Dr. Edward Honig Is An Upbeat NYC Cardiologist


Listening to your body is critical in preventive health care. But what should you be hearing? For instance, problems with the heart may not even happen in your chest. There are signs and symptoms, that can not be ignored.


Some of the risk factors include age (60 yrs or older), overweight, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, chest discomfort, stomach pain, heartburn, heart rate issues, indigestion, nausea, frequent coughing, and pain spread to the arm.

When symptoms of cardiovascular disease seem apparent, you must contact a physician who has the experience, skill, and knowledge of cardiovascular disease, its treatment, and diagnosis. If symptoms of heart disease are present, it is time to be examined by a cardiologist.


Preventive health care should concentrate on your cardiovascular health. A Cardiologist is a physician whose specialty includes the diagnosis, and treatment of any condition that is related to the cardiovascular or the circulatory system. The cardiovascular system relates to the heart and any arteries or veins, or any deficiencies in the plasma containing red and white blood cells.


A cardiologist performs tests to determine the presence or absence of a heart disease, including an echocardiogram which is a sound wave which examines heart function, and ambulatory ECG which records the heart’s rhythm. After each test, the cardiologist determines whether further testing is necessary.


If so, the next test that is given is a stress test which measures heart function while you are on the tread mill, and a cardiac catheterization test in which a tiny tube is placed in approximation with the heart to look for blockages. There are some risks in taking the more vigorous tests.


Edward Honig, MD is a cardiologist and is located in Glen Cove, New York and is licensed t practice medicine in New York. Dr. Honig was awarded his medical degree from Duke University and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. Dr. Edward Honig is considered to be one of the top cardiologists.


According to Edward Honig, MD, it is well known that heart disease is the top cause of a heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, and arteriosclerosis. It is not uncommon that a person is unaware of the presence of cardiovascular disease. By the time you become aware of the symptoms, you could be suffering a lethal heart attack.


For the last 75 years, Dr. Edward Honig, M.D. has been practicing internal medicine and cardiology.  Find Dr. Honig on Facebook, or read one of his recent pieces on heart health here: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25359-dr-edward-honig-assesses-what-french-paradox-could-mean-your-heart

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