yes, you read that correctly).


Watermelon has seen its time in the sun previously, with watermelon face masks becoming all the rage just a couple weeks ago. It become such a raging phenomenon that the beauty e-tailer Glow Recipe has sold out of them twice and has no idea when they’ll be restocked. So, while they were waiting, some clever internet beauty trendsetters decided to come out with watermelon make-up. Watermelon eyeshadow and watermelon-decorated lips are among the standouts.


Temporary tattoos, all the rage with children, have now entered the adult world as a make-up of sorts. Temporary tattoos are being used to add clever designs to the face, like a rose tattoo cleverly placed above the eye or a diamond tattoo on the lips.


Finally, nipple nail art has become a thing. This is quite ridiculous to be certain, and that’s probably exactly why it became such a phenomenon in the first place. Famous manicurist Mei Kawajiri posted these nipple-styled nails to her Instagram and caused a huge buzz.


Each nail has a different tone, and some of them are even pierced. It has also caused a resurgence of popular hashtag #freethenipple. Some critics, however, have said that these nails are tacky and classless. Regardless, there have been copycats galore, and Mei has certainly gotten a lot of attention for the stunt.


Internet fashion is a strange and exciting world, and who knows what the next trend will be? Maybe we’ll see more food trends next week.