Eric Lefkofsky Processes the Data for a Cure for Cancer

Tempus seeks to be the operating system for cancer care and eventually patient care overall. Co-founder Eric Lefkofsky believes that by properly processing and collecting medical data, better treatments, better outcomes, and possibly even cures could be found. Currently working with pancreatic, breast and lung cancer patients, Tempus is planning on quickly expanding that in the foreseeable future.

Tempus seeks to collect and analyze data from patients around the globe and make it intelligible to personalize patient care in order to find treatments best suited to a patient’s chemical makeup. This process is done not only by making data that has already been collected more easily accessible, but by making it so one’s own genetic makeup is a part of your patient file. By analyzing a patient’s genetic sequencing, doctors can not only figure out treatments that are more likely to work for an individual patient, but they can also analyze the data to prevent diseases that one is more predisposed to genetically. In addition to more individualized treatment, on a global scale scientists and doctors will be able to compare and cross reference the chemical makeup of cancer patients across the world in order to find potential cures.

Eric Lefkofsky has achieved success in the tech field as co-founder of companies like Groupon and Lightbank, but has also achieved notoriety for the altruistic work by he and hs wife Liz. Lefkofsky founded Tempus after Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer and he realized how behind patient information was compared to the rest of technology. He specialized in disruptive technology and Tempus could very well disrupt the ailing healthcare industry.

Erid Lefkofsky and Liz joined the Giving Pledge and vowed to donate half of their assets in their lifetime to charity, they have already donated millions to cancer related causes. They also founded the Lefkofky Foundation that serves the greater Chicago area in high impact initiatives with a particular focus on improving the lives of the children in the area. Eric Lefkofsky also serves on the board of directors of the Children’s Menmorial Hospital in Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago.

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