Viral Videos That Become Memes

When the viral video of the small kid that was running surfaced online everyone got a good laugh in. As this occurred people were already brainstorming on how they could make an interesting meme for the video that was adorable and funny at the same time.


Slow motion running is nothing new, but for this little guy it was a very interesting things. His cousin would catch this footage and post it and he became a part of funny viral video history. This brings about the levels at which videos actually go viral.


Some videos become memes that are bounced at this internet on sites like Facebook. Others become such a big deal that the videos become newsworthy.

This video of the slow running baseball player is one such video. It received coverage on new shows. This received coverage, along with jokes, on some night shows. This was to be expected since it was a funny video.


Everyone tends to look at the funny viral video as a potential gateway to establishing a fan base. Most people that are regular working class people or high school teenagers will typically only have a random video that is funny. It is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that may get them more followers on Instagram or Facebook.


There are others, however, that are trying to get a funny viral video that can turn them into a star. This is what so many people are looking for when they consider making videos. They want to be the type of people that gain a fanbase that will ask them to make more videos. They tend to get subscribers, and this can lead to possible notices from celebrities that are in the business. This is what social media has done for people that have become obsessed with the viral videos. It can take them to a completely different level and actually launch a career if they are lucky. Some viral videos even become Internet shows.

Viral Videos Continue to Evolve

When people get bored on social media one thing that they can always find is viral videos. This concept has become so popular that many people are downloading apps like Buzz Feed Video.

The most popular viral videos contain kids because they are so natural. It is hard to believe that some of the other videos where adults are involved are real, but people that are watching viral videos always know that they are getting something authentic when a baby does something through a video.

In many cases people do not even realize that they are being recorded at times for certain viral video. They may assume that it is something that is being done for fun and it becomes a big hit because they do not realize they are being recorded.

The viral video craze is something that people often get caught up with because it allows them to get a laugh even when they may be feeling down. Psychologists may even say that this is something that can boost a video watcher’s mood when they are not feeling the best. This is possible because it often shows people that are in a state of failure.

It may be something funny, but it also may be something like an embarrassing moment, and this makes people that have had embarrassing moments much more accepting of their own failures. Funny viral videos are something that will continue to remain big with social media users for this reason. It becomes something that people can relate to.

The viral videos that are happening right now are easily popular with a crowd that has access to tablets and phones with unlimited data plans. This is a large part of why these videos become so successful. These videos that get millions of views are swept away as something else takes the place of these videos in upcoming days. A viral video is hot for a moment, but something else will eventually come along.

Homemade Pizza Is Now Made Easier

The fun of eating pizza is the wait for the pizza delivery person. It is all about the craving build up. Many people also enjoy pizza hot from their very own oven, whether home made, or from the grocery store freezer case. What ever the method of acquiring it, pizza is one of America’s all time favorite choices for snacks, parties, sports events, and children. A new trend is developing in the quest for the perfect home made pizza. People are susceptible to any new gadget that ends up on the internet, and you tube. The latest is a pizza box oven.

This appliance is shaped like a pizza box, with all of the trimmings. It is an oven inside, with components that are designed to fit the round pizza. It sits on the counter top, and cooks the pizza in fifteen minutes. This may be good if you have extra money to spend on something that can be done by your regular oven. Creators of these gadgets prey on the vulnerability of people who are looking for bargains, and a faster way of doing things. There is nothing super fantastic about the pizza box oven, it’s just something different. Your text to link…

This product will appeal to a host of people who like to order things online, or those who are addicted to trying new things. It will be a novelty item for a while, then it may end up in the garage, or the top shelf of a closet once the curiosity wanes. Of course, this product could be a you tube marvel. It has the potential to grab consumers, and entice them to buy it. The pizza box oven does have its perks. It eliminates the wait for pizza delivery, and the cravings for pizza late at night. In twenty minutes, you could have fresh baked pizza, and this includes preparation time.

The new pizza box oven has appeared on the Kitchen Gadget Test show, and retails for $45.00. This is not a bad price for someone who loves home made pizza, and wants to show off for their friends.

The Rising Topic of Anti-aging and What we Know so Far

In the past few years, a trending topic around the world has been anti-aging. The research in the field is growing, and more and more businesses and investors are continuing to such research.

While the anti-aging research is still in its infancy, there are a number of things that a person can do to combat the sign of aging. Most of these things are preventative as that is the best that science can offer for now. Many factors impact the way we age. Genetics play a huge part in that, and it cannot be changed. At the same time, variables such as diet and exercise, as well as other lifestyle choices have an impact on aging as well, and those can be helped.

According to research, antioxidants are good for the body as they find free radicals while food rich in saturated fats, complex carbs, as well as added sugar and salt can slow down the metabolism which is linked to aging faster and less gracefully. Diet affects the human organism every single day, and that makes it one of the most crucial aspects of our lives to think about and improve.

An active lifestyle also fights the symptoms of aging. A stronger body and better blood flow prevents headaches, muscle atrophy and affects the mood of a person. Exercise has a strong correlation to longevity and being less prone to illness. Cardio exercise lowers chances of cardiovascular diseases and exercising the joins prevents arthritis which is a symptom of aging that affects most of the population.

For topical prevention of aging symptoms, sunscreen is highly recommended as UV damage is the main cause of sagging skin and hyperpigmentation that develops through the years. Applying cosmetic acids and products rich in antioxidants as well as adding moisture to the skin through oils can greatly improve the longevity, elasticity, and the overall health of the skin. That is why a focused skincare routine is recommended for both men and women.

Move Aside Babies: Dog’s Have Taken Over Social Media For The Day

In case you haven’t been on social media lately, it’s National Puppy Day. The holiday itself really doesn’t need much of an explanation. People all over the globe are posting the cutest, silliest, and downright cheesy photos and posts about their dogs. People love their pets, people love gushing, and therefore you can see why a day like today has become so possible. It gives people a reason to blow up others Facebook feeds with nothing but dog pictures.

According to Buzzfeed, the internet did not disappoint for National Puppy Day. Thousands upon thousands of social media users posted pictures of their little and not so little floofs. There were photos of little dogs taking naps, big dogs chasing squirrels, and much more. No matter what the dog’s breed, they sure were cute. Many people gushed over the tiniest puppies. One of the notable posts was of a puppy who actually fit inside of a coffee cup. The dog’s name is Hope and although she’s too big for a cup now, National Puppy Day is a great excuse to do a throwback post.

This day was exactly what the internet needed. All too often, our Facebook feeds are filled with things that divide us. That’s why it’s nice to see something almost everyone can agree on. That’s the fact that puppies are cute! No one will ever tell you to stop posting photos of your dog unless of course, that’s all you do every minute of every hour. National Dog Day is a day where everyone can stop and appreciate creatures who are just so happy and playful all the time. Don’t worry cat, rabbit, and other animal lovers. It seems like there’s a day for everything and your pet’s holidays are surely coming soon.

These social media holidays are meant to be nothing more than fun. It’s great to have something that’s light and fun. If you want to carry the celebration over into the real world, feel free to spoil your dog with a bone, a toy, or perhaps a Puppuccino.

A Look Back At Some Viral Photos Of 2017

There is always an abundance of photos, videos, and captions that go viral on the internet. Right now we look back at some of the most viral photographs of 2017 that seemed to have been edited using Photoshop. Maybe you recall seeing them last year? Let us travel back in time for a little bit.

One of the photos that took the internet by storm was a cigar lodged between the crevices of an old brick wall. Many people were baffled by the photograph at first, seeing it is as just a brick wall. Closer inspection reveals that a cigar is sticking out of a crevice. The key to this illusion is making the cigar line up with the shadows of the wall. If you stare long enough at the photo, you should eventually make out a cigar.

Another viral photograph that turned out to be photoshopped was a baby that seemed to be holding a knife while the baby’s father is sauteing some vegetables. The picture caused a stir on the net and some outrage. The man behind the photograph said that it was not real and was edited using computer software. He said he made the picture to troll some family members and to bring attention to a disease that his daughter had.

Lindsay Lohan always gets a lot of coverage in the press. One photograph that she posted had her post in front of a door. That sounds innocent enough right? The problem with the picture is that she seems to have red lower legs. The door also appears to be curved and warped around the edges. These are signs that it was edited using a watermark feature. Lindsay Lohan actually posted this photograph on Instagram but later deleted it. She even called out the editing by saying that her legs are not red only her hair is.

Another celebrity that had an edited photograph go viral is Kylie Jenner. The photo in question had some major exaggeration of Kyle Jenner’s curves. The giveaway of the editing in this photograph is the bending of the curtains. Jenner actually did not admit the photograph was a fake although it clearly seems to be. While Jenner has some nice curves, I don’t think she can twist and curve objects around her.

Taylor Swift was also caught posting a photoshopped picture on her Instagram account. Swift is seen posing on a boat with a female band called Haim. This photo seems innocent enough except that the guardrails are twisted behind them. There is no doubt that Photoshop was used in this picture.

A Giant Stuffed Otter has Gone Viral in Japan

You never know what will go viral. One mishap caught on camera, one funny face, one cute moment, or anything really can all end up going viral on the internet. The internet is constantly changing and it’s never known what people are going to be into on any given day. That explains why there’s something a little bizarre going viral in Japan.

There’s a mascot by the name of Chi-tan and it’s actually kind of cute. It’s a small-clawed otter featuring big eyes, a smiling face, a turtle hat, a bottle, and a cute little belly. Overall, it looks like something that kids would be ready and willing to go give a hug too. It has, however, surprised everyone by going incredibly viral in Japan.

The mascot is actually based off a real otter by the same name who also went viral. Chi-tan is pretty cute and that cuteness is captured on YouTube videos which millions have now viewed. The Facebook messages, YouTube comments, and Twitter shares were all full of people saying they were dying to meet Chi-tan. Of course, a tiny otter can’t meat everyone. That’s why the mascot was born and people are going crazy over it.

According to BuzzFeed, the viral otter posts videos to a YouTube page of her doing things with the locals. She plays with them, grabs food with them, makes them laugh, and a whole slew of other things. People absolutely love it. Chi-tan also has a goofy side. Apparently, people all over the world send her sports equipment and she makes silly videos with it. Can you imagine what a stuffed otter looks like trying her hand at a punching bag or jumping on a trampoline?

She’s pretty silly and her antics have even been turned into memes. Of course, some people are making fun of her but at the end of the day she is super viral on every platform and super lovable. Chi-tan doesn’t mind the attention. She just wants to make others happy.

New Anchor’s Satirical Makeup Tutorials Go Viral

When Bob Herzog decided to use his downtime in the studio of WKRC-TV’s Good Morning Cincinnati to record silly makeup tutorials, he had no idea that they would catch on so quickly. As part of Herzog’s humorously named “Wake Up and Makeup!” series, he demonstrates to viewers how to properly apply foundation, concealer and other beauty products.

Herzog’s latest makeup tutorial has gained over 10,000 views on Twitter since it was posted on February 8. The Today Show even aired clips of the hilarious video on Friday. During the video, the hyperactive anchor shares hilarious beauty tips with his followers and regales viewers with jokes about Bob Ross. Declaring himself a “violent blender”, Herzog completes his new look by adding on bronzer and powder.

As a frequent performer at the Children’s Theater of Cincinatti, Herzog is no stranger to the complications of makeup. He has played some of the theater’s most fabulously costumed characters, from Captain Hook to the genie from Aladdin. Herzog’s humorous style has become something of a local institution since he became a reporter for WKRC-TV in 2005. A graduate of Northern Kentucky University, Herzog originally worked as an attorney, but found himself pulled into the world of broadcasting when he got a job at WSTR-TV in Cincinnati.

Herzog’s on-air antics have already earned him attention on social media. While he was serving as a traffic reporter for Good Morning Cincinnati, Herzog’s weekly “Dance Friday Party” videos went viral. Herzog dressed up as Elton John, performing a traffic-themed version of “Rocket Man”, and staged a parody version of “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. In 2014, his humorous adaptation of “Let it Go” from Frozen warning commuters to stay at home during icy weather earned over 2.7 million views on YouTube.

Declining Life Expectancy In America

It may come as a surprise to many people, but the fact is that despite all the medical breakthroughs and technological wonders at our disposal, that for the first time since 1960 the American life span has declined. The CDC reports that the decline is in its second consecutive year.

The life expectancy of men was 78.7 years, and is now estimated at 78.5 years, a decrease of two tenths of a year from 2015 to 2017. Women’s life span is reported by the CDC to remain the same at 81.1 years.

With the epidemic of obesity in America and all the information regarding health and nutrition available everywhere, one might assume that the rise in mortality might be due to issues related to weight gain. Many health issues come from being overweight such as diabetes and heart disease, so it seems reasonable look to those conditions as the culprit. However, this is not the case.

Another false assumption would be that the older generation is losing time off their life expectancy. In fact, it is the age group of 25 to 34 year olds that have the increase in death rate. The explanation for this is the increase in use of the drug fentanyl and other opioids.

The increase of use in the age group from 25 to 34 has lead to more deaths, and has even created a death rate increase that surpasses that of heart disease and cancer. Progress in the latter two categories has been made, while at the same time deaths from drugs has increased to the point where they have now been partially responsible for the decrease in the life expectancy of 25 to 34 year olds.

One expert reports that the estimates that even if all other drugs are not considered the death rate from fentanyl and other opioids alone would be higher than the AIDS epidemic at its peak, affecting American 25 to 34 year olds today.

Social media rains fame and fortune for two-year-old twins

When Katie Stauffer, first posted a conversation between her two-year-old twin daughters, she probably never thought that it would turn her world dramatically.

It was simply a case of innocent child conversation leading into a sequence of events that finally placed fame and fortune on them and their family.

The video conversation recorded by their 14-year-old sister Kaitlin in summer has been viewed over 4 million times, catching the eye of marketers and big corporations among them Walmart, Rental Car, Amazon and Macy’s.

The twin sisters, Mila and Emma, are basically fantasizing about what they would like to be when they grow up.

At first, they seem to be going through the possibility of one making a good teacher while the other one would be a doctor. Emma says that she would like to be a teacher, but Mila quickly reminds her that she hates kids, to which she reluctantly agrees. With a good measure of humor, the kids go through a series of other possible careers including an engineer, an actress, and even a builder, each time carefully highlighting the pros and cons of each profession.

Looking at the global reaction to this video, several things come to mind. Children exposure and the negative and positive possibilities it presents them in life is one of them. Agreeably, these kids from Phoenix have a world that is well open for them to learn of what the world out there holds. At the thought of making a career as builders, Emma says to her sister that it would be “too sweaty for us.”

Such enlightenment on two-year-olds does not always make it to the big screen but the kids are now well on their way to it as several contracts are placed under their parent’s choices lists.

Declining to reveal how much the deals have amounted to, Stauffer said that they have been very lucrative. She has since left her job as an escrow worker to engage in her new task handling the twins.