Daniel Taub: Israel’s top ambassador to the UK

Daniel Taub is probably the most respected Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom. He served that role from 2011 to 2015 and was a strong influence on trade between the two nations. Prior to becoming an ambassador, he served in many positions. Daniel Taub studied at several prestigious schools including Oxford and University College and Harvard. The UK native moved to Israel in 1989. During his time in Israel, he joined the Israel Defense Forces and served under the leadership of future prime minister Ariel Sharon. Daniel Taub later joined the Israeli Foreign Minister, where he specialized in laws of war and counter-terrorism.


Daniel Taub also gained experience as a speechwriter, negotiator and legal advisor. He was influential in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and growing the International Red Cross. All this public service led him to become the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom in 2011. During his four year term, he is best known for doubling the trade between the two countries and creating what has been dubbed as the “Golden Era.” According to British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Sajid Javid more than 300 Israeli businesses opened up in the United Kingdom, creating jobs and spurring economic growth. Along with trade, Daniel Taub also focused on tech growth and advancement. Learn more:



Just before leaving his post as ambassador, he was privileged to see the Queen of England. During the 2011 meeting, Daniel Taub was the premier Israeli diplomat. During the meeting the Queen asked what did it feel like to be a representative to the very country he had been born into? Daniel Taub responded saying it allowed him to build bridges between the two world leaders. Taub was so well respected that during his retirement party, a group of people from England’s Jewish community came to see him and give him a proper send off.


With his legal and political career over, Daniel Taub turned to lecturing and public speaking. He has made many appearances on CNN, Sky News and BBC. Daniel Taub became the first ambassador to be interviewed by the BBC Persian network. Daniel Taub has also wrote frequently on a variety of topics and is also the author of the book “Parasha Diplomatit” which is based on biblical texts. He even has become a scriptwriter for an Israeli based drama series. Daniel Taub has gained notoriety in Israel and around the world.





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