Dr. Saad and his Dedication to Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Saad Saad is a well-known surgeon based in New Jersey. He was born in Palestine and later raised in Kuwait. Thus he is an Arab by birth. Dr. Saad pursued his medical degree at Cairo University in Egypt where he got an honorary degree in medicine. He came second in his class. After two years, he moved into the United States where he began his residency in surgery, precisely pediatric surgery. On due completion of his studies, he got inducted into the certified board of Pediatric Surgery. Dr. Saad worked for the Royal family of Saudi Arabia as their surgeon. Peculiar reasons, however, made him earn the spot to work among the royals. One being that he spoke both English and Arabic, the other one being that he was a member of the certified board member of the Pediatric commission in the United States.


The surgeon worked at King Fiscal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh. At the hospital, he performed minor surgeries for complex operations. At one time, he operated on an infant diagnosed with an aneurysm. The operation was successful as the child survived. The surgeon then continued to urge a world-class magazine to publish the case details for the sake of educating the medical staff globally. At the King’s Fiscal Specialist Hospital, he was a respected medic as his opinions were taken seriously. If he recommended a patient to be operated overseas, no one would go against him. Even other surrounding Royal families came to the hospital to seek healthcare services. He closely follows the footsteps of his mentor, who believed that everyone was equal and they deserved an equal opportunity.


Having being raised from a low-income background, a fact that made him excel in medical school, his dedication to the poor was exceptional. He treated them with the utmost respect and offered to treat them in complex operations. Dr. Saad has spearheaded the invention of two devices that help the medical sector. His sole purpose is to instigate the transition from traditional methods of medicine to modern ones. He has committed to making the operations less painful and less risky. One of his inventions was a device that locates the catheter in the body without the help of a body scan. His second being an endoscope with a self-contained suction. In this procedure, the device sucks any fluid so that the surgeon can have an easier time treating the patient.


Dr. Saad Saad has practiced for 47 years and is still a certified board member of the United States pediatric council. To maintain the position, one had to undergo specialized training, pass a difficult test conducted annually, and go through continuous surgery operations. The surgeon is based in Eatontown, New Jersey and has a network of clinics that support his cause. Learn more:



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