Finding Fugitives with Help from Securus Technologies

When my fugitive task force is handed a new job, we utilize every resource around to catch the suspect before they are able to commit any other crimes. This month we really had a serious problem on our hands, as two brothers slipped out of the minimum security prison they were housed and they immediately began to put the city on notice. Once they got their hands on a vehicle and guns, they started a crime spree that had the entire city on edge.


We knew these brothers very well, part of a local gang of skinheads that preferred violence over communication. If they wanted something, they took it. If they had any resistance, they instantly turned to violence. The clock was ticking here, and we knew if they knew we were searching for them that they would welcome a shootout, something we could not afford to happen.


The brothers did have a network of friends keeping them hidden, and it was getting difficult to break the code of silence they shared, so we decided to go to the local prison for help from the inmates. Those inmates would never talk to us directly, but we know one thing, inmates love to brag or complain on the telephones. Lucky for us, Securus Technologies installed a new inmate call monitoring system this year, and we were about to get a huge break in the case using the LBS software.


When the software picked up on specific chatter from one inmate talking about calling in a favor by housing the brothers, we dispatched a team to that location and waited. That evening, the two brothers walked right into our trap, and we took them down without them being able to fire off a single shot, all thanks to the services of the Securus Technologies call monitoring system.


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