Clumsy Man Causes Thousands Of Dollars Of Damage In Store

You have probably seen a comedy skit or movie scene where a clumsy individual accidentally causes massive amounts of damage to a store or some other kind of business. Think this is all TV and that it cannot happen in real life? Such an event actually occurred at an electronics store in England called HBH Woolacotts.

The scene went out like this. A young man walked into a store and was browsing various electronic goods. He then went to check out some large flat screen TVs that were on display. He crouched down to take a closer look at one of the TVs, and he accidentally sent one of the screens tumbling.

The screen that he hit over then knocked the other screen behind it. So that is a total of two TV screens damaged so far. As the two TVs fell onto the floor, the man was taken aback and took a sudden step back. This caused him to collide with two more TVs that were directly behind him. So in a few seconds, this young man managed to damage four TVs and create almost $6,000 worth of damage.

Now $6,000 is no small amount of money, especially for a small business. No information has been released on whether the customer has paid for any of the damages they had inflicted, albeit accidentally. The store manager said that the TVs have been sent for repair.

Video of the clumsy customer was posted online and it went viral. Not only is it funny, but it teaches you a lesson. You need to be careful in an electronics store or any other store for that matter. It is important to respect other people’s property and goods. If you are a clumsy person yourself, then let the video be a warning to you to watch your step as you may be the next viral sensation yourself.

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