Rick and Morty’s Szechaun Sauce “Joke” Tops List of 2017 Viral Trends

Rick and Morty, an adult swim cartoon, achieved popularity among many viewers. It’s bold mix of quantum physics jokes and fart humor might appeal to a specialized crowd, but the cartoon has garnered a larger following since its release three seasons ago.

A recurring gag in the show involves Ricky routinely going to other universes to get Szechaun sauce from McDonald’s, according to polygon.com. McDonald’s offered the sauce after the movie Mulan came to theaters. It briefly re-released the sauce to a limited number of restaurants earlier this year. The restaurant chain forgot to tell people this, and many of its fans ended up harassing part-time, minimum wage McDonald’s Employees asking them why their restaurant did not have the sauce.

During the furor that followed, it came out that the limited release was a practical joke played on the fans. That did not stop the Wendy’s twitter account for making fun of the apparent faux pas. The operator of the Wendy’s account invited Rick and Morty fans to come to a Wendy’s restaurant instead. The brief tweet mentioned that the reader’s local Wendy’s did not have Szechaun sauce, but then, neither did McDonald’s.

Rick and Morty fans made the news again for attacking the female writers of the show. A segment of the Rick and Morty fan base sees Rick as the ideal alpha male, while his creators intended him to be a selfish narcissist who does not how his actions affect his family. Some of the season three plot lines involved the character showing remorse for some of the things he has done and how they affect his family. Those who saw Rick’s character as the ideal alpha male saw this as an attack on them and harassed the female writers of the show.

Don’t glide down the escalator to avoid holiday crowds.

A number of viral videos claim to be the funniest thing you’ll see all day. Usually it is some slapstick bit of humor is not as funny as the video claims, but human beings will fall for click bait headlines, no matter how much thousands of individuals say they despise them. Today’s offering is no different, although it resonates with anyone who despises a crowded shopping establishment at Christmas. One man got sick of the Christmas crowds and decided to take a shortcut. The automated escalator did not go fast enough for him either. The man decided to seize the day. Using some quick thinking, he jumped up on the escalator rails and began a smooth slide down towards the bottom.

He chuckled as he whizzed past the holiday shoppers, many of whom were overburdened with packages. Sliding down the rails seemed like riding a sled down the hills. It seemed to be as easy to. Maybe he would even be jump into the air when he made it to the escalator stop at the bottom. His glee soon gave way as he realized he was approaching the escalator stop faster than he anticipated, according to Men’s Health. He considered if he could engage in some form of masculine bravado as it came closer. During the last few seconds, he accepted the inevitable. His private parts collided with the stop.

James Gower caught the anonymous holiday shopper and shortcut taker in the act. It has received over eleven million views as a Twitter video. Men’s Health described the video as both hilarious and excruciating. Perhaps it is the Jackass quality of the stunt that brings many people back to view it. If anyone does get a chance to watch it, they should certainly not try the same behavior at home.



Take a Moment and Enjoy Funny Viral Animal Videos

From an animal escape, while the owner is stating escape is impossible, to a tater tot eating puppy here is a recap of some of the best funny videos that went viral in 2017. Each of these videos, while unique in their own way, made us laugh and for a moment took our mind off of our to-do list, hectic day, and work.

Animals top the list of funny viral videos. As noted in http://www.buzzfeed.com/news: Golden Retrievers Make it All Better. For a brief moment, while we are laughing at the cute golden retriever, things are better. It takes us away from the stress of the day. 10 Funny Seconds, a You Tube, channel highlights a baby rhino escaping a caged area as the animal’s caretaker and owner states escape is impossible. The original video was shot in the Neverlands but was shared repeatedly. Millions have enjoyed this video as it went viral. Another great video is the Honking Kitty. Each time the cat opens its mouth to mew the noise of nearby traffic and honking overrides the video, making it look and sound like the cat is honking. Tiger Productions on You Tube has a great compilation of animal viral videos, including a cat playing in a toilet. It’s great! A lab dog who ate the owner’s tater tots and then tried to make amends by spitting them back out and giving them back.

Each day millions of viewers enjoy funny viral animal videos. Whether it is a dog eating paper towels and then looking so guilty it is funny or a turkey chasing a guy through a college campus, animals have a way of entertaining us and making us laugh.

Nicole Kidman’s awkward clapping goes viral

Nicole Kidman, like many other celebrities, attends many awards shows. The actress went to this years Oscars, as she has done for many years. She even clapped as the awards were given and announced. Celebrity watchers noticed something strange about how the actress put her hands together. Something did not just seem quite right about it.

This viral video trend may not be funny unless you have an odd sense of humor, but it certainly caused a media sensation. Everyone who saw the footage wanted to know why Kidman clapped the way she did at the Oscars. A number of theories were put forth, but the explanation was simple. The actress wore a ring that was too big for her and belonged to someone else. She adopted the awkward clapping technique to avoid damaging this piece of jewelry.

Anyone who has worn a piece of jewelry owned by someone else knows how valid Kidman’s concerns were. Even though gold and silver may seem solid to the wearer, it is easy to forget that they are soft metals that are easily damaged. The star wanted to make sure she gave the ring back to its owner in the same condition she received it. The fashion commentators, who frequently comment on what actors and actresses wear to the Oscars, may have missed the ring, but Kidman returned it safely.

There are certainly other viral video trends from 2017 that deserve commentary. Some are worthy of rewatching. Other trends are best forgotten. One video that falls into the second category is a viral video of a man sliding down an escalator and bruising his private parts. Slapstick comedy remains in high demand, although certainly none of the viral video stars are any of The Three Stooges.

Viral Ladder Challenge: A Recap

One of the big online challenges these days is the viral ladder challenge. Men are taking the ladders that lean against houses and trying to climb them before they fall. Of course, the ladders are not leaning against anything when the men try this challenge.

According to an article on the Daily Star website, people in the On the Tools Facebook group were commenting on a compilation video. Comments ranged from those supporting the fact that this is a “real challenge” to those that were worried about the safety of those trying the ladder challenge.

There are definitely dangers that come with trying the ladder challenge. One of the big ones is the danger that the person’s leg will get stuck before they get free of the ladder. This could easily damage to the leg as the person lands. The other major danger of this challenge is the possibility of the person hitting their head.

Despite any dangers that the ladder challenge faces, workmen all over the world are still accepting the challenge. The ladder challenge has gone viral as more workmen post videos on social media of themselves trying to climb to the top of the ladder before it falls. Of course, as more videos are posted, the challenge just becomes more popular.

Past viral challenges include the cinnamon challenge, the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, the hot pepper challenge, and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The ladder challenge is not the only current viral challenge though. Current popular challenges? The invisible box challenge and the hard hat challenge. Online challenges have grown increasing popular within social media and shows no sign of stopping. Let’s hope that the reward for these challenges far out ways the risks in any new challenges.

Why Get a Guard Dog When a Guard Otter Will Do?

A recent video making the rounds of the internet focuses on one young otter playing defense for his female owner as his male owner playfully tries to tap the other human. While the video is under a minute in length, it more than does its job at amusing us with the otter’s ninja-like silence and focus in stopping the man from touching the woman, whose knees are pulled up in order to share space with the unnamed otter. While the otter occasionally delivers what cat-owners might refer to as a love-bite, it does so without so much as a hiss or a squeak.

The otter is an omnivorous mammal related to weasels, ferrets, badgers, polecats and even the wolverine. Their name is derived from the root word for “water,” likely referencing the affinity that these creatures have for living within watery regions. Gendered names for otters reference both canines and porcine terms; males are known as “boars” or “dogs” and females are known as “sows” or “bitches”-children are uniformly referred to as “pups.” Collective terms for a group of otters include a “bevy,” “family,” “lodge,” “romp,” and a “raft.”

While otters are mammals, their two most memorable features allude to their aquatic activities. Otters possess webbed digits and a seal-like sleekness that gives them superior aquadynamic movement. While the otter in the video often has its mouth open, likely in order to strike at the male owner with its teeth, most species of otter have sharp claws that they use to either tear apart food or soften it up. Different species of otter have different diets, mostly as a result of their environment-some species spend their whole time in the water and are content to feed on fish and invertebrates others will use rocks to crack open clams. One final quality of otters is that they seem to exhibit enough intelligence to create their own toys, playing with rocks or engineering personal water slides.

College Student’s Charity Pledge Goes Viral

19-year-old Danni Messina was trying to do a good deed when she posted a tweet on her Twitter account supporting St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and promising to donate money to the pediatric facility for each favorite and retweet. Messina assumed that 25 cents for each retweet and 50 cents for each favorite would result in her donating around $1000 to the hospital. With just over 600 followers, she didn’t realize how quickly her tweet would catch on. She first tweeted early in the morning on November 26, but soon discovered that she had vastly underestimated Twitter users. By the next afternoon, her tweet had been retweeted by thousands of people and received hundreds of likes. Messina realized that, according to her promise, she now owed St. Jude’s more than $40,000. The sum was much more than her original $1000 amount and completely beyond her means as a struggling college student at Washington State University.

Overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for her cause online, she quickly ended her Twitter fundraising campaign. When the final social media numbers were totaled, Messina found that her pledge would be around $200,000 if she stuck to her original parameters. However, despite her financial limitations, Messina wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. She launched a GoFundMe page online to help her fulfill her pledge. The online community responded with generosity, donating over $50,000 in five days. Messina says that she will donate the money to St. Jude’s along with $1000 of her own money.

Messina was inspired to tweet her pledge after she found out her friend was spending the Thanksgiving holiday with his grandmother at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Moved by the plight of children who are forced to be in the hospital during the holidays, Messina decided to send the charitable tweet supporting St. Jude’s out to her followers. She never expected the pledge to gain so much attention, but her efforts have won her praise from patients at St. Jude’s and their families. Her donations will help defray the massive cost of running St. Jude’s. The hospital provides free healthcare, but daily operating costs amount to more than $2 million.

Memes: The Internet New Definition of Fun

Take a group of millennials and hand them a pen and paper. Ask them to write down one of the most magical things about the internet. Be assured; the highest number will have the word MEMES somewhere on the list. While the internet gives us almost all the information we need, it has become one of the pillars that mold our generation. Today, most of the millennials spend time crying about the poor state of the American politics, their college debt, and the state of the economy. Luckily, the internet provides them with relatable viral images that brighten their moods and gets rid of the frown on their faces.

For decades to come, our future generations will thank us for all the dank memes. That being said, coming up with top viral images becomes challenging with every coming year. In 2016, we were drawn to ‘Damn Daniel’, and the political activist and internet sensational, Ken Bone. Additionally, we got treated to an image of Arthur’s clenched fist which went further in summing our emotions when we get ticked off. With all honesty, we deserved that.

With 2017 in the picture, we were faced with uncertainty over how we would surpass the limits set by 2016 MEMES. Think about it; it must have been an impossible feat. What would possibly exceed the ‘Damn Daniel?’ What would rival Ken Bone, Arthurs clenched fist, Harambe, DJ Khaled and the Evil Kermit? As we approach the end of 2017, it most certainly looks like we accepted the challenge. Once again, the internet has delivered memes to be cherished and enjoyed long into the future. One of those memes that have the internet community breaking their ribs in laughter involved a disloyal man. The guy was taking a walk with his girlfriend, and he stops to look and stare at a beautiful passing lady. The picture is pretty simple. The guy is holding his GF whose face looks hilarious. Well, the memes that followed are what made the internet even crazier.

Giant Teddy Bear Becomes Internet Sensation

The creator of a giant teddy bear is not someone that you would expect to be a deadly serious person, but that is who Nikola Matic is. He is the creator of the company JoyFay which makes the ridiculously large teddy bear.

On Amazon, the teddy bear has gotten a 4.6 out of 5 star review average. As Geekwire.com explains though, it was the negative reviews that helped propel the bear to all of its fame and stardom on the Internet. A couple of people online gave negative reviews of the bear pointing out that its legs were disproportional compared to the rest of its body. Those reviews got picked up on the Internet for whatever reason, and now they are all that anyone can seem to talk about when it comes to this bear.

It seems that people cannot stop cracking up at just how funny this particular bear looks. Even while they are laughing though, they are continuing to buy the bear. They have loaded up the company with more and more orders for this particularly cuddly stuffed animal.

JoyFay was created when the founder saw that people tended to search for life-sized stuffed animals right around the Valentine’s Day holiday. He wanted to build a company that could meet that market demand right where it was. Therefore, his company began to produce this bear. What he did not expect was to have such high demand the whole year long because of some humourous negative Amazon reviews.

It is a $110 teddy bear, but that has not meant it hasn’t sold. As a matter of fact, the company has sold around 30,000 of them already. That far outpaced the expectations that even the founder of the company had for himself when he went out to create this one. The popularity of the bear was not exactly an accident, but it was certainly boosted by some negative reviews left on Amazon about the length of the bear’s legs.

Video Of Child Running With Knife Gets Laughs

A child running with a knife can be a potentially dangerous thing as all parents know. However, in the particular case that we are about to discuss, it also provided some laughs.

Chelsey Ryan who is twenty-two years old was hanging out with some friends on Labor Day weekend of this year. She was waiting for her turn to step up to the table and play some beer pong. While she was waiting, she saw her son running around and being particularly hyped up. She pulled out her phone as you do when you are twenty-two and see something potentially funny happening and began to film her son.

It was at this moment according to the Washington Post that the mother noticed her son was carrying something as he was running. She asked him what he was carrying, and the little boy joyfully yells back “a knife!” as he continues running with a smile on his face.

As soon as the mother hears the words, a friend who was also present at the party yells “no!” and begins to draw chase after him. However, the video is only four seconds long, so viewers are left wondering what happens next.

Fortunately, this story is all happy. No one was hurt as a result of this incident, but many have been provided with a little humor in their lives as a result. It is the type of video that just has all of the perfect elements and timing to get a big laugh out of almost anyone who watches it. In part this is probably because the scenario is so easy to relate to for a lot of us. Young children and elements of danger are two things that can in some cases go hand in hand.

Quick though this video may be, the humor of it is not lost on many. It is all the better to know that no one was hurt as a result of all of this, and that everyone can just smile at the funniness of it all.