Class Dojo Communication Platform

One great field that is doing exceptionally well is Educational Technology. Some entrepreneurs take the notion in their head that if they build it they will come. The best course of action is to try to research and anticipate the needs and desires of those in the educational system. It’s been a record breaking year for certain people in the Educational Technology industry. This is especially true for those entrepreneurs that designed a bit of technology that that directly met the needs of teachers, parents and students. For example, ClassDojo has succeeded because they listened and created a communication platform for creating community within the school.

ClassDojo’s Success

Why is ClassDojo succeeding in the Educational Technology Industry? Class Dojo is succeeding because co-founder Sam Chaudhary actually listened to teachers, parents, and students while he was in the process of designing the communication platform that is responsible for ground up change within the school system. ClassDojo is a communication platform that makes it possible for parents and teachers to communicate about a student’s progress outside of school, instead of only at the traditional parent teacher conference that is held once or twice a year.

About Class Dojo

The surprising fact is that ClassDojo is a break-through development that took the educational system by storm. Their communication platform has made it extremely easy for schools, parents, and teachers to stay aware of the child’s progress in school. Another wonderful fact is that the ClassDojo platform is now used in about 90 percent of the K-8 schools in the United States. The platform creates a positive culture with classrooms and schools all across the country.

Teachers are able to quickly communicate and encourage students for a job well done via the platform. Students are able to share their lessons learned through videos and sharing their own content. Parents are able to easily keep up with their child’s progress in school.

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