Dogs Appear to be Overtaking Cats on Funny Viral Internet Trends

The Internet is flooded with all kind of information, which is conveyed through pictures, articles and videos. As such, it attracts an enormous crowd of users from all over the world. The Intent never runs short of funny viral trends that continuously keep Internet users connected and engaged. In recent years, pets such as cats have emerged as leading characters in funny viral videos on the Internet. However, according to an article on BBC, the trend had gradually been overtaken by the love for dogs.


Previously, the charming cynicism of various cats such as Grumpy Cat dominated the Internet. Most Internet users now are shifting their attention from cat content towards the unwavering and conditional love of dogs. Here are some clues that support this theory.


What is Trending


Reddit’s r/aww subreddit, a section of Reddit that comprises of cuddly things, features three top posts that are all about dogs. Dave Lee, the BBC reporter of the article, consulted Socialbakers, a company that monitors social media platforms for statistics and trends relating to popular things. The data from Socialbakers helped to prove Dave’s observation.


According to the data, Boo, a dog, is the most popular animal on Facebook. He has over 17.5 million likes on Facebook, which doubles that of Grumpy Cat. Although the top celebrity animal on Instagram is a cat, dogs hold all the other positions from second to fourth place. Also, according to Google searches dogs reign supreme. In fact, on January 3, 2016, the term cute dogs surpassed funny cats.


New Language on the Internet


New vocabulary about dogs has emerged on the Internet. Dogs are referred to as doggos while puppies are called puppers. Although not all puppers qualify to be dogs, all doggos are puppers or woofers. A blep is the act of a dog sticking its tongue out. Those interested in joining and learning the new language or doggo culture can do so via Facebook’s Cool Dog Group. The group boasts of fluent doggo language.


Matt Nelson, a popular Internet dog rater, is the individual spearheading the new movement of dogs taking over the Internet. He manages the WeRate Dogs account on Twitter. People submit their dogs for rating purposes whereby Nelson takes into consideration the merits of each dog before providing a score out of 10.


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