Bandit Raccon Caught On Camera

Want to see and read about a hilarious story and video? Then check out this footage and brief report at the HuffPost. A college student at Bellarmine University located in Kentucky had quite the encounter with a raccoon. Many people conflate raccoons markings as being similar to the stereotypical bandit wearing a robber’s mask.

A student, whose name is Guy saw a raccoon and decided to snap a video of him. To get up close to the creature, Guy said he threw acorns to the animal. The raccoon feasted on the acorns for a while but then got bored.

As Guy Williams was filming the raccoon up close, Stanley dashed for the camera that was recording him and swiped it from Guy! Stanley was the nickname the college student had given the raccoon that he was filming and feeding. What is truly hilarious about this viral video is that the camera was on the entire time.

The phone camera was on while Stanley the Racoon phone thief had it in his possession. You can say that the entire robbery was caught on camera and that authorities had all the evidence they need to determine who stole Guy William’s phone! The story has a happy ending. The phone thief raccoon eventually dropped the phone. Guy managed to locate the phone by dialing his number and heading towards the sound.

The college student insists that there was no harm done to the raccoon during the search for the stolen phone. At one point, the student thought about reporting the incident to college security but decided against it. The viral video of the phone heist by Stanley the Racoon had gotten almost 7 million views on YouTube. There were also hundreds of thousands of tweets about this incident. Stanley the Racoon is now somewhat of a legendary figure at the college. I also think that Guy and Stanley have bonded even more after the event.

Grumpy Cat Wins Copyright Lawsuit

The Internet’s most popular cat celebrity has emerged triumphant in a copyright infringement lawsuit. On Monday, jurors ordered beverage company Grenade Beverage to pay Grumpy Cat’s owner $710,000 in damages for using Grumpy Cat’s image without permission.

Tabatha Bundesen is the owner of Grumpy Cat and her associated company Grumpy Cat Limited. Born in 2012, Tardar Sauce quickly shot to fame after Bundeson’s brother posted her picture on Reddit. Dubbed Grumpy Cat for her uniquely grouchy expression, the cat quickly became an Internet sensation, featuring in multiple online memes and making guest appearances on Good Morning America and American Idol. Grumpy Cat even starred in her own Lifetime movie and became a spokescat for Friskies pet food. Such was the cat’s commercial success that Bundeson was able to leave her waitress job to manage her cat full time.

Grumpy Cat’s distinctive likeness has appeared on everything from coffee mugs to tote bags. Due to the popularity of her visage, Grumpy Cat Limited has been hard-pressed to keep up with unlicensed merchandise. However, the lawsuit in question actually began as a legitimate deal between Grumpy Cat Limited and Grenade Beverage, a Santa Ana-based drinks company owned by Paul Sandford.

Sandford licensed Grumpy Cat’s image to use on his line of Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino iced coffee drinks, paying $150,000 for the privilege. However, without consulting Bundesen, he quickly added additional Grumpy Cat products to his arsenal, including a Grumpy Cat t-shirt and Grump Cat coffee. In 2015, Grumpy Cat Limited sued the beverage company for breach of contract and Sandford countersued them for $12 million, claiming that they had not properly promoted the Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino.

The trial was presided over by Judge David O. Carter; during the week-long trial, Grumpy Cat made a brief court appearance. After deliberating, the jury awarded $710,000 to Grumpy Cat Limited for infringement. Grenade Beverage was also ordered to pay the company $1 for breach of contract.

The Fabulous Cheesebomb Burger

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Recently, did an article about the Cheesebomb Burger. The Cheesebomb burger is an delicious burger that has become wildly popular in London. This burger has a video that went completely viral in December; it is a burger that offers the restaurant’s guest something that they have never seen before with a burger. It is a burger that has a fabulous cheese sauce.

How The Cheesebomb Burger Is Created
The Cheesebomb Burger starts off like a regular bacon cheeseburger; the burger is grilled medium well, and after it is grilled, then bacon is placed on top of it with onions. All of the ingredients come together for a mouth watering combination. Next, the burger, bacon, and onions are put onto a bed of lettuce and enclosed with a hot bun. The burger is next served to the guests. The unique element of the burger comes with the cheese. Each guest is served a mason jar full of warm cheese. The cheese is poured over the burger, and the burger is eaten when it is sticky and delicious.

Why We Love Our Burger
The hamburger has been around for many years, and it has evolved and grown with time. This Cheesebomb Burger offers guest an innovative and funny way to enjoy a cheeseburger. Instead of the cheese going inside of the burger, it is melted on the top; making this burger a messy glob of greatness. We love burgers because they are more than a sandwich; they give us comfort and enjoyment. A burger can be enjoyed in a fast food restaurant, or it can be ordered at the most eloquent dining table. Since the burger is so versatile, it is a sandwich that will always be evolving and growing.

Armie Hammer Is Winning the Internet with Tracksuits

It was one of the most iconic films of 2017, which was why it was honored with several Academy Award nominations. Call Me By Your Name, which stars Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer, has been seen as a transcendent picture that celebrates unconventional love. Set in Italy, it immediately won the hearts of many who appreciated the flick’s romantic landmarks and charismatic characters. Although Chalamet was nominated for Best Male Actor in a Leading Role, Hammer failed to nab the nom for Best Supporting. However, based upon the star’s recent, very viral street fashion, this snub hasn’t thrown him for a loop. If anything, it’s improved his fashion sense.

Fittingly, Hammer’s love affair with a certain kind of Adidas tracksuit began at an airport in Europe—where most people who wear Adidas tracksuits can be seen. He was photographed with his co-star and director, and the happy snap was captioned “Mafiosos in Transit”. He loved the tracksuit so much that he continued to wear it during a trip at the museum. And then, for his next post, Hammer popped up in a bright red Adidas tracksuit in exactly the same style. Fans were surprised to see that Hammer posted two pics of himself in the cherry red stunner—one on the plane and the other in a phone booth.

In Hammer’s most recent tracksuit posting, a friend of his appears to have caught the tracksuit bug. While Hammer poses in an olive suit, his friend sports a darker hue. Hammer captioned the post with the hashtag #tracksuitnation, leading one to wonder if maybe the six-foot-five movie star has sparked a big trend.

Coffee Selfies On the Rise

In the current age of information, where social media and tech reign supreme, our food and beverages should not only taste great, but look great in photos for your followers on social media as well. In this context, it was only a matter of time before tech-savvy millennials combined two of their favorite pastimes, selfies and coffee. The days of being impressed by your local barista drawing a stick figure into your coffee foam are over. Coffee shops across the globe are now increasingly implementing specialized ink jet printers that are able to post your selfie, or any other image onto your favorite coffee drink.

One of the pioneers of the growing coffee selfie trend is Eddy Chan, business director of Selfie Coffee shop in Hong Kong. Chan declares, “the technology is not new” as he explains how the coffee printing process originated from bakeries using custom printers to prints images onto cakes using colored vegetable oils, chocolate and other edible liquids. The system works best with foamy coffee drinks like lattes of cappuccinos due the fact the foam acts as a canvas and is able to hold the ink infinitely better than liquid coffee alone.

For more of Coffee Selfies check out this article

Add the Tea Terrace in London to the growing list of coffee shops looking to capitalize on the coffee selfie trend. The first coffee selfie capable location in Europe serves “selfiecinnos” and other coffee and non-coffee drinks with your own face plastered on the surface.

Watch the video below to see the Coffee Selfie process in action

Whether you are a social media junkie, a caffeine addict, extremely narcissistic (aren’t we all), or a combination of the all three, as this trend continues to grow, you will soon be able to drink your own face at a coffee shop near you.

The Meme-Worthy Madam Who Ran Into Beyonce Speaks Out

It was the face that launched a thousand memes—and for good reason! A woman who ran into Beyonce at a hotel has gone viral for the hilarious expression on her face, captured by a photographer as the superstar singer and her rapper husband walked past. Susan Monaghan, a Massachusetts resident, was in New York for her granddaughter’s gymnastics competition and to celebrate her daughter’s birthday.

When she stepped out into the hotel hallway, the last thing she expected was to be graced with the presence of Queen Bey herself. But that is exactly what happened, and the proof exists on Beyonce’s instagram. Monaghan stands there slack-jawed as Beyonce and Jay-Z make their way to the Grammys in some of the best get-up they have ever worked. Beyonce wears a snappy hat and Jay-Z looks dapper in his tux. It’s certainly not hard to see why Monaghan was so dazzled by the dynamic duo.

In the wake of her newfound celebrity, Monaghan has even been asked for interviews. When she spoke with Boston news outlets, the grandmother expressed her shock at running into the couple in such an unexpected way. She also expressed regret that she was too starstruck to wish Jay-Z luck at the Grammys, where he was nominated in a number of different categories. Describing the experience as practically supernatural and angelic, she relayed the run-in to her daughter, who expressed doubt that such a miraculous event could have occurred. Now that the proof exists online, though, it would be difficult to deny.

However, Monaghan and Jay-Z did manage to get a quick chat in. And Monaghan was pleased that Beyonce chose to post the photo, because she knew that her friends and relatives wouldn’t believe her otherwise.

The Obituary Of Terry Wayne Ward Went Viral Due To Humor

Terry Wayne Ward was a Veteran who lived in DeMotte, Indiana. He passed, suddenly, of a stroke on Jan. 23 of this year. He wasn’t your average person, and he didn’t much follow the news or keep up with Hollywood. Jean Lahm, his daughter, wrote his obituary. Unlike most online tributes, his went viral very quickly. This man played by his own rules, and he is the classic case of someone who grew famous after their life was over.

He had three core beliefs in this life. First, he believed that the best movie ever made was “The Blues Brothers.” He didn’t keep up with the Kardashians and could have cared less how many kids Beyoncé and Jay-Z had. Second, he believed that hot sauce was a condiment that was made for any dish. Though you would never catch him eating hummus, he would love some hot sauce on bean dip. Third, he believed that in his youth, Clint Eastwood was the coolest man on the planet, next to him of course.

Those who knew him loved his philosophies on life, but what he left behind for his family was even funnier. He was always preparing for the apocalypse. When his daughter went through his possessions, she found 17 boxes of hamburger helper and an extensive collection of salad dressing, just to name a couple of items. He loved to stockpile.

Typically, the proceeded in death part of the obituary includes loved ones and perhaps special friends. However, this one included a price 1978 Rambler and one hip that he had replaced. Since this was how the obituary started, it’s no wonder that Americans wanted to meet a man who had so much knowledge and humor rolled into one package.

As a line repairman for the telephone company, it was okay if people thought he played for the NFL as a lineman instead of working on communication systems. He was married several times and had just one daughter. This Vietnam combat veteran was like Frank Sinatra and did things his way. Too bad the world didn’t find out about such a wonderful man until he was gone. He could have given some of the famous comedians a run for their money.

Rick and Morty’s Szechaun Sauce “Joke” Tops List of 2017 Viral Trends

Rick and Morty, an adult swim cartoon, achieved popularity among many viewers. It’s bold mix of quantum physics jokes and fart humor might appeal to a specialized crowd, but the cartoon has garnered a larger following since its release three seasons ago.

A recurring gag in the show involves Ricky routinely going to other universes to get Szechaun sauce from McDonald’s, according to McDonald’s offered the sauce after the movie Mulan came to theaters. It briefly re-released the sauce to a limited number of restaurants earlier this year. The restaurant chain forgot to tell people this, and many of its fans ended up harassing part-time, minimum wage McDonald’s Employees asking them why their restaurant did not have the sauce.

During the furor that followed, it came out that the limited release was a practical joke played on the fans. That did not stop the Wendy’s twitter account for making fun of the apparent faux pas. The operator of the Wendy’s account invited Rick and Morty fans to come to a Wendy’s restaurant instead. The brief tweet mentioned that the reader’s local Wendy’s did not have Szechaun sauce, but then, neither did McDonald’s.

Rick and Morty fans made the news again for attacking the female writers of the show. A segment of the Rick and Morty fan base sees Rick as the ideal alpha male, while his creators intended him to be a selfish narcissist who does not how his actions affect his family. Some of the season three plot lines involved the character showing remorse for some of the things he has done and how they affect his family. Those who saw Rick’s character as the ideal alpha male saw this as an attack on them and harassed the female writers of the show.

Don’t glide down the escalator to avoid holiday crowds.

A number of viral videos claim to be the funniest thing you’ll see all day. Usually it is some slapstick bit of humor is not as funny as the video claims, but human beings will fall for click bait headlines, no matter how much thousands of individuals say they despise them. Today’s offering is no different, although it resonates with anyone who despises a crowded shopping establishment at Christmas. One man got sick of the Christmas crowds and decided to take a shortcut. The automated escalator did not go fast enough for him either. The man decided to seize the day. Using some quick thinking, he jumped up on the escalator rails and began a smooth slide down towards the bottom.

He chuckled as he whizzed past the holiday shoppers, many of whom were overburdened with packages. Sliding down the rails seemed like riding a sled down the hills. It seemed to be as easy to. Maybe he would even be jump into the air when he made it to the escalator stop at the bottom. His glee soon gave way as he realized he was approaching the escalator stop faster than he anticipated, according to Men’s Health. He considered if he could engage in some form of masculine bravado as it came closer. During the last few seconds, he accepted the inevitable. His private parts collided with the stop.

James Gower caught the anonymous holiday shopper and shortcut taker in the act. It has received over eleven million views as a Twitter video. Men’s Health described the video as both hilarious and excruciating. Perhaps it is the Jackass quality of the stunt that brings many people back to view it. If anyone does get a chance to watch it, they should certainly not try the same behavior at home.


Take a Moment and Enjoy Funny Viral Animal Videos

From an animal escape, while the owner is stating escape is impossible, to a tater tot eating puppy here is a recap of some of the best funny videos that went viral in 2017. Each of these videos, while unique in their own way, made us laugh and for a moment took our mind off of our to-do list, hectic day, and work.

Animals top the list of funny viral videos. As noted in Golden Retrievers Make it All Better. For a brief moment, while we are laughing at the cute golden retriever, things are better. It takes us away from the stress of the day. 10 Funny Seconds, a You Tube, channel highlights a baby rhino escaping a caged area as the animal’s caretaker and owner states escape is impossible. The original video was shot in the Neverlands but was shared repeatedly. Millions have enjoyed this video as it went viral. Another great video is the Honking Kitty. Each time the cat opens its mouth to mew the noise of nearby traffic and honking overrides the video, making it look and sound like the cat is honking. Tiger Productions on You Tube has a great compilation of animal viral videos, including a cat playing in a toilet. It’s great! A lab dog who ate the owner’s tater tots and then tried to make amends by spitting them back out and giving them back.

Each day millions of viewers enjoy funny viral animal videos. Whether it is a dog eating paper towels and then looking so guilty it is funny or a turkey chasing a guy through a college campus, animals have a way of entertaining us and making us laugh.