The Black Panther Effect: Increased Adoptions of Black Cats at Animal Shelters?

The popularity of the Marvel movie Black Panther cannot be denied. It is a critical and box office success. In less than three weeks, it has grossed $730 million dollars in theaters. Costing a reported $200 million to make, it currently ranks as the third highest grossing film in the Marvel Comics Universe surpassed only by The Avengers and the Age of Ulton.

The success of Black Panther has pushed the movie industry to consider increased minority presence in mainstream Hollywood films. The huge impact of the film on African-American culture has been written about here, here, and here. has an article on a trend emerging that the makers of Black Panther may not have foreseen: the increased adoptions of black cats.

As noted in the piece, (read the whole thing here) Black cats have some longstanding negative cultural connotations. They are considered bad luck. They are also associated with witchcraft. In some places, they are literally witches that shape shift into feline form. Those negative connotations have translated into difficulty for black cats in shelters to find permanent homes. That difficulty seems to be disappearing (at least anecdotally) thanks to the popularity of Black Panther. The screenrant article cites a tumblr poster named gallusrostromegalus who wrote “…my local pet shelters went from having something like 50-60 black cats between them to having NONE…they’ve all been adopted…” The poster further states that the most popular names given to the adopted black cats were taken from the movie.

While the adoption of these black cats has trended upward because of the film. One concern has come to light: What happens when the popularity of the film fades?

Malka Red Video Goes Viral

A video by the music artist called Malka Red has gone viral. Malka Red is a new breakthrough artist that can be described as counterculture and similar to Lady Gaga. She sure is not afraid to go against the norm and create a new work of music and an original and funny video to go along with her new hit song called Boy Booty.

So what is Boy Booty about? Why has the video gone viral and been viewed by millions of people around the world? The song can be described in mild terms as women fantasizing about and describing male booty or buttocks.

Malka Red’s highly successful and now viral video to follow her song is a spin on the traditional emphasis on female booty, particularly in music videos. Most music videos show women twerking and shaking their booties. Boy Booty shows men twerking and shaking their butts.

The video has gone viral because it is unique and hilarious at the same time. After all, after watching girls twerk and shake their butts for men, isn’t it funny to switch up the roles? It seems that Malka Red finally turned the tide on the female booty shaking emphasis and let men have a taste of their own medicine.

I think that the video is so popular and viral because it attracts both male and female viewers. I recall reading that women find the buttocks of a man one of the most appealing parts of their body. The title Boy Booty and all the male booty in the video will surely attract many women and fulfill some of their fantasies.

Men are probably also attracted to the song and video but for a different reason. As a guy, we are used to female booty and twerking. This video stands out, and for that reason, it piques our curiosity as well.

The Millennial Slang Quiz That’s Going Viral

If there’s one thing millennials love, it’s a great online quiz. Millennials are the individuals who were born in the late eighties and early nineties. Just like previous generations, they have a unique culture which includes slang.

BuzzFeed recently published a quiz that tested knowledge of millennial slang. The internet went crazy, with both millennials and non-millenials alike sharing their results.

Many millennials claimed that they didn’t know most of the words in the quiz. “I’m a millennial and I don’t know any of these!” one BuzzFeed reader commented. Others claimed that you didn’t have to be a millennial to understand their slang, with a user commenting that she was 63-years-old and scored a 90%.

The quiz lead to a lot of discussions on social media about the various words. Most users agreed that “ghosting,” which refers to when someone breaks up with someone by simply disappearing, is a pretty well-known term. However, others felt that words like “benching,” which is when a romantic partner is hard to get a hold of, weren’t as common.

“Half of these words I’ve never heard of and no one I know uses them,” commented one BuzzFeed fan.

While previous generations may have had some fairly consistent slang terms and phrases, it does seem as if millennials frequently switch up their lexicon. This can probably be attributed to the internet and the fact that all trends seem to come and go at a lighting pace. However, millennials might not have to worry about being the trendsetters for much longer. Those born in the late nineties and early aughts, known as “Generation Z,” are quickly growing up and become important in the world of culture, style and slang.

School Principal’s Dance Routine Goes Viral

Students at Gwynns Falls Elementary in Baltimore were treated to an unexpected performance by their principal on Wednesday. Nikomar Mosley was just trying to educate his students during Black History Month by showing his students step-dancing, a popular style of dance developed by black fraternities and sororities. However, he didn’t expect for the footage of his routine to go viral on Facebook.

During a Black Heritage Program on Wednesday, Mosley decided to demonstrate a step-dancing routine he learned as a member of the black fraternity Omega Psi Phi. Dressed in a tan suit and a purple tie, Mosley astonished the school’s faculty and staff by breaking into an energetic dance number. The audience was soon cheering him along, impressed by his verve and stamina.

Originally founded in 1911 at Howard University, Omega Psi Phi was one of the first historically black fraternities in the United States. The fraternity is one of 9 fraternities that make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council, affectionately known as the “Divine Nine”. Famous black figures like Jesse Jackson and Langston Hughes have been members of the organization.

Mosley himself learned how to step as a student at Lincoln University in Missouri where he was a member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. During his performance, Mosley deliberately chose to wear a tie of royal purple, the official color of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

The video of Principal Mosley’s step dance routine was posted to Facebook on Wednesday and quickly amassed over 1 million views. The school also posted the video to its Instagram account so students could relive the energetic dance. Mosley, who has described himself as a shy man who likes to work behind the scenes, has used his newfound fame to help encourage students to opt for a college education.

Video Of Strangers Helping An Elderly Person Goes Viral

A social experiment done in New Zealand has gone viral. It has gone viral for all the right reasons and has a very positive message. No, it won’t make you laugh, but it will make you have faith in the kindness of people helping strangers in need. Here is a more in-depth description of this New Zealand social experiment that was sponsored by a local New Zealand bank called Co-op Bank.


An elderly man was sent to a grocery store in New Zealand. The man got some groceries that totaled about $23 in New Zealand currency. When he is asked to pay for his groceries, the man finds out he is $2 short. He then proceeds to remove some items from his grocery bag.


During the course of the social experiment, four different onlookers stepped up and paid for the difference in groceries. It was a truly touching and inspiring moment. They did not know the man, but they decided to help him out financially. It is these kinds of acts that make us have faith in one another.


The shoppers who helped the elderly man pay for his groceries later got a little gift of their own. Co-op Bank in New Zealand had sponsored this social experiment. Every person who helped the old man, had their groceries for the day fully covered courtesy of Co-op Bank. This proves that helping others is not only the right thing to do but it can have quite a lot of benefits as well!


The viral video has gotten more than 13 million views on YouTube alone. Not only is this viral video is not only touching and inspiring, but it also reinforces a stereotype that Kiwis or New Zealanders have. They are said to be some of the most generous and caring people in the world. Judging by the actions of the Kiwis in the video, we must say that this stereotype is no doubt true when it comes to kindness.

“Pigzilla” Spotted in Hong Kong Becomes Internet Darling

Schoolchildren in Hong Kong had a surprise visitor earlier in the week, as a giant wild boar and three piglets came to one local school in search of food from the dumpster out back.

The beast was dubbed “Pigzilla” by internet commentors, an obvious reference to the iconic Japanese movie monster known for its enormous size. As one would expect, the animal became wildly popular in a short amount of time for how big it was, one person humorously suggesting it be invited to the Westminster Dog Show.

In a video recorded by one person named Tu Dongdong and posted to Facebook, the lead pig can be standing on its hind legs and rooting around inside the dumpster. The three piglets are off to the side, seemingly waiting for the leader to drop them something to eat.

In the mountains of Hong Kong, it’s not uncommon for people to see wild boar like this roaming free. They will occasionally wander into the city to look for food as these four seem to have done. While nothing has been confirmed from the brief video footage, they were likely a mother and her four children hoping to find something to eat behind the school, though whether or not they succeeded remains a mystery due to the short length of the video.

As with any wild animal, people should not approach wild boars like these for any reason unless they are a trained animal control professional. Pigs like these can grow to be upwards of 450 lbs with sharp tusks for ramming, easily impaling humans during a charge without a second thought.

The current whereabouts of Pigzilla or the piglets has not been confirmed, nor has the school and attached dumpster been identified at this point in time.

Tide Partners with David Harbour and the Internet Loved It

The laundry detergent company Tide has had a bit of a problem recently that was out of their control. The infamous and dangerous Tide Pod challenge had people trying to eat what are non-consumable detergent pods. Tide wanted to present their company in a positive light and had a plan to accomplish this by working with actor David Harbour. David Harbour is one of the stars of Netflix’s critically acclaimed series Stranger Things.

Word began to spread quickly around social media about how hilarious and innovative Tide’s Super Bowl ad campaign truly was. The commercial spots began to air as a single ad in which the star plays the role of a father in a seemingly normal laundry detergent advertisement. The commercial took a strange turn as Harbour began to wonder what would happen if every advertisement was one for the Tide company?

As the Super Bowl progressed, viewers would see other ads with Harbour jumping in and announcing the now-famous catchphrase “it’s a Tide ad”! The advertisements were so well made that it was nearly impossible for viewers to begin distinguishing what was and wasn’t an advertisement for the Tide company.

Those who were watching the Super Bowl while skipping the commercials missed on many treats throughout the night. However, you’ll still be able to view these commercials as their popularity took off massively throughout the internet. One of Harbour’s clips on Tide’s official YouTube account has nearly 5 million views alone. In addition, there is a cut available that presents all of the ingenious ads into one single video that was also recently posted by Tide.

To summarize, one of the most recent funny and viral internet stories is all about David Harbour’s hilarious ads with the Tide company that aired during the Super Bowl. Fans of both Harbour and will be happy to know that Newsweek reports that the new season of Stranger Things will begin filming in Spring 2018.

Daddy Yankee Song Goes Viral

Following on the heels of his ubiquitous hit “Despacito”, Daddy Yankee has scored another viral sensation with his latest hit “Dura”. The reggaeton song was released on January 18 and spread like wildfire across social media.

The original music video, featuring colorful graffiti and a shiny classic car, currently has over 200 million views on YouTube. The catchy song has been parodied by multiple people, including Puerto Rican comedian Gaby Alicea, who used the tune to criticize PREPA, Puerto Rico’s government-owned power company.

After Daddy Yankee encouraged his fans to post their own videos dancing to “Dura”, the #DuraChallenge hashtag went viral on social media. One of the most popular versions was a clip of a 90-year-old woman named Rachel grooving to “Dura” during her dance class in Miami. Posted on Instagram by Rachel’s dance instructor, the video soon earned over 300,000 views, and Daddy Yankee himself sent Rachel a thank-you video.

Not to be left out, Puerto Rican beauty queen Zuleyka Rivera, who appeared in the official music video for “Despacito”, recorded her own Instagram video dancing in front of a mirror. Sporting a long ponytail and a black sports bra, the former Miss Universe garnered over 3 million views for her Instagram clip. The “Dura” craze even affected a mother-to-be. Waiting at the hospital for her baby to come, a woman decided to take the “Dura” challenge to speed up the process. She and her husband recorded a video dancing to “Dura” and the exercise helped induce labor. Daddy Yankee posted the couple’s video on Instagram where it quickly received over 4 million views.

The “Dura” challenge has even spread to El Salvador, where television presenter Andrea Mariona recorded her own video dancing to the popular tune. The video has racked up more than 2 million views on Instagram. A Puerto Rico dentist even danced his own version of the song in his white lab coat, earning attention on Twitter for his in-office antics.

Olympian Chloe Kim steals America’s hearts

Meet a new Olympic social-media star: Chloe Kim.
The 17-year-old snowboarder won a gold medal for her efforts in the halfpipe. She is yet another in a long line of teen athletes to rule the Olympics for the United States. Aside from soon getting rich from endorsement deals, Kim showed she can have fun by becoming a Twitter darling during her performance.
She was active on Twitter while other snowboarders were competing, Forbes reported. She’ll long be remembered for her food tweets as much as her near-perfect score on a celebratory final run.
Kim tweeted about eating two churros while she was getting a case of nerves. She also noted how she “could be down for some ice cream.” Her third viral tweet mentioned how she didn’t finish breakfast and was feeling “hangry.”
She appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” the morning after her win. She was treated to a combination of breakfast sandwich, ice cream and churros. She noted the combination wasn’t altogether appealing.
Forbes noted how Kim’s life is going to change as the new face of the sport. Shaun White, who also won as a teenager, competed in what might have been his final Olympics this year. Kim is the future and at 17, she is in line to compete in at least three more Olympics should she want to dominate.
Social media has put Kim on the map even more. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have allowed athletes to connect with rabid fanbases.
Kim rose from 15,000 Twitter followers to more than 230,000 after her antics, Forbes reported. These numbers will only grow and Kim can expect to have earnings in the millions in her early 20s, when major companies look to make her the fresh face of their products.
Kim is just getting started and the 2022 Olympics are ready for more social media gold.

Clumsy Man Causes Thousands Of Dollars Of Damage In Store

You have probably seen a comedy skit or movie scene where a clumsy individual accidentally causes massive amounts of damage to a store or some other kind of business. Think this is all TV and that it cannot happen in real life? Such an event actually occurred at an electronics store in England called HBH Woolacotts.

The scene went out like this. A young man walked into a store and was browsing various electronic goods. He then went to check out some large flat screen TVs that were on display. He crouched down to take a closer look at one of the TVs, and he accidentally sent one of the screens tumbling.

The screen that he hit over then knocked the other screen behind it. So that is a total of two TV screens damaged so far. As the two TVs fell onto the floor, the man was taken aback and took a sudden step back. This caused him to collide with two more TVs that were directly behind him. So in a few seconds, this young man managed to damage four TVs and create almost $6,000 worth of damage.

Now $6,000 is no small amount of money, especially for a small business. No information has been released on whether the customer has paid for any of the damages they had inflicted, albeit accidentally. The store manager said that the TVs have been sent for repair.

Video of the clumsy customer was posted online and it went viral. Not only is it funny, but it teaches you a lesson. You need to be careful in an electronics store or any other store for that matter. It is important to respect other people’s property and goods. If you are a clumsy person yourself, then let the video be a warning to you to watch your step as you may be the next viral sensation yourself.