Why Is There No Interest in Dez Bryant?

We are seeing more and more owners around the NFL who are unwilling to put up with players who are constantly expressing bad behavior. Dez Bryant was released by the Dallas Cowboys because his antics were not worth the money that they would have had to pay him. He would have been paid $16.5 million against the Cowboys cap in 2018. Jerry Jones is quoted as saying “Of course we pay Dez a lot of money, and he knows that. He’s as aware of it as anybody. He knows when you get paid that kind of money there’s high expectations in terms of the productivity.” Your text to link…

Dez Bryant has reportedly turned down an offer by the Baltimore Ravens of 7 million a year for three years. But now there aren’t many teams that are stepping up to take him on as a player for their team. Dez Bryant has wanted to stay in the NFL East so that he could play the Cowboys twice a year. No team in the NFC East has made an offer to him. Nobody else seems very interested in him either.

So why are teams not offering Dez Bryant a contract? Will McClay, who is the Cowboys VP of player personnel, has indicated that Brian is not able to get open and he has had a lot of inconsistent play with a lot of drops. So you can see, NFL teams are not willing to pay players big money for poor production. It all boils down to performance. NFL owners also do not want to put up with players who bring bad behavior and bad attitudes to their team. Although Dez Bryant only wants a one year contract with a great team, he may not be able to get that. One has to wonder if his bad attitude has more to do with his inability to get a contract rather than his skills as an NFL widereceiver.

Stuntmen Recreate Fights Using Game Characters’ Combat Styles

A septet of stuntmen whom also happen to be fans of video games decided to combine their work with their pleasure and film a bunch of fight sequences. The video begins with Alex Iashioka dressed as one of the titular Assassins of the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise. Judging from the costume and the fact that he is skirmishing with men clad in attire and arms from America’s colonial period, it would seem this particular stuntman is fond of the Indo-British “Ratonhnhaké:ton” or “Connor” from the third game in the main Assassin’s Creed series.

“Connor” beats up on several soldiers, using a musket as a cudgel until the camera shifts to one soldier taking aim with a pistol. It is at this point that the second character appears in the short. A camouflage-pattern-clad soldier known for an eyepatch, a “FOXHOUND” patch, and his skills in close-quarters combat sneaks up on the soldier and dispatches him with a throw. Matt Scheib is dressed as Solid Snake, of the Metal Gear franchise, and fights with several modern soldiers until Bill Bussey’s Geralt, from The Witcher, appears to stab a gunman aiming for Snake.

The video then jumps time zones again, this time with Geralt taking on several men dressed for the Crusades. Just as he’s dispatched the medieval mooks, a masked man menacingly points a sword at Geralt’s back, distracted long enough for Ben Aycrigg’s Nathan Drake, from the Uncharted series, to sucker punch the masked marauder. After shaking his hand from having punched a metal object, Nathan tussles with several mercenaries. After a gunfire battle involving hiding behind cover, Nathan remains crouched behind cardboard only for the sounds of blades cutting into men and men screaming to fill the area. Nathan looks over his shoulder to see a man flying through a neighboring barrier then lifts his head only to see Tang Ngyuen as an axe-wielding Kratos from the “God of War” series butcher everyone in sight.

Peppa Pig Has Been Turned Into a Meme in the Latest Viral Trend

The internet can literally turn anything into a meme, no matter who the person is or where they are from. In the past, dark Kermit, Spiderman, and plenty more have gone viral. It all starts with one person who takes a funny picture of someone or something and spins it into something completely different. The responses, retweets, and additional comments are typically hysterical. It’s because it takes on a life of its own often. People will retweet something and add a new and hilarious caption.

The most recent viral meme on the internet is one of Pepa Pig. Pepa Pig is a popular bilingual children’s cartoon which features a family of pigs. They’re bright pink, fairly simplistic, and have quite the cult following especially among children. Someone grabbed a screenshot of a scene where Peppa the pig was hanging up the phone on Susie Sheep following a debate about whistling. Pepa was not happy, although that’s hard to see in the face of a cartoon.

People have given that screenshot a whole new meaning. It’s now being used to show what people’s are thoughts are anytime they’re annoyed on the phone. The retweets on Twitter have been hysterical. Some of the top tweeted ones are making fun of debt collectors, scammers who say you’ve won a cruise, and exes calling. The retweets are going viral. There’s just something about Peppa’s blank stare out into space that seems mildly annoyed. It’s something that many of us have caught ourselves looking like before. That’s why it’s the perfect picture to be paired with this newest viral meme.

As always, Twitter did not let any of us down. According to Buzzfeed, these memes got thousands of likes and reposts. It doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. More people are chiming in to add their own annoyed Peppa memes. I can honestly say that I never imagined Peppa being turned into a meme. Now that he’s here though, it’s hard to imagine it any other way.

A Giant Stuffed Otter has Gone Viral in Japan

You never know what will go viral. One mishap caught on camera, one funny face, one cute moment, or anything really can all end up going viral on the internet. The internet is constantly changing and it’s never known what people are going to be into on any given day. That explains why there’s something a little bizarre going viral in Japan.

There’s a mascot by the name of Chi-tan and it’s actually kind of cute. It’s a small-clawed otter featuring big eyes, a smiling face, a turtle hat, a bottle, and a cute little belly. Overall, it looks like something that kids would be ready and willing to go give a hug too. It has, however, surprised everyone by going incredibly viral in Japan.

The mascot is actually based off a real otter by the same name who also went viral. Chi-tan is pretty cute and that cuteness is captured on YouTube videos which millions have now viewed. The Facebook messages, YouTube comments, and Twitter shares were all full of people saying they were dying to meet Chi-tan. Of course, a tiny otter can’t meat everyone. That’s why the mascot was born and people are going crazy over it.

According to BuzzFeed, the viral otter posts videos to a YouTube page of her doing things with the locals. She plays with them, grabs food with them, makes them laugh, and a whole slew of other things. People absolutely love it. Chi-tan also has a goofy side. Apparently, people all over the world send her sports equipment and she makes silly videos with it. Can you imagine what a stuffed otter looks like trying her hand at a punching bag or jumping on a trampoline?

She’s pretty silly and her antics have even been turned into memes. Of course, some people are making fun of her but at the end of the day she is super viral on every platform and super lovable. Chi-tan doesn’t mind the attention. She just wants to make others happy.

Haircuts For Homeless People Goes Viral On The net

When you spot homeless people on the streets what comes to mind? Do you take the time out to connect with them and maybe offer them some spare change or words of encouragement? Or, do you just ignore them and pretend that they do not exist.

A British hairdresser named Josh Coombes is trying to change the way people look at homeless people. At the same time, he is literally transforming the appearance of those who are homeless on the streets. Josh is offering these unfortunate people free haircuts, shaves, and styling right on the streets.

The effect is contagious and inspiring. One man was so inspired by the free haircuts that Josh Coombes has been giving out to the homeless that he now plays music for them. While he is playing music on his guitar, Chris Leamy helps the homeless people collect money by panning on their behalf. Not only does the music cheer them up but it also helps them raise some much-needed money.

The efforts of selfless people such as Josh Coombes and Chris Leamy has gone viral on the web. More than four million people have witnessed Josh cut the homeless’ hair and give them a total makeup. One homeless person remarked that if someone gives him money, it will not do anything to change his appearance. Getting a haircut and shave makes him look different and more like a regular person.

Josh Coombes says that he started giving out free haircuts and styling to the homeless to address the homeless issue in his community. Too many people ignore them and try to pretend that they do not exist. You don’t have to do what Josh is doing. He says he is trying to inspire people to connect with each other in their communities. It is about making people smile and fostering a sense of community. This is something that is lacking in our times and what we all truly need.

Chinese Kid Becomes Famous Online For Dance Moves

A Chinese boy has become an online star after his dance moves were posted online. The boy’s name is He Xiongfei, and he is from a city in China called Lyoyang. What is amazing about his rise to fame is that he is only 9 years old.

Wait, you might think to yourself. Why is this 9-year-old boy so famous now? What is so special about him? Not only is he very young, but he is also chubby to put it mildly. His parent actually enrolled him in a salsa dance class to try and help him to lose weight, as he is overweight.

Not only did He Xiongfei lose a couple of pounds after a year of dance lessons, but he has also become a viral internet star! The young viral sensation admits he was lured by the promise of learning to dance from pretty instructors and dancing with girls. His experience with dance went far beyond his or his parent’s expectations.

It is now apparent that the 9-year-old boy is seriously talented. Not only does he have a knack for salsa dancing, but he dances in a way that is both hilarious and inspiring. I bet he inspires a lot of other people who may be overweight or have something holding them back to get up and start dancing. He also provides a good laugh.

Viral sensations are sometimes funny, sometimes positive and unfortunately occasionally negative. This viral sensation is both positive and funny.

Watch the video for yourself and decide if this young Chinese boy has the potential to be the next top salsa dancer. I will admit that I was impressed. He really has a passion for dancing. Apparently, he also has a great skill. The boy has even become famous in the streets for his dance moves.

The Black Panther Effect: Increased Adoptions of Black Cats at Animal Shelters?

The popularity of the Marvel movie Black Panther cannot be denied. It is a critical and box office success. In less than three weeks, it has grossed $730 million dollars in theaters. Costing a reported $200 million to make, it currently ranks as the third highest grossing film in the Marvel Comics Universe surpassed only by The Avengers and the Age of Ulton.

The success of Black Panther has pushed the movie industry to consider increased minority presence in mainstream Hollywood films. The huge impact of the film on African-American culture has been written about here, here, and here. Screenrant.com has an article on a trend emerging that the makers of Black Panther may not have foreseen: the increased adoptions of black cats.

As noted in the piece, (read the whole thing here) Black cats have some longstanding negative cultural connotations. They are considered bad luck. They are also associated with witchcraft. In some places, they are literally witches that shape shift into feline form. Those negative connotations have translated into difficulty for black cats in shelters to find permanent homes. That difficulty seems to be disappearing (at least anecdotally) thanks to the popularity of Black Panther. The screenrant article cites a tumblr poster named gallusrostromegalus who wrote “…my local pet shelters went from having something like 50-60 black cats between them to having NONE…they’ve all been adopted…” The poster further states that the most popular names given to the adopted black cats were taken from the movie.

While the adoption of these black cats has trended upward because of the film. One concern has come to light: What happens when the popularity of the film fades?

Malka Red Video Goes Viral

A video by the music artist called Malka Red has gone viral. Malka Red is a new breakthrough artist that can be described as counterculture and similar to Lady Gaga. She sure is not afraid to go against the norm and create a new work of music and an original and funny video to go along with her new hit song called Boy Booty.

So what is Boy Booty about? Why has the video gone viral and been viewed by millions of people around the world? The song can be described in mild terms as women fantasizing about and describing male booty or buttocks.

Malka Red’s highly successful and now viral video to follow her song is a spin on the traditional emphasis on female booty, particularly in music videos. Most music videos show women twerking and shaking their booties. Boy Booty shows men twerking and shaking their butts.

The video has gone viral because it is unique and hilarious at the same time. After all, after watching girls twerk and shake their butts for men, isn’t it funny to switch up the roles? It seems that Malka Red finally turned the tide on the female booty shaking emphasis and let men have a taste of their own medicine.

I think that the video is so popular and viral because it attracts both male and female viewers. I recall reading that women find the buttocks of a man one of the most appealing parts of their body. The title Boy Booty and all the male booty in the video will surely attract many women and fulfill some of their fantasies.

Men are probably also attracted to the song and video but for a different reason. As a guy, we are used to female booty and twerking. This video stands out, and for that reason, it piques our curiosity as well.

The Millennial Slang Quiz That’s Going Viral

If there’s one thing millennials love, it’s a great online quiz. Millennials are the individuals who were born in the late eighties and early nineties. Just like previous generations, they have a unique culture which includes slang.

BuzzFeed recently published a quiz that tested knowledge of millennial slang. The internet went crazy, with both millennials and non-millenials alike sharing their results.

Many millennials claimed that they didn’t know most of the words in the quiz. “I’m a millennial and I don’t know any of these!” one BuzzFeed reader commented. Others claimed that you didn’t have to be a millennial to understand their slang, with a user commenting that she was 63-years-old and scored a 90%.

The quiz lead to a lot of discussions on social media about the various words. Most users agreed that “ghosting,” which refers to when someone breaks up with someone by simply disappearing, is a pretty well-known term. However, others felt that words like “benching,” which is when a romantic partner is hard to get a hold of, weren’t as common.

“Half of these words I’ve never heard of and no one I know uses them,” commented one BuzzFeed fan.

While previous generations may have had some fairly consistent slang terms and phrases, it does seem as if millennials frequently switch up their lexicon. This can probably be attributed to the internet and the fact that all trends seem to come and go at a lighting pace. However, millennials might not have to worry about being the trendsetters for much longer. Those born in the late nineties and early aughts, known as “Generation Z,” are quickly growing up and become important in the world of culture, style and slang.

School Principal’s Dance Routine Goes Viral

Students at Gwynns Falls Elementary in Baltimore were treated to an unexpected performance by their principal on Wednesday. Nikomar Mosley was just trying to educate his students during Black History Month by showing his students step-dancing, a popular style of dance developed by black fraternities and sororities. However, he didn’t expect for the footage of his routine to go viral on Facebook.

During a Black Heritage Program on Wednesday, Mosley decided to demonstrate a step-dancing routine he learned as a member of the black fraternity Omega Psi Phi. Dressed in a tan suit and a purple tie, Mosley astonished the school’s faculty and staff by breaking into an energetic dance number. The audience was soon cheering him along, impressed by his verve and stamina.

Originally founded in 1911 at Howard University, Omega Psi Phi was one of the first historically black fraternities in the United States. The fraternity is one of 9 fraternities that make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council, affectionately known as the “Divine Nine”. Famous black figures like Jesse Jackson and Langston Hughes have been members of the organization.

Mosley himself learned how to step as a student at Lincoln University in Missouri where he was a member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. During his performance, Mosley deliberately chose to wear a tie of royal purple, the official color of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

The video of Principal Mosley’s step dance routine was posted to Facebook on Wednesday and quickly amassed over 1 million views. The school also posted the video to its Instagram account so students could relive the energetic dance. Mosley, who has described himself as a shy man who likes to work behind the scenes, has used his newfound fame to help encourage students to opt for a college education.