Daddy Yankee Song Goes Viral

Following on the heels of his ubiquitous hit “Despacito”, Daddy Yankee has scored another viral sensation with his latest hit “Dura”. The reggaeton song was released on January 18 and spread like wildfire across social media.

The original music video, featuring colorful graffiti and a shiny classic car, currently has over 200 million views on YouTube. The catchy song has been parodied by multiple people, including Puerto Rican comedian Gaby Alicea, who used the tune to criticize PREPA, Puerto Rico’s government-owned power company.

After Daddy Yankee encouraged his fans to post their own videos dancing to “Dura”, the #DuraChallenge hashtag went viral on social media. One of the most popular versions was a clip of a 90-year-old woman named Rachel grooving to “Dura” during her dance class in Miami. Posted on Instagram by Rachel’s dance instructor, the video soon earned over 300,000 views, and Daddy Yankee himself sent Rachel a thank-you video.

Not to be left out, Puerto Rican beauty queen Zuleyka Rivera, who appeared in the official music video for “Despacito”, recorded her own Instagram video dancing in front of a mirror. Sporting a long ponytail and a black sports bra, the former Miss Universe garnered over 3 million views for her Instagram clip. The “Dura” craze even affected a mother-to-be. Waiting at the hospital for her baby to come, a woman decided to take the “Dura” challenge to speed up the process. She and her husband recorded a video dancing to “Dura” and the exercise helped induce labor. Daddy Yankee posted the couple’s video on Instagram where it quickly received over 4 million views.

The “Dura” challenge has even spread to El Salvador, where television presenter Andrea Mariona recorded her own video dancing to the popular tune. The video has racked up more than 2 million views on Instagram. A Puerto Rico dentist even danced his own version of the song in his white lab coat, earning attention on Twitter for his in-office antics.

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