End Political Injustice by Promoting End Citizens United

Beginning as recent as March 2015, the End United Citizens, political organization has vigorously met the expectations of it’s grassroot founders through the surfacing of the End United Citizens’ philosophy and advocacy in the media. What is End United Citizens? It is a Political Action Committee passionate about reformation of the current political campaign financial system. The committee advocates for Democratic party members with goals of reformation that parallel the philosophy of the committee. End United Citizens opposes the Republican organization, United Citizens, and believes that Republican politicians often are swayed by rich political donors labelled Big Money. End United Citizens advocates for a removal of Big Money from the political system. This committee can be seen as a system of intervention which holds political candidates accountable for self- serving actions.

Although accepted with contempt, the election of Donald Trump has travailed a resurge of effort in the End United Citizens’ committee. Now that the wealthy are in charge End United Citizens is more zealous than ever to work towards change. This includes promotion of unison of “the people” as a whole. End United Citizens believes we need to be a democratic nation again promoting the well- being of all. The committee thinks it is our job as a nation to ensure “the people” are rightfully represented. The first step to changing the currently political state is acknowledging fallacy in our political system.

A USA Today article discusses the recent monetary success of an End United Citizens fundraiser, estimating the current sum at $4 million with an estimate of $35 million total for the 2018 midterm election for Congress. Some may consider this monetary success ironic due to a goal of the End United Citizens’ committee which focuses on the influence of Big Money in the political system. However, there are limits to the amount of money an individual can donate to the End United Citizens cause; the mass total one can give is $5,000. Although this may seem rather extreme, in terms of monetary value it is rather small in comparison to amounts the wealthy give to promote a party member. The average donation given to End United Citizens was $12, a humble sum. Overall, it appears End United Citizens has done well in terms of funding. Furthermore, it seems End United Citizens has potential for much future growth. Within a short existence End United Citizens have proven to be a promising political action committee.

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