End Citizens United – HuffPo Recap

End Citizens United started its grassroots activities in 2015. End Citizens United is a democratic movement that went to court in 2015 against the Federal Election Committee that was willing to let special interests’ persons (billionaires) or groups to spend campaign money in any way that they wanted. End Citizens United believes in campaign finance reform to end ‘Big Money’ involvement in political campaigns, thus they support candidates who believe in the finance reform principles. End Citizens United has worked with House and Senate candidates in nearly all U.S. states.

Presently, End Citizens United is backing Democratic Conor Lamb who is running for the special Pennsylvania election of the 18th Congressional District, against Republication Rick Saccone. The election for Candidates Lamb and Saccone will take place on March 13th for the House seat held by Republican Tim Murphy who resigned in October, 2017. Candidate Saccone apparently is airing negative campaigns against Candidate Conor. The negative campaign ads are supported by a committee that is spending thousands of dollars and supporting President Donald Trump who also supports Saccone in his run. Additional conservative independent groups are also supporting Rick Saccone to the tune of a million dollars.

The End Citizens United group is drawing on its grassroot network of supporters to bring money into the race to help Conor Lamb. Candidate Lamb will not accept corporate monies to help his campaign, but Lamb does accept union contributions because their monies are funded by the rank-and-file working members, not the union executives. End Citizens United funds their candidates with as much as they can raise through grassroot memberships and donors. For example, End Citizens United raised $600,000 for Doug Jones, the Democrat from Alabama in his Senate race in 2017.

Grassroots donors submitted as little as $12 to support Jones. End Citizens United said that they can not speculate on how much will be raised for Conor Lamb because each campaign race varies. But End Citizens United stated their passionate efforts will not wane. However, End Citizens United has a grassroots membership of over three million persons, with 3600 members located in Pennsylvania’s 18th district, plus over 300,000 small dollar donors.

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