Children interrupting BBC news interview

Trump may have made this a surreal year for many people in the United States, but the childish behavior coming from the White House was not the most interesting story involving childlike behavior to come out of 2017. As usual, children often offer us the best stories of childlike behavior. They often do it with a sense of glee and wonder that adults have long ago lost.

Two children found there parents being interviewed by the British Broadcasting Corporation. The children were amazed at the presence of the cameras and reacted with curiosity. The purpose of the interview was forgotten long before the children’s desire to have fun. It was the children who stole the show.

A United States analyst is being asked by a British reporter about the situation with North Korea. Tensions between the United States and the communist regime remain high as Kim Jong Un’s regime continues to adopt a threatening position. When the analyst is asked what something will mean for the regime, his daughter quickly bursts into the room. She sits down beside her father and looks up at the camera. She is quickly joined by her younger brother.

The analyst profusely apologizes for the interruption, and his wife quickly bursts into the room. The children are removed from the room, and the analyst attempts to bring the interview back on track. Several months later, the interview may not be remembered, but the children appearing on camera are. Anyone who has or has had children knows that such interruptions are common despite their parent’s best efforts. It is difficult to squash the curiosity of the extremely young. The interruptions were a welcome break from an otherwise bleak news story.

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