Don’t glide down the escalator to avoid holiday crowds.

A number of viral videos claim to be the funniest thing you’ll see all day. Usually it is some slapstick bit of humor is not as funny as the video claims, but human beings will fall for click bait headlines, no matter how much thousands of individuals say they despise them. Today’s offering is no different, although it resonates with anyone who despises a crowded shopping establishment at Christmas. One man got sick of the Christmas crowds and decided to take a shortcut. The automated escalator did not go fast enough for him either. The man decided to seize the day. Using some quick thinking, he jumped up on the escalator rails and began a smooth slide down towards the bottom.

He chuckled as he whizzed past the holiday shoppers, many of whom were overburdened with packages. Sliding down the rails seemed like riding a sled down the hills. It seemed to be as easy to. Maybe he would even be jump into the air when he made it to the escalator stop at the bottom. His glee soon gave way as he realized he was approaching the escalator stop faster than he anticipated, according to Men’s Health. He considered if he could engage in some form of masculine bravado as it came closer. During the last few seconds, he accepted the inevitable. His private parts collided with the stop.

James Gower caught the anonymous holiday shopper and shortcut taker in the act. It has received over eleven million views as a Twitter video. Men’s Health described the video as both hilarious and excruciating. Perhaps it is the Jackass quality of the stunt that brings many people back to view it. If anyone does get a chance to watch it, they should certainly not try the same behavior at home.


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