Chinese Kid Becomes Famous Online For Dance Moves

A Chinese boy has become an online star after his dance moves were posted online. The boy’s name is He Xiongfei, and he is from a city in China called Lyoyang. What is amazing about his rise to fame is that he is only 9 years old.

Wait, you might think to yourself. Why is this 9-year-old boy so famous now? What is so special about him? Not only is he very young, but he is also chubby to put it mildly. His parent actually enrolled him in a salsa dance class to try and help him to lose weight, as he is overweight.

Not only did He Xiongfei lose a couple of pounds after a year of dance lessons, but he has also become a viral internet star! The young viral sensation admits he was lured by the promise of learning to dance from pretty instructors and dancing with girls. His experience with dance went far beyond his or his parent’s expectations.

It is now apparent that the 9-year-old boy is seriously talented. Not only does he have a knack for salsa dancing, but he dances in a way that is both hilarious and inspiring. I bet he inspires a lot of other people who may be overweight or have something holding them back to get up and start dancing. He also provides a good laugh.

Viral sensations are sometimes funny, sometimes positive and unfortunately occasionally negative. This viral sensation is both positive and funny.

Watch the video for yourself and decide if this young Chinese boy has the potential to be the next top salsa dancer. I will admit that I was impressed. He really has a passion for dancing. Apparently, he also has a great skill. The boy has even become famous in the streets for his dance moves.

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