Funny Viral Videos That Will Smith Created Brings Back the Comedic Side of The Fresh Prince Persona He Created

One thing that people can say about Will Smith is that he is creative and funny even when he is not trying to be. He has had a lot of serious action rolls over the years, but everyone knows from his early rap career and his TV show that humor is where he finds his groove. He has mastered acting and become quite good in action movies and dramas, but the humor that he has been known for is showing back up. There is a very funny wave of viral videos that enlighten fans on who he was before he became the mega superstar that he is known as today.


The funny thing about these videos is that these stories are golden, but somehow the world doesn’t know much of anything about these stories. He has such a great story as he transitions from his time as a rapper to an actor, but few people know that he was reluctant to do the “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Will Smith has the ability to sustain the attention of a crowd. He is someone that knows exactly what it takes to keep people intrigued by the story and it is very possible that his children will have some interesting stories of their own to tell one day.


Tracee Ellis Ross and Rashida Jones have both told great stories of how Michael Jackson was at their homes when they were little. Many people are envious of the lives that these celebrities led as kids. Many of them have met celebrities that became big name superstars. Michael Jackson has come to the home of both Ross and Jones, and Will Smith even has a Michael Jackson story. The Will Smith encounter, however, is much different from a typical day at the home of Diana Ross or Quincy Jones. Will Smith has posted a video about the humorous meeting with Jackson, and he told it in only a way that Will Smith could.

Will Smith Embraced Social Media in Very Funny Way

Will Smith is quickly becoming the viral video king. He has disappeared from the big movie screen for a while, but he has turned up in a very big way on social media. What Will Smith is doing right now is posting a lot of funny videos. Thks allows fans to get a glimpse of the life that he is living now because he has more of a mindset that is connected to relaxation.


Will has kids that are growing up and making their way into the business. He has even stepped back into the studio to do some recording for a new album with DJ Jazzy Jeff. Will has not done music and while, but it appears that his main love for the moment is funny videos.


Millions of people follow Will Smith because he has motivating messages, but even more people are taking time to look at the funny videos that he has posted about how he became the Fresh Prince on a classic sitcom. He also has talked about how he has met Michael Jackson. There are so many elements to his life that can only be told by Will Smith, and he tells the stories in a very entertaining way.


One of the things that tends to be very motivating for a lot of people that are seeing him is the level of popularity that he has gained from talking about his failures by laughing these things off. He could have given up when he went bankrupt. He could have let the bad choices that he made with his money totally to define his career. He did not do this. He did not become a stone that was sinking. Instead, he got himself up off the couch after his girlfriend prompted him to do so and he started making moves with a new career.


These personal stories have the ability to entertain people and motivate aspiring actors at the same time.

Will Smith Lost a Fortune and Gained it Back

Will Smith is very funny person, and a lot of people know this. What many people may not know is that there have been a lot of hard times in his life that occurred before he had a rise to success. Only Will Smith is able to tell his story in a way where he could extract laughter from times that were hard.

For all of those that do not know, Smith shows people right away that his transition into acting came when he had an album that flopped. He had a hard time in the music business as rap was changing from something that was more comical to something that was more hardcore. It would be difficult for someone like Will Smith to continue being successful when groups like NWA were coming on the scene with hardcore rap about street violence.

The interesting thing about Smith is that he was actually in a slump as he was transitioning from rapping to acting. He has stated that he was simply sitting on the couch and feeling sorry for himself. In this video he states that it was his girlfriend that told him that he needed to get up and do something with his life.

Will Smith would find himself hanging out down at the Arsenio Hall Show at one point. He would later find himself in the home of Quincy Jones. This is where he would reluctantly audition for “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

This is a very entertaining story that is told by Smith, and it shows that he had a level of tenacity because his back was up against the wall. It was at a time in his life where he had made a lot of money and spent even more than he made. He found himself with a small fortune that he lost, and he realized that he had to reinvent himself. He was aware that he had to take this role.

The Will Smith Role of a Lifetime

Viral videos are becoming quite popular, and Will Smith has risen to the occasion with some interesting videos of his own. He has always been one of the hottest actors around, but the younger generation of fans that are more in tune with his children are totally oblivious to the bankruptcy times in his life.

In classic Will Smith fashion the rapper turned actor highlights the things that lead him to a career in acting. It is comical to see how he breaks down his first audition, and it appears that this was something that he really had no true desire to do. He wanted to audition for the role for “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” but he did not want to do it at the house party that Quincy Jones was throwing.

Quincy replied to this conversation with Smith by telling him that he could set up a time for an appointment to audition for this, but that appointment would possibly turn into a 3 week wait. The advice that Quincy Jones presented to push Will into the role was that time was of the essence. He felt that Will should do the audition right there at the home while the party was going on.

It was at this point that Quincy would have movers to rearrange his furniture and open up a spot for Will Smith to do the audition.
Smith has stated that there was a crowd that was cheering him on as he did this audition. At this time he cemented his position for the role and a contract with lawyers was drawn up in a limousine outside of Quincy Jones house.

This is an interesting story that very few people know, and it just shows that things in show business can happen in the blink of an eye. For Will it was all about being in the right place at the right time. It was also about having the right attitude.

Will Smith Gets Back to Comedy in Unique Way

Viral videos from amateurs can easily become something that can propel some people to stardom. Sometimes it will be a single viral video that goes out to millions of people, but no one may ever hear of this person again. There are others, however, that may become known for funny videos and they become famous as a result of this. This is one end of the viral video spectrum.

In more recent years there have been a variety of viral videos that have surfaced from people that are already famous. Will Smith is one such person. He has become someone that created a viral video that would change the way that people saw the critically acclaimed actor.

For years Will Smith has embraced serious roles in movies. He has made a big departure from comedy over the years because he was looking for a different range. Many people know him from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” fame that he acquired, but for decades people have been more accustomed to seeing Will Smith as a very serious actor.

Now it appears that Smith is getting back to his roots in comedy by creating viral videos that are very humorous. A lot of these stories are funny because only Will Smith has all of the pieces. These are stories that may have been overlooked by most of his peers, but he has been able to add an interesting twist on the stories and change the way that people look at some of the areas of his life.

When anybody watches episodes of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” it’s easy for them to think that Will Smith has always had success in life. The younger generation that only knows him for movies and this television show may assume that he has always had money in abundance. What Will Smith emphasizes in his road to becoming “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is that he was broke when the show started.

The MJ and Will Smith Meeting That You Never Heard

Celebrities like Will Smith have made quite an impact on the entertainment industry. He has had platinum albums and much success as a rapper. He has also had a tremendous amount of success in the world of movies. He has never won an Oscar, but he has been nominated several times. This is quite the transition from the young Pilly clean-cut rapper that would stand out from other hardcore rappers that had gritry street lyrics with tons of sexual content. For Will Smith it was always about keeping a clean cut image when he was part of the rap game. Smith had quite a bit of success as a rapper. Now there is a revitalization of Will Smith that comes during the time where his movie roles are fewer and his presence on social media is greater.


Will has continued to keep his eyes focused on creating comedy that is making people laugh even if he is doing it to a much smaller venue. Oddly, Will Smith was not even doing much with social media before he started his Instagram and Twitter accounts.


In such a short amount of time Will has created a number of interesting videos that have gone viral. One of the most interesting videos from Smith is the one where he talks about the time that he met Michael Jackson. This was a very interesting video because it highlights a brief encounter between the two that happened when they were hiding in a closet as bodyguards pushed them in during an award show.


It would be a chaotic episode from Suge Knight at an awards show that caused Will Smith and Michael Jackson to meet in a janitor’s closet. This is a very funny story to hear because it speaks of a time where Will Smith was recently getting back into his groove in entertainment as an actor. He was transitioning from rap, and he was nervous and excited to meet Michael Jackson.

Will Smith Met Michael Jackson and the Meeting was Hilarious

As someone that wrote rhymes for a living as a rapper no one us surprised that Will Smith is a very talented storyteller. In fact, the comedy that he used to create some of his greatest rap hits is some of the same style of comedy that he is now using to create funny viral internet videos.

The great thing about Will Smith and his videos is that he uses illustrations and a lot of stories that no one else would know aside from Will Smith. In the case of his meeting with Michael Jackson he is the only one that can really tell this story because Michael Jackson is deceased.

With both of these artists being famous during these early years of Will’s career one would have thought that they would have met one another multiple times. Will Smith clears up the confusion and admits that he has only met Michael Jackson once in his life.

It is a very funny story for all of those that have never heard it. He is talking about the way that Michael Jackson was stuck in a closet with him as a lot of commotion erupted at an awards ceremony. It was for a BET show, and Suge Knight was there.

Will has a very funny way of telling the story about how he was stuck in a closet with Michael Jackson for his own safety during the time where everything erupted at this award show with Suge Knight.

The funny thing about this story is that Will Smith is selling it in a way the only Will Smith can. The video has gone viral because it is funny to watch real do a conversation between himself and Michael Jackson. In a point in the video he is impersonating Michael and using a very interesting impersonation where he talks about the questions that Jackson asked. He mentioned the various comic book questions that he was asked by Michael Jackson.

The Viral Video of How Will Smith Became the Fresh Prince

Viral internet videos can give you a laugh when you are having a hard day. Most people that are looking for these types of funny videos online are trying to change their food for the day. Fortunately, Will Smith has become someone that helpst so many people that are trying to brighten their day by retailing parts of his life that are inspirational and funny.

There is a video that has gone viral of him talking about how he became The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Many people look at the Grammys that he has won for his rap career and all of his roles as an actor that have received such wonderful accolades.

What many people may not know is that he was actually broke when he signed up for the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This has become one of the most classic shows of in black sitcom television, but many people will have to admit that they were unfamiliar with the fact that Will Smith have fallen on hard times when he was working in this role as an actor.

He stated that the flop of his album is what caused him to consider this storyline about someone that had moved from a bad neighborhood to the luxury of Bel-Air. Benny Medina is someone that this story is based on. Most people do not know of Benny even though he has become a prolific producer that has work in the music scene with people like Mariah Carey.

Will Smith has done a great job of recreating the night that he met with Quincy Jones and auditioned to be the Fresh Prince in the home of Quincy Jones. It is a very interesting story that can also serve as motivation for those that may be down on their luck. Will Smith took a hard time that he was having in life and turned his entire career around. He would even go to regain his composure in the rap world.

Will Smith’s Perfect Aging Has Got The Media In A Frantic

The media’s attention has recently been captivated by a Twitter user that made quite an interesting observation.
It involves Will smith and his role on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
We all know about the charming looks Smith offered while playing the main role in the 90s Sitcom about a teenage boy who moves to California with his wealthy relatives and gets himself involved in every situation imaginable that a teenage boy could possibly get himself into.
In a popular episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Smith’s character dresses up as a full on dad and shows up to a parent-teacher conference to get his cousin Ashley from getting into trouble.
In the episode impersonating Ashley’s dad, Smith appears with a fake mustache, big round glasses, a touch of scattered grey hair, and the inevitable dad fashion of the 90’s.
The Twitter user made the observation that present day Will Smith looks exactly like the will who portrayed Ashley’s dad more than 20 years ago!
Twitter users had a lot to say, involving mixed emotions and a bit of reminiscence towards Will’s role in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Some claimed Will Smith somehow looks younger today than he did in 1994!
There is also other crazy theories that Will Smith is actually a vampire that does not age!
Considering his great looks and kept up figure, Will Smith being a vampire is not totally out of the picture.
It could also just be great genetics and the simple fact that Will Smith has aged perfectly through out the years.
Regardless of what the situation might be that is keeping the media wondering why Will Smith looks exactly the same as he did more than 20 years ago, there is one thing we can all agree on: Share your skin care secrets with us Will!