Dr. Saad- Pediatric surgeon in the United States

Dr. Saad is a pediatric surgeon in the United States. He has a good reputation in the industry and is even hired by foreign countries to assist them with pediatric medical surgeries. Probably what is his biggest accomplishment in his career is being hired by the Saudi Royal. This is a prestigious job that not many professionals can ever get a chance to serve. For Dr. Saad, two things assisted him to land the job. One, he is a board-certified pediatric surgeon in the United States and secondly, he is fluent in Arabic and English. This was a perfect combination for someone who was going to serve in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The appointed saw Dr. Saad move with his family to Riyadh where he served for four and a half years.


Dr. Saad has a very interesting story. He was born in a hummable family in Palestine. They later relocated to Kuwait where he grew up. He would later move to Cairo for his degree and later to England for his internship. He finally settled in the United States where he started practicing as a medical doctor. Being born from a poor family gave him the motivation to work hard so that he could accomplish his goals in future. His family members are also top professionals. Three of his siblings are surgeons, two engineers, one a teacher and two others have PhDs. He is clearly from a family that believes in the power of education.


Dr. Saad served at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital. This is a facility that served the royal families from the Middle East. However, poor people suffering from complex medical conditions were also allowed to get services in the facility. Dr.Saad impressed the Royals by ensuring that all cases of pediatric surgeries were handled with the highest degree of professionalism. While serving in this Saudi facility, he performed a complex surgery on the youngest child he has ever dealt with and who was suffering from an aneurysm. He performed this operation clinically and secured the health of the kid. He also published a journal that contained information about the surgery so that others could learn from him. Learn more:



Dr. H Biemann Othersen mentored Saad in Charleston, SC, who taught him that in medical services, he should always treat everyone regardless of the color, age, background, religion or even physical abilities. He also learned that he should always be kind and honest with his patients. Dr. Saad demonstrated a character that won the hearts of the officials at the King Faisal hospital. His word on matters of pediatric surgeries was final. He would recommend a patient to be treated locally or abroad.



Back in America, Dr. Saad helped many children and young adults. He also participated in medical missions some in the United States, and other is Jerusalem and West Bank. In these medical missions, he would perform complex surgeries to poor children for free. Dr. Saad was brought up in a poor family, and he feels, obligated to assist the poor get a solution to their problems

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