Eric Pulier: His Life As An Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is a software entrepreneur. He might not be as known as many of the elite in the industry, such as the late Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but he is certainly on his way.

His Early Life

Eric Pulier is a hard worker and it’s not surprising because he has made a major success of himself, and he wasn’t born into money. He is truly a self-made man who was born in New Jersey. Although he did well in public schools, it was outside of school where he really excelled. At a very young age, Pulier became interested in technology. In fact, Pulier built a computer from scratch when he was just in the fourth grade.

After he succeeded in high school, he applied at and was accepted by Harvard University in the state of Massachusetts. While there, he studied English and American literature. He eventually studied at MIT, which is also in Massachusetts.

Corporate Life

After graduating from both Harvard and MIT, Pulier made the move to LA, California. There he started his journey as an entrepreneur and a futurist. People Doing Things was the first company¬†¬†Pulier created. It was a tech firm that provided solutions (tech-based) for problems in the real world. As a result of Pulier’s hard work, and the hard work of his team, his company addressed issues related to poverty, education and healthcare.

Pulier eventually sold People Doing Things and he invested his proceedings into other enterprises. Fast forward to present day, he is the head of the IT firm ServiceMesh. The company uses the Cloud to provide tech solutions to companies around the world.

Besides ServiceMesh and People Doing Things, other ventures he has founded include Media Platform and Akana. Desktone is another venture he founded.

Now you know a little more about Eric Pulier’s early life and his corporate life.

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