Coffee Selfies On the Rise

In the current age of information, where social media and tech reign supreme, our food and beverages should not only taste great, but look great in photos for your followers on social media as well. In this context, it was only a matter of time before tech-savvy millennials combined two of their favorite pastimes, selfies and coffee. The days of being impressed by your local barista drawing a stick figure into your coffee foam are over. Coffee shops across the globe are now increasingly implementing specialized ink jet printers that are able to post your selfie, or any other image onto your favorite coffee drink.

One of the pioneers of the growing coffee selfie trend is Eddy Chan, business director of Selfie Coffee shop in Hong Kong. Chan declares, “the technology is not new” as he explains how the coffee printing process originated from bakeries using custom printers to prints images onto cakes using colored vegetable oils, chocolate and other edible liquids. The system works best with foamy coffee drinks like lattes of cappuccinos due the fact the foam acts as a canvas and is able to hold the ink infinitely better than liquid coffee alone.

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Add the Tea Terrace in London to the growing list of coffee shops looking to capitalize on the coffee selfie trend. The first coffee selfie capable location in Europe serves “selfiecinnos” and other coffee and non-coffee drinks with your own face plastered on the surface.

Watch the video below to see the Coffee Selfie process in action

Whether you are a social media junkie, a caffeine addict, extremely narcissistic (aren’t we all), or a combination of the all three, as this trend continues to grow, you will soon be able to drink your own face at a coffee shop near you.

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