Clay Siegall – Taking Seattle Genetics To New Heights Of Success In Cancer Research

The field of cancer research and developing new and effective cancer therapies needs sharp minds and support from some of the most progressive and research based biotechnology companies. And, one of the brightest examples of sharp minds is the globally respected Clay Siegall, who has done B.S in Zoology from University of Maryland and done a doctorate in Genetics (Ph.D.) from George Washington University.


The company he co-founded, Seattle Genetics in 1998, has been active in developing cancer therapies since its inception and is broadly based on innovation, extensive research and developing ADCs. It aims for the better more effective treatment of cancer patients worldwide. It is the sheer brilliance of Clay Siegall and his team of biotech experts that the company received US FDA approval for one of its ADCs, named ADCETRIS in 2011. Clay Siegall is not only a person with great scientific brilliance, which is exemplified in his achievements, including holding 15 patents and authoring over 70 publications in international medical journals, but is also a great business leader.


It is his business acumen that led Seattle Genetics to great heights, and in the Department of raising funds for company’s global expansion ventures, he single-handedly helped the organization raise funds more than $670 million, including both public and private funding. Before co-founding Seattle Genetics, Clay worked as a Senior Research Investigator with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute between 1991 and 1995. He is also on the board of directors of Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc, Washington Biotechnology, and Biomedical Association and serves as one of the members of the board of governors for the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Business Alliance.


Clay Siegall is also one of the scientific counselors on Board of Scientific Counsellors at Cancer Treatment Research Foundation and is on the editorial board of three internationally acclaimed scientific journals. In 2002, he was one of the finalists in healthcare category for Ernst and Young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year award.


He has helped Seattle Genetics become one of the global names in the cancer research and development of cancer therapies. He has helped Seattle Genetics tie up with many local and regional biotechnology companies to market its products and for the development of cancer therapies, with one of the significant collaborations that need mention is with Genetech for SGN-40.


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