The Chainsmokers Are No Strangers to Hit Songs

The Chainsmokers are no strangers to hits. They have had many such as “Roses” which made it into the top 10 in 2015 and several others such as “Paris,” and Something Just Like This.” They have always had an electric beat but their recent hit, “Sick Boy,” has a bit of a darker tone to it. Like all of their music, the song is a reflection of the duo’s lives and gives the listener a glimpse into their personal experiences. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are on the same wavelength and seem to always coincide no matter what the tone of their music is.

They recently performed at the Hilton and American Express special event in New York and they are just beginning the next chapter of their music career. They are lucky because their label gives them the flexibility to expand and to gain more experiences to sing about. The duo creates music that is relatable and true and fans love that about them. They can tell that their music is not just a passing fad but deep music that speaks to them and that they can relate to. It makes them want to dance, and it helps them through their tough times.

The feelings behind “Sick Boy” are frustration melded with anger and is a raw song that is relatable to the time and age that we all live in no matter our circumstances. The song is a direct reflection of the duo as well as what is happening in the world and is sure to tug on the heartstrings of all who listen to it.

The last couple of years have been quite groundbreaking, and they have broken a lot of records which is quite impressive. The duo is known for pushing the envelope and really testing boundaries. They re known for being different and standing out and that is what makes them so unique and stand out for all the other artists out there. They are still in the music scene, and they are planning on coming out with many more exciting things for their fans.


Kim Dao Welcomes Bronwyn To Tokyo

Kim Dao has made a ton of friends in Tokyo over the years. One of her best friends is fellow YouTuber Bronwyn (aka BronyBeauty). Bronwyn and Kim are such close friends that they actually shared an apartment in Tokyo for a year. If you want to see the very beginning of Kim and Bronwyn’s adventure together, check out this recent vlog, “HUGE 100 Yen Haul | NEW HOUSEMATE! | KimDao in JAPAN.” Kim’s video opens with a montage of different images around the Tokyo metro station. Kim Dao is walking to Narita International Airport to pick up Bronwyn. In the next clip, Kim Dao is back at her apartment with Bronwyn. The two share a bottle of red wine to celebrate their new life together. Kim Dao says the first thing she needs to do is fix up the kitchen area. She bought a few wallpaper stickers that look like bricks and started putting them up around her oven. Bronwyn says she is super tired after her 13 hour flight from Canada to Japan. Unfortunately, a boy behind Bronwyn wouldn’t stop kicking and screaming the entire flight, so she got absolutely no sleep. The two girls have a bit of trouble getting their bottle of wine open. Since Kim Dao doesn’t have a wine opener, she has to use a screwdriver and hammer. When Kim and Bronwyn take their first sip of this glorious beverage, they can’t believe it’s red wine. Kim says it actually tastes more like non-alcoholic grape juice. The rest of the video takes place on the following day. Kim Dao shows her viewers a massive ¥100 Daiso haul.

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Famous YouTubers – Wendy Huang & Havard Rugland

When we think of Famous YouTubers we’re inclined to think of Justin Beiber. After all, he may be the very biggest YouTuber to make it. However, there are plenty of others out there, and if you don’t know about them yet, you will want to after this.

Wonderful World of Wengie

Wendy Huang is well-known at her Sydney, Australia university for being clever, beautiful and a great student. What she’s also known for is being a self-made teenage sensation who created a phenomenal brand set around make-up and beauty products.

Ms. Huang runs the Wonderful World of Wengie, a YouTube account that boasts over 900,000 subscribers! Each of her videos are informative, interesting and fun, which has led to millions of views from around the world as well as a nice income, which she discusses in her post How Much Do YouTubers Get Paid? (500,000+ views!).

Havard Rugland – NFL Kicker (Never Played Football)

On the other side of the globe we can find Havard Rugland. Mr. Rugland is the only NFL player in history to not have played organized American football in any capacity before entering the NFL. How can this be possible?

At the age of 28, Mr. Rugland posted a video called Kickalicious online. Approximately 5 million people watched it, seeing him not only placekicking 50 and 60 yard field goals, but also kicking long-range passes to receivers on slants, kicking to a friend in a conoe/across a river/over a valley!

Needless to say, it got some people’s attention, and in 2013 he suited up with the Lions where he went 3 for 3 in the pre-season (including a 50-yard winning field goal against the Jets), but lost the spot to 6-time Pro Bowler David Akers.

Technology has made the world smaller. If you have innate talent or a high level of knowledge about something people care about, YouTube may just be your ticket. Just ask any lady who’s been working 20 years at a make-up counter, or some of the thousands of capable kickers between the ages of 20-30.